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Monday, 20 March 2017

The Best Of Leeds, Shopping In Trinity Leeds, Angelica Leeds, Cielo Blanco Leeds - Mothers Day In Leeds

I'm away so often and tend to forget how amazing it feels to be home. Whilst lots of places have started to feel like home over the last few years (forever falling in love on my travels), the place I call 'home home' is Yorkshire. Home is where the family are, that's how I see it anyway. Last week, I treated my Mum to an early Mothers day in Leeds. I wanted to take her to do all of my favourite things in a day and obviously take you guys along with me. I'm often asked to do more features about what's good to do in Leeds, so see this as my first one of 2017! Here's the perfect day out with your Mum this Mother's Day!
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trinity leeds
trinity leeds shopping centre

I always feel honoured when I wander past Trinity Leeds shopping centre as not only do I remember Leeds 'back in the day', before it even existed in my first year of Uni but, I was also one of the first people to be given a site tour of Trinity Leeds before any shops were even in it. I remember going to the construction tours and people couldn't believe that a brand new shopping centre would take over the city. This isn't just a normal shopping centre though, it's beautiful, part open roof means it spans over the city but in a non-obtrusive way. It's home to the best bars, restaurants and shops in Leeds too so really is a hub of everything you need. Everyone I've spoken to about Trinity actually agrees that the shopping centre has made the city. It was only right then that I grabbed Mum and started with some shopping in Trinity for our special early Mother's Day celebration.
We headed to Topshop first of course, my absolute favourite. I did a personal shopping experience in Topshop Leeds  and it was amazing, I'm dreaming of doing it again. Topshop in Trinity Leeds is one of the biggest, most amazing Topshop's ever. I always find they hold such good stock and if you go mid-week, it's the perfect time to shop in peace too. I feel lucky that Leeds has such an epic Topshop. Mum naturally wanted to head into Marks and Spencer, I always find myself going in there purely for the foodhall and the homeware, it's huge. I never leave Trinity without some Victoria's Secret pieces (I'm a sucker for gorgeous pyjamas) and we may have stopped via Lindt chocolate too, any excuse to fill my little bag to the brim with treats. Lindt are one of my favourites, and Mums too.

trinity leeds
cielo blanco

cielo blanco leeds

cielo blanco trinity
We rested our feet at one of my favourite restaurants in the whole of the city. You may remember it if you read my blog post about the best restaurants in Leeds. I definitely need to go back and do a full review as I am yet to, but Cielo Blanco is the most amazing Mexican street food. At first, I didn't really get it, but then they simplified the menu and now, I go every single week I'm home. I'm not joking, I must be one of the people in Leeds who's visited Cielo Blanco the most. I've joked with the staff before and said I need a loyalty card. I love it because it's satisfying but not actually unhealthy. It's my go to for nutritious, filling, delicious food without a crazy price tag. 
guacamole Cielo blanc o
I always start with the refillable chips and the dips.

Their selection of fresh juices makes it the perfect brunch spot. 

drinks at cielo blanco
cielo blanco tapas

food at Cielo blanco

sharing board Cielo blanco

It's the place where I don't really need to see a menu anymore, we go for the chicken sharing board, add on sweet potato fries and the tapas street sharing dishes. You can then make your own fajitas and the chicken tacos are by far the tastiest thing on the menu. My Mum adores Cielo Blanco so it was great to take her there for lunch. In Summer, you can sit outside on the amazing terrace with their frozen margaritas. Bring it on, lunch, brunch and dinner. I always send everyone to Cielo for food. 

After eating, we did a little more shopping. Mum fancied a look in Next (their homeware is the dream) whilst I wanted to grab a few bits and bobs from Boots. I tried to stop myself from heading into the American candy store in Trinity, but wanted to show my Mum everything I ate in Miami. I have to say too, the huge H&M opposite the candy store in Trinity is one of the largest and best H&M's I've ever shopped in. With Trinity being modern and compact whilst hosting the best stores, it really does make whizzing round it a complete pleasure. They recently opened a new Models Own store too, I had to show Mum that so we could pick up some beauty essentials. I never really have time to shop and tend to do most of it online, so it was nice to take a few hours of chill time and spend it with my Mum in the best way possible, eating and shopping. Let's just say, a Trinity Leeds gift card makes an amazing gift. You can buy them in Trinity and can even use them in restaurants, bars and the shops. I think it's my new go-to gift. 

crafthouse Angelica
 My Leeds rule? Take this from a local: You can't come to Leeds and not visit Angelica. Angelica will forever have my heart, easily the most stunning venue in Leeds with epic service to match. Whether you're going for breakfast (possibly the best breakfast in Leeds, from the waffles to the Yorkshire breakfast, they're epic) or brunch, or, their very well priced set course lunch, you're definitely in for a treat. I often go for date night dinners and get the lobster and all the cocktails you can imagine. The best food, the best cocktails and definitely unrivalled views. It's Leeds premium offering with the best views of the city and I am obsessed with it. Sit there any time of day and you'll have the best experience, even if you're just going for coffee and a brownie like we did. We were stuffed from lunch but after a lot of shopping, we decided to head there for a coffee, a cocktail and dessert. We can't resist Angelica and it's magic.

view from Angelica leeds

Angelica cocktails leeds

The outdoor heated terrace within Angelica is one of my favourite places in the whole city. Tucked away via a private lift or staircase in the corner of Trinity, it's epic. Matt and I had one of our first date nights here and it remains special, we've had family birthday catch ups here, celebrations, dates and more. Even in Winter, it's a really stunning space. 

every man leeds
After lots of shopping, it was time to kick back. I took Mum to Everyman in Leeds for a cinema experience she will never forget. It's somewhere Matt and I really enjoy visiting when we've got the time and sadly, as it's a cinema, I have no photos from inside but this is not your average cinema. Everyman cinemas are revolutionary, think plush sofas with waiters who bring you delicious food right to your seat. You certainly don't sit on a grubby cinema chair here. This is the ultimate, luxury cinema experience and one my Mum loved.

the botanist leeds

the botanist leeds

We ended our day by giggling over cocktails and nibbles at The Botanist, another gorgeous Leeds venue. I wish our bellies weren't so full, because we didn't even make it into Pintura, my favourite tapas. If we didn't have to leave, we'd have definitely headed there for dinner. Mum has never eaten at Pintura and it's the best, it has an epic gin bar underneath and I always find myself there when I'm going for drinks in Leeds. 

Mum chose her Mother's Day gifts and off we headed back home. It's safe to say, Leeds is a total hidden gem of a city, somewhere massively underrated and I thank Trinity for coming into our lives and making Leeds such a vibrant place to live. Angelica, Cielo - I'll be back. I should have booked Mum in for a special blow dry too as our favourite salon (Sassoon) is a 30 second walk from Trinity! It's practically inside! Spending Mother's Day at Trinity Leeds is definitely a worthwhile thing to do, it definitely makes a lovely day out and it's one to add to your list! 

Don't forget to read my huge Mother's Day Gift Ideas post! 

What are you doing for Mother's Day? Do you like the idea of taking your Mum out and doing all your favourite things? Have you visited Leeds? Do you like the sound of Trinity Leeds?

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Lots of love, Em x

*I worked with the amazing team at Trinity Leeds for this, as always, its 100% my honest opinion and one of my favourite places.

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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