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Friday, 19 August 2016

Day Time Lunch Date! Visiting Chai Wu In Harrods For Lunch; Chai Wu Harrods Review

It's no secret that I love eating, so when Asian fusion food is on offer, I can hardly say no. When in London recently, me and Matt headed on a 'day time date' to somewhere I've wanted to eat at for a long time; Chai Wu. Chai Wu is in Harrods, tucked near the shoe section (dangerous). Let's see what we got up to!

I took a little black dress for a spin, this particular one is from Rare and I love it, it's perfect for day time, night time, even meetings. You can get similar here, here and here. My sunglasses are Ray-Ban from here these ones (here) are similar though and much cheaper! Naturally I wore my beige faux suede jacket as I never take it off (online here). 

I wore my LVNDR rings of course. 

chai wu harrodsPhotos done, we shopped around Harrods then sat down in Chai Wu. Chai Wu is 
beautifully set out, dark, romantic tables with the most amazing open bar full of fresh food.
chai wu harrods

chai wu harrods review

The menu is huge, we had no idea what to go for as everything sounded so good so decided to try a bit of everything. 

We started with the crispy squid, a personal favourite. Chilli, squid and batter. My three favourite things. Perfectly cooked, I could live on this.

Next, onto the spring rolls. If you follow me on social media you'll know that spring rolls are my favourite things ever. These ones were super big, crispy and delicious. 

We tried pop corn shrimp, which was coated in almost a buttery, cheesy sauce. Probably not too good for the heart but amazing for the tastebuds. I've never tried anything so delicious. 

We dipped into Dim Sum, coated with real gold. It actually tasted better than the Dim Sum we had when we visited China.

The sticky chicken which we had for main was truly divine, presented to us in a dragon fruit. The perfect mix of stickiness, tenderness and crunch.

Fried rice but probably the best I've tasted. 

Coconut chicken mixed with delicious greens. Our incredible waitress honestly helped to recommend the best flavours and the best range of dishes. I love tapas and when I go to restaurants I'd always rather try little bits of everything than one main dish.

Finally, cod, in champagne and honey sauce. Such beautiful, tender fish. Delightfully full, not wanting this amazing meal to end, we had dessert. I went for a matcha cake and it was delicious. Our waitress was just incredible, so attentive but chose all the perfect dishes for us and explained everything perfectly. Great service makes somewhere stand out to me and the service and atmosphere at Chai Wu was incredible. 

Matt went for the mango sorbet. It's safe to say we were both in heaven. We could have sat there and nibbled all day.

We had the loveliest day, photographing, shopping, strolling and eating. This little place is a hidden gem, tucked away bang in the middle of busy Harrods, when you're sat in there though, you wouldn't even realise you're in a shopping centre! The worst thing? A tipsy Em ended up buying some Louboutins which you may remember from my graduation day post. As if walking through 'shoe heaven' as Harrods call it wasn't enough, let's just say I really wanted some beauty treatments in Harrods after eating too!  I will definitely be heading back to Chai Wu and would highly recommend it if you're in London; incredible tastes, the best, high quality dishes and even better service. I don't think any Asian food is going to beat this again! It's definitely the best I've ever tried. I need to go back, right now. We hopped in an Uber (remember you can use promo code EMTALKS15 for a free £15 Uber taxi in any city) and went on to do some more shopping, my belly was very happy, that's for sure. Chai Wu, I'll be back.

Have you ever eaten in Harrods? Have you tried Chai Wu? Do you like the sound of this? Do you like Asian food?

Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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