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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Long Haul Flight Tips & The Best Travel Essentials

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Hello hello! I’ve received a lot of messages recently asking about the best way to get through long haul flights, any tips and also, the best travel items. I decided, because Spring is upon us, I’d write a little post featuring all my top tips when it comes to flying long haul (I’ve done so many 15+ hour flights now!) and my favourite beauty products which come on every flight and every holiday with me! See this as your ultimate guide to flying and travelling, whilst minimising stress and keeping your skin and body hydrated and fuelled. Let’s do this.

I’m not actually nervous about flying, it’s never really something that’s bothered me fortunately, but when the turbulence is bad, I do freak out a little. I’ve had some really scary experiences with turbulence but apart from that, I have coping mechanisms which you’ll see below. I’ve done a lot of long flights by myself, I used to do them a lot when I lived in Canada and they never really bothered me but it’s key to make sure you’re occupied throughout. 

Find my top flying tips and products below:

Organisation is key - Organisation really is key, that means, make sure you’ve done basic things to minimise stress before arriving at the airport. This includes, making sure any visas have been organised, we forgot to get our China visa as we didn’t realise and had to rush to Manchester 5 days before to rush one through, we were on edge wondering if we’d even get accepted. I did something similar with an ESTA for New York years ago too and didn’t realise I needed one so had to panic apply for one at the airport, not fun when you’re already nervous about flying across the world alone. It sounds simple, but check in online and double check baggage allowances. There’s nothing worse than having to pay excess baggage or having to whip open your suitcase in front of everyone and take stuff out, trust me, I’ve been that person. I take a small cross body bag with me to put my essentials in: passport, bank card and phone, it means I’m not rustling around in my handbag for everything and it’s always on me, ready to whip out whenever I need it. No-one likes the last minute: “I lost my passport in my handbag” panic. I always make sure I write a list of absolute essentials such as headphones, passport and money and make sure my bag is pre-packed and ready to go with me. If in doubt, I always take my Philips headphones (see them above, they are the most beautiful things and so lightweight too), as well as my passport of course.

Fuel up - I always find eating food pre-flight gets me in a nice sleepy mood ready for a relaxing flight. I try eat something substantial and healthy. I do really enjoy plane meals (weird, I know) but I prefer fuelling up pre-flight so I’m not starving when I get on. I always buy a huge bottle of water before getting on the flight, it means I can rehydrate my skin the whole journey. I once read an air hostess column and she was talking about how bad flying is for your skin, ever since, I’ve always taken mass amounts of water on the plane with me.

Cleanse - I never wear make up when flying. If I can, I’ll just go to the airport completely bare faced, or even have a mini facial in the airport. Top tip: World Duty Free offer so many free beauty services, they have brands such as La Prairie who will be more than happy to cleanse your skin and leave a gorgeous, hydrating mask on it. When I have the time, I always pop to one of the counters and get this done. I know La Prairie 100% does this as I’ve sat with them and done it before, it’s well worth it. You can also get free hand massages at Jo Malone, this leaves your hands and arms really hydrated and really relaxes me. I recently had a La Mer facial, they're free for passengers in the airport and it quickly rejuvenates the skin and preps it for a flight. If in doubt though, I pack a mini cleanser and wipes in my hand luggage and whip them out when I’m sat down on the plane, I take my make up off (micellar water (my favourites are Espa and Elemis) is your best friend here for a good, thorough cleanse without having to go to the sink) and then I’m good to go.

Hydrate - As well as moisturiser, I’m obsessed with hydrating my skin on the outside too whilst flying. When in my seat, I’ll pile the Kiehl’s Midnight recovery oil on and often, when it is a seriously long flight or an overnight flight, I’ll coat my skin in either Clarins Hydraquench Mask or Origins Thirst mask. Both sink into the skin whilst you sleep and I promise you’ll wake up with the best skin on the plane. I also always pack SKYN Iceland eye sachets (they are incredible!!!) and a hydrating skin mist to spray throughout the flight, my favourites are Liz Earle and Kiehl’s Cactus spray.

