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Monday, 17 July 2017

Kiehl's Butterstick Lip Treatment Lip Balm Review

Kiehls butterstick lip treatmentI squealed a little when the postman dropped the new Kiehl's Butterstick lip treatments at my door. I know I say it often, but as much as I love writing about fitness, travel and personal topics, I also love beauty. I hate to be that cringe person, but beauty really is 'bae'. It really is. My Mum is gonna have no idea what this means if she's reading (sorry Mum). But seriously, I feel like I'm one of those people who is so passionate about so many things, be it beauty brands, keeping fit, keeping my skin glowing or just spreading some positivity and that's the great thing about blogging, we can talk about what we want, when we want and if I want to talk about fitness one day and beauty the next, that's totally okay (I hope it is with you guys anyway haha). Today I wanted to share the new Kiehl's Butterstick lip treatments in a review post. I wanted to do this for a few reasons, No.1 - I haven't actually done a singular product review for quite some time and I love losing myself in a new product. No.2 - they were too pretty not to photograph, I love grabbing my camera and shooting away and No.3 - I need to go to Kiehl's rehab. You've never come across someone so in love with a brand before. So here we go, let's look at Kiehl's Butterstick Lip Treatments.
kiehls beauty products flatlay

The Butterstick Lip Treatment actually launched on July 5th in the UK but I haven't seen anyone talking about them yet so was thinking I may as well start the topic off. To put it simply, these beautiful little tubes of joy contain a nourishing blend of lemon butter and coconut oil, they melt onto the lips to supercharge hydration and give a lovely little pop of colour. They do remind me slightly of FRESH lip balms (another one of my faves). Kiehl's usually play it pretty safe with the packaging, after all, they care about ingredients and science rather than packaging but something about these lip balms made me seriously swoooooon. Look how beautiful they are? I'm a sucker for anything that looks good in my make up bag and for me, simplicity is key.

Kiehls butterstick lip balm review
The collection comes in both clear and sheer hues, to hydrate and protect lips, these 4 all contain SPF 25 which is great if you're travelling. I can't say I ever remember to protect my lips from the sun and we definitely should do. Read about my top beauty products for travelling. 

Kiehls butterstick lip balm treatment swatch
Top: Touch of berry - Middle: Simply rose - Bottom: Naturally nude 

kiehls lip balm

This product is really simple, full of natural ingredients (I'm a sucker for anything natural within my beauty products), literally coconut oil and lemon butter (it's full of antioxidants) but it means the product glides on smoothly, gently and offers up to 12 hours hydration. It offers protection, treatment and a tint (so it's a three in one), but you can always go for the untinted one if you want to keep your lips natural or for example, for my boyfriend. I'd say the tints are very simple, just really lovely, soft colours (as you can see on the swatch on my hand) but they leave a really lovely, polished and fresh look. With a lip balm, you don't need it to include crazy science, it just needs to protect and hydrate and this is exactly what these beauties do (looking pretty in my make up bag is a total bonus). The colours are buildable too which is great to take you from morning to night. I personally believe in sleeping in a lip balm and then putting it on first thing in the morning, letting it soak in and that way my matte lipsticks stick better in the evening rather than flaking off. Top Em tip for you!

The shades:
kiehls lip butter stick balm in simply rose
kiehls lip butterstick balm in naturally nude

kiehls lip butterstick balm in touch of berry

I personally adore the naturally nude lip colour and the simply rose. I love this product, the packaging and the way it hydrates me. It's a definite Summer to Winter must have beauty product. Bravo Kiehl's, you did it again! Buy Kiehl's Butterstick Lip Balm online here and here. 

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Do you like Kiehls? Do you like lip balms? How do you feel about natural beauty products? 

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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