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Friday, 26 August 2016

Visiting Wilderness Festival 2016 With Naked Juices

This is an advertorial collaboration with Naked Juices but as always, it’s 100% my honest opinion
When I was invited to Wilderness festival recently with Naked Juices, I couldn't say no. Imagine the most wanderlust-fuelled, glitter covered, teepee ridden, magical event with one of my favourite juice brands? That's basically Wilderness summed up. I've never been so excited to write a blog post in my life. Come join me for the most magical weekend. 

We headed to Oxford, somewhere I've never visited before (big regret, I must go back and explore this wonderful area of the UK). Hidden in the wilderness, is the festival. Tucked in a magical forest down windy country roads. I was kindly invited to visit the festival with Naked juices and I cannot thank them enough for having me. They have been my go-to juice brand for a long time, I'm forever grabbing them when I'm on the run in the train station and airport.  I quickly unpacked, essentials at the ready.

We then headed to see the Naked stand as our first point of call, we pretty much rushed there after hearing from one of my friends how good it was. Everyone was talking about this stall. We grabbed a juice and continued with our food crawl/exploration of the festival! 
It was impressive and I was so excited to go in.  I wandered through beautiful leaves, bushes and trees as I finally reached the home of incredible juices. The stall was the most beautiful stand I've ever seen at a festival, with almost a winding, fairy tale maze of flowers ending in a hut filled with juices and craft activities. You could go round each little juice station and try a different flavour, it's safe to say the stall was heaving, everyone fell in love with Naked.


This place was like my paradise; beautifully bohemian with juice stations on every corner. I got to try all the flavours (green machine is my fave) and I even got crafty too, colouring in their activation wall. The wall, believe it or not, was white at the start of Wilderness but happy guests coloured it in as they visited the stall. 

I may have hogged the green machine wall for quite some time as I sipped away at my favourite juice. The best way to kick start a weekend? I think so. I reluctantly walked away from the stall to go and explore some more, although we did keep nipping back to refresh with some more juice!

Wilderness is the queen of glamping, something I've always wanted to do. It's been a dream of mine for a long time so imagine my eyes when we checked into the boutique camping section, a beautiful place to sleep with real beds, duvets, firealarms, chargers - you name it. 

We wandered through the magical fields. The food is amazing at Wilderness, it's foodie paradise so we basically did a 'food crawl' at each place. Next stop, Patty & Bun, known for the best burgers. Matt approved. I definitely approved. 

We refreshed ourselves with Naked juices along the way, perfect in the hot weather. I didn't even want to share with Matt, they taste so good. There's nothing better than a nice, refreshing drink at a festival.

It was time for an outfit change as dusk came around. I wore this cute little playsuit (anything goes at Wilderness, no-one judges, you can wear a bikini, a ball gown, or jeans!) I got my glitter out, ready to be a sparkly mermaid. 

The excitement and giddiness took over and we headed to the valleys to enjoy an evening of dancing and giggling.

We wandered around, fuelled with deliciousness and watched the cricket. The cricket match is a big thing at Wilderness, everyone watches. It's hilarious, with live commentary and streakers. It all gets a little bit like a comedy show.

Sticking to the lace theme, I went for a crochet long sleeved dress (lace on both days!).

I couldn't help but wander into one of the beautiful banquet halls, where Wilderness guests feast on delicious meals from some of the top chefs in the industry. I told you this is foodie heaven. 

It's incredibly chilled, with some people sitting on sun loungers and sipping champagne, whilst others jump in the river, others choose to paddle board and some just sunbathe. I've never seen so many happy people and so many chilled vibes in one place at one time.

I perched myself on top of the most beautiful hill as I watched people having fun in the river below me. Sipping on my trusty green machine, obvs.

This festival is for happy, free spirited people and I couldn't love it more.

Besides from the Naked stall, the sanctuary was my favourite part of Wilderness, with massages, hot tubs, live talks with nutritionists and yoga classes - it is the dream. It's like a retreat, within a festival. Next year I must do some yoga and hot-tubbing. 

 I can never resist cake. Particularly guilt free cake.

After a heavenly weekend, we reluctantly headed back to our campsite and kissed goodbye to Wilderness, the most magical weekend of my life. It's not every day you can run around like a sparkly unicorn, completely carefree. Same again next year? Yes please. 

Thank you so much for having me Naked Juices!

Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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