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Sunday, 28 August 2016

The Top, Best Jo Malone Products; What To Buy From Jo Malone

the top jo malone products
Hello hello! So this has been a long time coming but finally, I’m sharing my ultimate, top Jo Malone products with you. i have wanted to write this post for so long but finally, the time has come. If you follow me on Snapchat, (emshelx) you’ll know just how obsessed I am with Jo Malone, everything about the brand, from their candles to their colognes to their body souffl├ęs, I've tried pretty much everything and the love is real.  I’ve never come across such an incredible, all-rounder brand, with scents that last and, with amazing ingredients inside too. Jo Malone do the best scents ever but, they're more than just a cologne brand. Today, I want to give you a little look into my top ever products from Jo Malone, so if you are about to make the splurge, you know exactly what to go for! See this as a review of each Jo Malone product!
the best jo malone products
First things first, I always find the service is incredible at Jo Malone stores so if you are new to the brand, step inside their beautiful stores and spend some time trying all he different scents. They're designed to be layered so you really can discover and almost deign your own personal scent. I once read somewhere that people fall in love with your signature scent. A while back I went to Jo Malone for a personalised fragrance testing and it was incredible, I'd highly recommend going in and doing it! I do think colognes are a very personal thing so it's best to just go and smell them all. But for now, it's time to show you the Jo Malone products in my life, the ones that have made it to my top spot.

jo malone mimosa and cardamom
Jo Malone Mimosa And Cardamom Cologne In Travel Size (30ml) - Not only is Jo Malone’s Mimosa and Cardamom one of my favourite Jo scents (it was released last year and I’m still hooked), one of the main reasons this made it onto my top Jo Malone products list is because the size is so handy. I want to smell nice but I don't like carrying a huge bottle with me everywhere, most designer/luxury fragrances only come in large bottles and I feel like if they're in smaller ones, they lose their class but not this one. No longer do we have to lug heavy bottles around with us, this light-weight version of my fave is my ultimate handbag and travel companion, in the same, beautiful Jo bottle too, no class is lost and I still feel confident knowing I can spritz my favourite cologne all day long. I take it everywhere with me. Its definitely time to buy a new one now! One year later, it’s almost empty! This is a spicy yet Summery scent and I always get compliments when I wear it. 

Buy online here at House of Fraser, here at Selfridges, here at Nordstrom or click below!

jo malone body cream review
Jo Malone Body Cream - Once I’ve exfoliated with Jo Malone’s Vitamin E body scrub, (hands down the best body scrub I’ve ever used in my life - it leaves my body feeling insanely soft), it’s time tp lock in the moisture with a Jo body cream. These are perfect for date nights, they dry quickly but leave your skin feeling so nourished but equally, smelling incredible. Imagine your favourite scent within the most luxurious body cream, that's what a Jo Malone body cream is like. I mix these up and don't really have a favourite scent. It's great because you can layer the scent over the body butter to make your own personalised scent. Shop online here or below. 

jo malone pomegranate noir candle review

Jo Malone Candles - Everyone needs a Jo Malone candle in their life, at least one. The pot itself is the most stunning thing I’ve ever seen. I’m a huge lover of simplicity and Jo Malone packaging is just right. If I’m honest, I think these candles are way too pretty to burn but when you do burn them, they burn perfectly and who doesn’t want their house to smell like Jo Malone? Perfect in a bubble bath or on a cold Winters evening. My current favourite has to be pomegranate noir. You can even get travel candles from Jo Malone too!  You can shop Jo Malone candles below, or online here. 

Jo Malone Bath Oil - I find Red Roses incredibly sweet but it's lovely for Summertime, plus, I couldn’t not mention the bath oils as they moisturise your body whilst you’re in the bath, so you leave with glowing skin ,they lightly foam, smell amazing and you step out smelling delicious and feeling delicious. Shop below.

jo malone tuberose angelica cologne intense

Jo Malone Cologne - As well as Mimosa and Cardamom, I’d have to say Tuberose Angelica is my favourite fragrance. It’s perfect for date night as it’s quite sensual, it's warm, spicy, Summery and sensual all at the same time. It's one of Jo Malone's Intense fragrances, I think it's stronger, lasts longer and certainly doesn't need to be layered with another fragrance. You can get the same in body creme too.  Shop below.

peony and moss scented candle
Jo Malone Peony and Moss Scented Candle - Last but certainly not least, Jo Malone also do a lot for charity too. You may remember this candle from my top fruity and floral Summer products post. Their limited edition candles like this Peony and Moss one make me fall in love with the brand even more. Peony and Moss is probably the most incredible candle I've ever smelt, I am obsessed with peonies (my favourite flowers ever) so maybe that's why. I love that this candle gives back too. All for a great cause.  Do look out for their limited edition bottles and candles, it's nice to see them play around with the packaging sometimes! Shop it online here. 

Jo may seem pricey to some, but if you are into your luxury body, bath & cologne you'll know that it's up there with one of the finest brands, if not the finest. They're my go to for luxury gifts, beautiful pamper treats and the best scents. To me, it's a treat, but my favourite treat. I work hard so I can enjoy little luxuries like treats from Jo. There's nothing I love more than a pamper evening with Jo Malone and spraying the cologne every day gives me a little bit of luxury, all day.  

You can read about more of my favourite beauty brands in the spotlight on my 'brand spotlight' section here! 

PS. I've been shortlisted as InStyle magazines top lifestyle and travel blogger?!?! Your vote would mean the absolute world to me - you can vote here! 

Do you love Jo Malone? Do you like the brand? Do you have any of their products? What's your signature scent?

Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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