Entertainment - Entertainment is key, I always make sure I have a good pair of headphones packed, my trusty Philips Flite ones, a book, magazines and my laptop. If I’m not sleeping I’ll be writing blog posts, video editing or, for once in my life, just kicking back and watching films. The only time I really watch films is on planes and I find it zones me out from the fact I’m in the sky. I actually put my headphones on, put a film on and then fall asleep to the soundtrack, it’s my little trick. I end up missing the whole film but it gets rid of the background noise of the plane and completely sends me to sleep. I do really try to sleep as much as I can on long haul flights, I call it ‘clocking sleep’, meaning, whenever you can, get some sleep in, because otherwise you’ll be so tired when you arrive at the other side! A good pair of headphones really are essential for flying, I love Philips Flite headphones, they’re so stylish, really affordable with great sound too so they completely block out those around you on the plane. I also think they’re super lightweight for my hand luggage too! The design is stunning as you can see on these photos.  If sleep isn’t for you though, books, magazines and films are your best friends. Matt and I also take a pack of cards to play sometimes too, it’s so much fun playing old school games.

Essentials - So from this, you can take my essentials as Philips headphones, an eye mask (I find it helps me sleep so much better making it dark for my eyes), a moisturiser or moisturising spray, my glasses to rest my eyes and a bottle of water. There we have it, you’re ready to go.

If you are scared of flying, remember: it’s apparently more dangerous to drive, hundreds of flights go every day, I promise, you will be okay.


midnight recovery oil

Kiehl’s Midnight recovery oil  - My key to hydration. Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Oil comes everywhere with me, one little drop and you’re hydrated for at least a few hours. This is full of amazing, natural oils and definitely fakes 8 hours sleep. I swear by this product, particularly when you’re changing climates and hopping on and off flights. Read my full Kiehl's review. 

philips flite

Philips Flite Headphones - Beautifully designed, light-weight, super modern, the worlds most instagrammable headphones (seriously, look at them!) and a must-have partner for any trip. Me without headphones = lost. They enable me to sleep, block noise out, do work and also, relax. 

Hydrating Skin Spray - So many brands so amazing hydrating mist sprays and I highly recommend having them in your bag when doing a flight. I love Liz Earle and Kiehl’s Cactus hydrating toning mists. I always have a mini in my hand luggage and keep spritzing to ensure I’m hydrated.

Water - Don’t underestimate the power of water when you’re abroad but also when you’re travelling. Keep your body hydrated! Flying completely dehydrates you.

Face Masks - Origins Thirst Mask & Clarins Hydraquench - Both these masks are my go-to’s for flying. I cleanse my skin and then leave one of these on, my skin completely drinks them up and by the time I land my face feels amazing and completely hydrated. 

SKYN Iceland eye sachets  - I love these eye masks for flying. Fair enough, you look a little silly but they’re so good to cool the under-eyes and keep you looking refreshed. Rodial also do some Dragons Blood ones too which are also so cooling on the under-eyes.

Hair Products - I love taking hair products away with me as the sun causes havoc with my hair! I love L’Oreal Professional Hair Spray in mini form, it’s the perfect size and the most amazing hair spray. I also love all Aveda sun products to protect my hair.

Sun Cream - Obviously you can’t forget suncream. I love Hawaiian Tropic, their oils are amazing and I feel so hydrated when I use their products. I also love Institut Esthederm for high-end, luxury, body loving oils.

Fragrance - The new Jo Malone travel friendly perfume is a dream come true to me. I always grab their mini fragrances in World Duty Free. I can’t be without my Jo Malone! The Bloomsbury minis are just divine. Read about the top Jo Malone products. 

So there we have it, a tick list of my favourite travel items, my favourite things to take and my top tips for surviving long haul travel flights. I hope this helps!

Do you have any long haul flight tips? Do you take lots of essentials with you? What are your essentials?

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*I worked with Philips on this post.

Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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