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Sunday, 12 March 2017

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil Review

kiehl's midnight recovery botanical cleansing oil
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As most of you will know by now, I am a huge Kiehl’s fan. I’ve tried pretty much all their products and I’m pretty in love with 99% of things from Kiehl’s. I've turned my Mum, brother and boyfriend all into Kiehl's lovers too. We're a family of Kiehl's fans. I have been using their original Midnight Recovery Oil for years, it made my year then when I found out about their brand new product, launching this week in the UK, Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Botantical Cleansing Oil. I’ve been trialling this for quite some time so I’m here to give you a full review of the amazing addition to the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Oil family. There's nothing I love more than skincare so I just had to write this review up for you. Warning: this will make your glow and make your cleansing routine quick, easy and efficient with just one step.

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Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil is designed to eliminate the need for double cleansing. I swear by double cleansing as I feel like it’s the only thing that makes my skin squeaky clean so it’s a little hard to trust just one product to cleanse my skin, but if I’m going to trust anything, it’s this. If I'm honest, I still do use this and then put a micellar water over the top (just incase), it's just habit and I like to make sure every bit of make up is removed.

Kiehls Midnight Recovery Oil , the oil I have been using every single night before bed for years now (I first discovered it in 2012) is a potent blend of botanical extracts that helps replenish the look and feel of the skin overnight. I describe it to people as a magical little potion, one drop, and it fakes 8 hours sleep and repairs the skin whilst you sleep. I apply one drop over the whole of the face every night after cleansing, you can also use a moisturser too, it depends how well your skin drinks it up. The oil is light-weight, doesn’t make the skin greasy and my skin just drinks it up and wakes up glowing and happy.
 Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Cleansing Oil Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Botantical Cleansing Oil is non-comedogenic and deeply cleanses while helping maintain the skin barrier without leaving an oily residue. I was shocked when using this actually, at just how lovely it makes my skin feel. It doesn’t make it feel oily whatsoever, just clean and rejuvenated. It’s designed to wash away skin impurities such as dirt, oil, sunscreen and stubborn make up too. I can vouch for that. It’s the perfect travel product and lazy girl cleanser as its so easy to do but you can go to bed happy, knowing you’ve removed absolutely everything from your skin. 

If you’re a massive skincare lover like me, you’ll probably want to know exactly what’s inside it, Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Botantical Cleansing Oil features the “Midnight Recovery” blend of ingredients, Squalane, Evening Primrose Oil, and Lavender Essential Oil, these all help to hydrate the skin and keep it cleansed too. One of the reasons Kiehl’s is a favourite skincare brand of mine is down to their natural products, I know my skin reacts well with them and feel comfortable knowing exactly what’s going on my skin. I also find this blend of botanicals helps me sleep really well too before bed. It's so calming. 
 Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil Review
I was a little confused how to use Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Botantical Cleansing Oil at first (totally thought you just put it on with cotton wool), but it’s really simple:

It’s a simple 4-Step Oil Cleansing Method:

Step One: Dispense 3-4 pumps into dry or wet hands.

Step Two: Massage into dry skin, including eye area (this is great as a lot of cleansers don’t do the eyes too).

Step Three: Add water and massage skin to emulsify the oil, creating a gentle cleansing milk.

Step Four: Rinse your face thoroughly and pat dry with a soft towel. Follow with your existing nightly skin regimen. 

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For long-wear and waterproof eye makeup, first dispense two pumps onto a cotton pad and gently press on the eye area for 10 seconds. Gently wipe outwards and repeat if necessary. Follow with the 4-Step Oil Cleansing Method. Yup, you heard, it even removes waterproof mascara. Dream come true. This really is an amazing skincare product to speed up your routine but it still ensures you're getting rid of all the make up as it gives such a deep cleanse.

As you can see, you literally just put the oil into your hands, massage in deeply and then cleanse off. You just use it like a normal cleanser.

This product costs £32, I think it’s a good price for such good ingredients from a great brand. It seems to last quite well too as you only really need 2-3 pumps of it to cover your face. I would personally use this as my evening cleanser but not my morning cleanser. You can buy different sizes too.

Shop Kiehls. This launches in the UK on the 13th March! PS. 2020: PROMO CODE EMSHELDON gets you 2x free minis at Kiehls

You can read about all the top Kiehl’s products on my blog post. Watch my video below too where I talk about my love for Kiehl's and all the best products.

Do you guys like Kiehl's? Have you used any of their products? 

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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