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Monday 8 June 2020

The Best Kiehls Products To Buy - What To Buy From Kiehls - Top Kiehls Skincare Products

best kiehls products
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I massively believe in mixing up my skincare from different brands, in order to create the best routine - there are so many amazing products out there, from so many amazing brands. Today I wanted to shine a spotlight on a brand I have been using since 2012, that’s 8 years! It’s a brand who genuinely, do everything and they do everything well. Anyone who’s followed me for a while will know I have been a lover of this brand and championing it for years and years. Today I thought it was time to write an updated review of the top Kiehls products. Perfect if you’re looking for new skincare, haircare or body care. These are my ultimate fave, top products to buy from Kiehls. I’m going to talk you through every product you possibly need from Kiehls

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Kiehls Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF50

Kiehls Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF50 - How to: Apply the Kiehls SPF50 Ultra Light suncream every morning! I think we all know HOW important SPF is for every single day, even in winter, not only does it help stop premature ageing, it also helps protect against skin cancer. I find a lot of suncreams can clog my pores and feel really heavy but as it says in the name, this is ultra light. Iy is a non-comedogenic formula which is probably why it doesn’t make me break out, as well as this it is suitable for sensitive skin and I find a lot of suncreams actually irritate sensitive skin. It sinks straight into the skin and is perfect to apply after your morning skincare routine but it keeps my skin nice and moisturised through the day too. I layer my skincare up. Even on no make up days, if I am going outside I will apply SPF. It is broad spectrum SPF 50 PA ++++ and I look for that in my facial skincare, it protects against UVA and UVB which is really important to look out for in a suncream plus it helps defend against UV rays and pollution too (important when living in a busy city!) Shop Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF50

Kiehls Micro-Blur Skin Perfector - How to: Apply Micro-Blur before make up. After SPF, I use a primer, every morning. I fan-girled so hard when Kiehls launched this product, whilst it’s not actually sold as a primer, I like to use it as a priming step to make my skin look smoother, poreless and give me that healthy looking complexion. It’s designed to instantly diminish the appearance of pores and to refine the skin texture, but it does actually work with the skin to provide long lasting pore and texture correction too, so it’s working with your skin and I love skincare that does that. I find this sits so nicely under make up and makes my skin look flawless and dewy. Again, it’s non-comedogenic which is great and means it wont make you break out. You can also multi-task and use this as the last step of your skincare routine too but I love it as a ‘wide awake, glowing, bushy eyed’ kind of product on a morning! It just instantly makes my skin look flawless when I apply. I notice such a difference. Shop Kiehls Micro-Blur Skin Perfector.

Kiehls midnight recovery cleansing oil

Kiehls Calendula Deep Cleansing Face Wash - How to: I always do a double cleanse, you can use this to cleanse morning and night. I switch my cleansers up a lot depending on what my skin needs but I have been going back to this product for years now. It’s a really nice, simple cleanser and my skin loves it. It lifts away dirt and oil without stripping the ski, it’s safe for sensitive skin which I think is why my skin loves it. It just makes my skin feel really refreshed. Shop Kiehls Calendula Deep Cleansing Face Wash. P.S, if you prefer an oil cleanser, check out the Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil, it's a good multi-tasker as dissolves even difficult to remove make up but doesn't dry the skin - it's balanced for perfect night-time replenishment (I find it works so well removing eye make up too) and it's got amazing botanical oils in too, plus lavender and evening primrose which make me fall straight to sleep. Bonus. It turns nice and milky when you add water to it, pop it all over your face and your skin feels SO smooth!

Vitamin C Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate - How to: I apply in the morning. Another product I fan girled over, one of the first ever vitamin C products I ever used or learnt about was Kiehls Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate. This is the most perfect day cream product, I rave about vitamin C to anyone who will listen, vitamin C has been clinically demonstrated to boost the skins radiance whilst visibly reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Kiehls Vitamin C cream is special because it includes 12.5% vitamin C but it is a stable enough concentration for sensitive skin, it also has hyaluronic acid in it too and we all know that’s a hero skin product for hydration. There have been a lot of clinical tests on this product:

82% agree skin feels more elastic
82% agree skin appears more radiant
82% saw softer looking deep lines
80% agree skin feels more firm
78% saw visibly diminished pores
86% agree overall skin feels improved

And the results don’t lie. This product gets such good results and rave reviews everywhere. It feels warm to apply on the skin and really feels like it’s doing something. I do feel like it works so quickly and works perfectly in conjunction with Midnight Recovery Oil. For me, it makes my skin look less dull and gets rid of dryness too, it just gives that nice dewy glow. Shop Vitamin C Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate.

Kiehls Midnight Recovery OilKiehls Midnight Recovery Oil - How to: a few drops on the skin before bed. I get far too excited and passionate when talking about this product. Kiehls Midnight Recovery Oil entered my life in 2012 and it never left. I have been through SO many bottles of this, it really is a hero product and I love that you can wear it alone or with a moisturiser too. You can really mix your skincare to ensure it works for you, so you might want to add a drop of something or pop this on over a moisturiser. I describe Midnight Recovery Oil to people as 8 hours sleep in a bottle, you put a few drops on your skin and the oil replenishes the skin as you sleep, helping to supplement the natural overnight recovery process, so you wake up and skin looks more rested and restored, great for me as I never get enough sleep. There’s a reason this is a number 1 best seller. You wake up with fresher feeling skin, with improved radiance AND it is a vegan formula that’s 99.8% naturally derived! I find it calming and it helps me sleep too because it has lavender essential oil in it! Bonus. Shop Kiehls Midnight Recovery Oil

Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream - How to: morning or night apply this as a moisturiser. There are two versions of this best selling face cream, the ultra facial cream or the ultra facial cream with SPF. I’d always go for the one with SPF because you should always wear SPF but originally I started out with just the Ultra Facial Cream. My brother and I LOVE this and actually use it a lot in the winter months as it’s designed to provide 24 hour lasting hydration (2.3x more moisture) in the extreme cold, -4 and wind chill, it was my saviour when I lived in Canada in -30 and my brother uses it on ski trips. It’s also designed for extreme dry heat and central heating to air conditioning, which we all know make our skin itchy and dry. It’s really good for sensitive skin and is basically a facial cream for the most extreme temperatures! You’d expect it to be heavy to make up for that but it’s actually really lightweight which always shocks me. It’s a great product if you have dry skin and you can actually mix it with midnight recovery oil. You can also get an overnight mask version of this too, I have put it on before on a flight and woken up with the safest, dreamiest skin, ever. It’s a real treat and revives the driest skin. Shop Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream.

Kiehls Turmeric and Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Masque - How to: I like to leave this face mask on for 20 minutes before showering in or you could do a quick five minutes then take it off in the morning too. I grab a different face mask weekly depending on what my skin needs, I also multi-mask and often use different masks on different parts of my skin. Kiehls have some amazing face masks but the one I grab the most regularly is their Turmeric and Cranberry radiance masque. I’m sure you’ll have seen me wearing this on Instagram. This mask is naturally derived and is an ‘instant facial’ designed to brighten and energise dull and fatigued skin, it really does make my skin look brighter and illuminated, it gently exfoliates and makes my skin tone look so even too. It’s the perfect at home pamper and great if your skin needs a bit of a perk up. I feel it working when I gently scrub it off. Shop Kiehls Turmeric and Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Masque. P.S a more recent addition to Kiehl's face masks is the Kiehls Avocado mask, honestly my skin feels SO soft. You know those days when you want to hydrate your skin but you don't necessarily want to drag out all the impurities? You just want it to feel nourished? Kiehl's Avocado Mask is perfect for that, the perfect Sunday night mask. It's important you warm it between your hands so it isn't clumpy and then it blends better on the skin. It's a mix of avocado fruit extract, avocado oil and evening primrose oil, another good one to help you get drowsy before bed! It just makes my skin feel so so soft and glowy.

Kiehls Instant Renewal Concentrate Mask - How to: I leave the mask on whilst watching the TV before bed OR it's great on planes or even pre-getting ready and applying make up, it will give you a serious glow! If you’re more of a sheet mask lover, I feel you, I love a sheet mask too, great for flights, great to sit with infront of the TV! Kiehls also do an this mask which is an oil-infused hydrating sheet mask, formulated with cold-pressed Amazonian oils, it makes your skin look dewy and glow! You can buy a box of 4 or a single, so it’s good if you want to trial it first! It makes my skin feel so hydrated in one use. I would do it just before bed and then massage any left over oil into my skin. My boyfriend always steals my sheet masks! This is a great way to tap into the brand without spending lots of money too if you treat yourself to just the one mask. Shop Kiehls Instant Renewal Concentrate Mask.

Kiehls Amino Acid Shampoo - This is the first ever shampoo I used from Kiehls and oh my goodness it is a dream in a bottle. Most of you probably know that I have had years of damage and struggle with my hair, this bottle (I love HOW big you can get it so you never run out) makes my hair SO soft and so shiny. It was important for me to find haircare products that are kind to my hair with no nasties in. I feel happy and safe using it as it has no nasties in it, using amino acid and coconut oil, it is creamy and delicious for soft, happy hair but it makes my hair feel full too. I love anything with coconut oil in, imagine how good it makes your hair feel. I think people forget Kiehls does haircare and I champion and love it so much. Shop Kiehls Amino Acid Shampoo

Kiehls Sunflower Colour Preserving Deep Recovery Pak - How to: leave on for 10 minutes in a nice hot steamy bath or pre-shower then wash off for the best hair yet. In my search to find the best haircare products, I have trialled them all. Kiehls Sunflower hair mask is amazing as it’s full of natural ingredients including a UV-protective hair filter, which is amazing if you’re in the sunshine and don’t want your hair colour to fade (I have sat around the pool whilst this soaks into my hair many times!) it’s designed to help extend your colour for longer and also prevent future damage to the hair. It smells amazing and makes my hair feel silky smooth. If you prefer more of a leave in, Kiehls also do a damage repairing leave in treatment, it’s actually meant to reverse damage and repair the hair at the weakest areas. Perfect for chemically processes hair or if you have done lots of heat styling like me, plus it's really well priced!

Kiehls Creme De Corps Body Cream - Kiehls Creme De Corps body cream is a hero product. Their whipped body cream is like putting fluffy marshmallow clouds all over my body! It is perfect for super dry skin and my skin just drinks this up. It’s a total pleasure to apply, it genuinely makes my skin feel moisturised and soft for 24 hours, I wake up after applying it and my skin still smells great and feels so soft to touch. I wish you could smell through the screen but it’s one of my Mums favourite moisturisers too, everyone I talk to adores this product. They also do a nourish dry body oil version of this too which sinks into the skin so quickly, I love body oils as I think they make the skin look SO radiant, this one is perfect for summer! I love using it on my legs. Shop Kiehls Creme De Corps Body Cream

If you can try one thing from Kiehls for your skin? Go for the Kiehls Midnight Recovery Oil!  Anything else? Treat yourself to some Creme De Corps Body Cream, it is such a hero product and I guarantee you are going to be obsessed. 

Shop my Kiehls favourites below and use promo code EMSHELDON on the Kiehls website for a free mini gift with purchase:

Lots of love, Em x

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