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Thursday, 9 March 2017

Easy Fake Tanning Tips

fake tanning tips

You guys know just how much I adore fake tan, so today I wanted to write up my top fake tanning tips in the run up to Summer. I’ve tried almost every fake tan you can imagine, had lots of disasters and trialled the best and the worst, so I thought I’d write an updated tanning guide today for you.

Prep - Preparation really is key when it comes to tanning. I exfoliate the day before, for this I use an exfoliating glove and an exfoliating scrub. I honestly couldn’t do this without exfoliating gloves, they’re so cheap but they seriously work wonders when taking the tan off. I actually find tan removal way easier in the bath as you can see what you’re doing, but the shower will do. My favourite scrubs for removing tan: Frank Body (it’s full of antioxidants too so really good for the skin), Origins (this just feels like it’s treating the skin so well as it gets rid of the grime) and Jo Malone Vitamin E, an expensive choice but the best body exfoliator I’ve ever used. It leaves me glowing. Last but not least, Fresh, go and smell this, it's like chocolate all over your body. Heaven. 

The Day Before - The day before is really important with tanning, I always exfoliate and shave the day before, never on the day of tanning. If you were to shave your legs and then apply tan, it would just get stuck in the pores, definitely not a good idea. I always make sure I pre-plan when I’m going to tan. 
Application - Make sure on the morning of application you don’t moisturise, I find it effects the fake tan. You can moisturise the day before and after though. I use a tanning mitt for application and start from my feet working all the way up. I like to be dark so I do apply a few layers. I try to get it as smooth and neat as possible but remember, the colour guide does wash off, so it usually will look a little ridiculous when you’re going to bed. I always apply before bed, that way I can sleep in the tan and give it a full 8 hours to develop before washing it off the next morning. 

Types of Tan - You can get mist tans, lotions, mousses and more. I personally like mists and lotions the best as they feel the least drying and the most hydrating. Fake tanning dries the skin out so it’s important to look for hydrating tans. 
tannymaxx tan

The Tan - At the moment, I’m using Tannymaxx tan, it’s incredible because it is a vegan Natural Bronzing Lotion. It gives such a beautiful, natural glow but has no parabens or paraffins inside it. The vegan Natural Bronzing Lotion is a self-tanner. The bronzer combines a naturally beautiful tan with all-around naturally cultivated skin. Thanks to the combination of rich care products and intensive self-tanning agents, the tanning Bodylotion lets the skin brown quickly without the sun. The tanning cream creates a naturally tanned complexion. The self-tanning agent completely dispenses with animal ingredients, parabene and paraffins. The argan oil and walnut extract mean it completely moisturises whilst ensuring the tan glides on evenly. I find my skin is constantly smooth when using this tan. It also has natural antidioxidants inside it to repel free radicals. I would say the tan lasts for a week and then I reapply, you can top this up every night though if you wish to intensify the tan. Buy it online here, its only £14.50 which is an amazing price for a high quality, natural tan. 

Not Ruining The Bed Sheets - This is where your onesie or ugly old pyjamas come in handy, I make sure everything is covered in loose, dark clothing when I get into bed so it doesn’t move the tan but also, it doesn’t ruin my bed sheets.

the body shop almondAfter care - A lot of people forget the importance of aftercare with fake tan. I make sure I moisturise every single day and after the second day, I use a gradual tan every other evening to make sure my glow is constant. Even with the darkest tan, I do find it fades quickly but find lotions, such as Tannymaxx, reapplied every other night really help to prolong and keep the tan looking smoother and deeper for longer. I also love applying lotions such as The Body Shop, I really find their body butters help to keep my tan glowing for longer. It's all about good maintenance with tan. 

So there we have it, my top fake tanning tips and tricks. You can read more of my top fake tanning tips too. 

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*Sponsored by TannyMaxx but always my honest opinion. 

Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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