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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Zoella Beauty New Jelly And Gelato Range Review!!!

Zoella Beauty New Jelly And Gelato Range Review flatlay

It’s not often that a beauty range makes me jump for joy and squeal a little inside when I see it, but Zoella’s new Jelly And Gelato range certainly does that. I opened it and felt so happy, seriously. What a beautiful range, I don't even have the words. Jelly And Gelato (aka the best theme for a beauty range ever) oozes happiness, Summer and brings back such fond childhood memories (mainly where I’d be the kid in the corner eating all the jelly and gelato, except this range is way more Instagrammable than my childhood parties, feel free to follow me on Instagram @emshelx). I love nothing more than seeing people do well, supporting people and I gain so much life motivation from women like Zoe Sugg. Zoe is an ultimate girl boss and deserves every success. She inspires the masses and is relatable to so many. For me, the main thing about this range is that it appeals to all ages, Zoe has made Gelato and Jelly cool and seriously, you need this range in your life simply because it just makes me happy every time I see it. Gelato and Jelly picnic party anyone? Let’s talk about the products in the Jelly and Gelato Zoella Beauty range. Warning: you're gonna fall in love. I feel like we all need a glass of Pimms whilst sat reading this, it would be very appropriate.
zoella beauty gelato and jelly
 zoella beauty review

It’s clear that so much thought and effort has gone into this range and I think that’s another reason I love it so much. It’s such a positive, bouncy range and oh my goodness, can we take a moment to swoon over the packaging please? I’ve never seen anything something like it before. As someone who tries a lot of beauty products, I often feel like things are a bit samesy, but Zoe has been so innovative with this range, with the scents, the flavours (they look good enough to eat but not edible unfortunately) and the product range. I am seriously impressed.

gelat'eau zoella
gelat'eau zoella review

Zoella Jelly and Gelato Gelat’eau Mist - First things first, I have fallen in love with this beautiful body mist. The packaging is absolutely beautiful, with a splash of pastel. It kind of reminds me of Jo Malone x Poppy range with it's colour pop. It has fragrant notes of elderflower jelly (and yup it smells as good as it sounds) and rich double cream. This is delicious and indulgent but perfect for Summer days. I just think it's the perfect product to pop in your bag, it adds a pop of much needed colour into my life.

zoella cream scrub
zoella body scrub

Zoella Jelly and Gelato Cream Scrub - Next up, the body scrub. I’m a sucker for a body scrub (goodbye dry skin and hello smooth polished legs) and this is bound to be a new favourite. To me it feels balm like, so it hydrates whilst it polishes with a hint of sprinkle (see what I did there?). Perfect for brightening and smoothing the body. 

zoella shower shakeZoella Jelly And Gelato Shower Shake - Another round of applause for this packaging, even Matt grabbed it and said how cool it looks. I fell in love with this product as soon as I picked it up. Showers just won't be the same now without this. This is the creme de la creme of body washes, it smells incredible but also cleanses and moisturises. This range is a real multitasking range, perfect to wake you up in the morning, get you pampered before bed or get you fresh for date night. I get quite lazy sometimes and can't be bothered to moisturise post shower (I know I know, bad Em) and that's why I love hydrating shower gels.

zoella bath frosting
Zoella Jelly And Gelato Bath Frosting - This bath milk powder is like nothing I’ve ever come across before. I didn't even know such a product existed. It’s an indulgent bath frosting (basically you’re bathing with cake which is totally fine with me and there's zero calories involved, you really can have your cake and eat it too). You simply empty one sachet under warm water and swirl until the water turns milky white. Did I mention this looks incredible in my bathroom? 
zoella pink bath wafers
zoella moisturising bath fizzer

Zoella Jelly And Gelato Pink Bath Wafers - This moisturising bath fizzer looks incredible. I obviously haven’t had a second to use it yet but it’s enriched with shea butter and will definitely be used this Sunday in my Sunday bath ritual. I often find bath bombs make my skin dry but this one is great because of the shea butter for added softness. I can't wait to try it.

zoella body pudding
zoella body pudding body cream

Zoella Jelly And Gelato Body Pudding - Last but certainly not least, this body cream is literally heaven in a tub. Not only does it look beautiful, but it smells beautiful too. It looks like it has sprinkles inside it and I'd definitely try put a scoop inside it if it wasn't a body product. Oops. You’re left with soft skin and a fragrant finish plus it soaks right into the skin which is exactly what you want. I only love oil products if they soak right in, this is a really light whipped cream and my skin just drinks it up.

zoella beauty

Shop Zoella beauty online here. I am so in love with Zoella Jelly and Gelato mainly because it’s such a quirky , different range. It isn’t too sweet but it feels luxurious, indulgent and perfect for all age ranges. I know I won’t be putting down my Gelat-eau body mist any time soon. Bring on the flat lays.

Congratulations Zoe, you have smashed it, keep inspiring. This range is just incredible. The best bit? It's all under £10! 

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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