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Tuesday 25 July 2017

House Hunting In London & Reasons Why I Want To Move Into Saco Apartments Fitzrovia Penthouse

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I'm living out of suitcases at the moment and it isn't very fun that's for sure. I love to travel, but I do prefer to stay places for at least a few nights other wise it can be quite stressful constantly packing and unpacking (a little bit like our epic USA California roadtrip). If you didn't already know, the house hunt is well and truly on (well, me refreshing RightMove) and I've definitely found my dream location (Saco Apartments, Fitzrovia if you're interested). The bar has been set incredibly high after a recent stay here and now I'm contemplating throwing the towel in and not making the big London move at all. Okay, slightly dramatic, I'm lying but in London, you get no space, no air and not much for your money so it seems. The house hunt is seriously disheartening, particularly because I could buy a castle in an epic area up North for the same price as a one bed in London (no seriously, I wish I was joking). I'm gonna delve into why we're moving etc a little more on this post. I've been pretty much living in hotels whilst house hunting and mainly because my job requires me to be in London most days anyway. Most of you will know by now that I stay in Saco Apartments a lot, I trust them and love them and their new Fitzrovia location is something else. Read my post about their incredible apart-hotel near Liverpool Street, Leman Locke (Ad gifted) . Saco Apartments are really special and actually, I wish I could call this place my home. See how I got on... 

 Saco apartments fitzrovia

First things first, why are we moving? Firstly and sadly, my job is pretty London centric. Events, meetings, opportunities do seem to be in the south. I've fought it for a long time but I end up spending 98% of my life in London anyway and I'd rather do so with my own base. I'll always be a Northerner at heart and obviously my family and my life is 'up North' (not to mention my hair dressers at Sassoon, I'm never leaving Lee and Louise) so I'll probably be back most weeks, but still... it's so draining having 20 hour long days when I have to get the train at 5am and don't get back home until 1am after events. I really don't think it's good for my health to constantly be rushing here, there and everywhere. Girl needs sleep. Also, Matt has accepted an exciting job in the city next year so it makes sense for us to move together, we also have most of our friends there.

I always struggle to find good places in the right location in London (with availability at a good price and trust me, I'm spending crazy amounts per month commuting and staying in London hotels) often I go for apart-hotels just because I feel like I get a bit more privacy for long term stays and sometimes it does feel a bit more like home and my own place. Saco Apartments are great for short term rentals, long term rentals or even just one night. I booked the penthouse quite some time ago for Matt's birthday and because he also loves Saco, I knew he'd want to try out the new Fitzrovia one.

Saco apartments fitzrovia penthouse

The space was incredible and has definitely inspired me and actually, disheartened me on my search a little bit. I wish I could just live here forever, move all my stuff in and never leave, rather than house hunting for something that just doesn't exist (unless you're a millionaire) in London. I seriously wish I could find this place for sale in a good London location. Next joke. 

SACO always give you a little warm welcome with some snacks. I have to say the reception staff at the new Saco Fitzrovia were epic, helping me with my bags and replenishing my water supplies. It gets hot up in the penthouse. 

Things I've learnt about house hunting in London so far (this applies to the areas I'm looking at which are central-ish, personal opinion, I'm kinda stuck on the areas I'd like to live in and I don't really want to live far out):

1. The properties in London go really quickly

2. If it's a good buy, usually an investor will come and buy it before you even had a chance because they're often for cash buyers only. Anyone fancy giving me £1 million in cash? 

3. Loads of the houses I keep seeing are saved for people aged 60+ 

4. Some of the houses look great inside but are actually council houses in high rise buildings (not saying there's anything wrong with council houses but they pretend they're beautiful new builds)

5. You either have to live miles out of London or totally compromise on space (or be willing to spend millions) 

6. There just aren't really many good houses in the London property market at an average budget (in central locations at least)

7. Spacious places don't really exist well, I'm sure they do but they're certainly not like the 6 bed houses in the North 

8. Gardens don't either (in the places I'm looking...) 

9. Every day you'll wonder why you're uprooting away from the North where houses are way nicer and way more affordable haha... 

I've made the move from my home to Canada and for some reason, that felt easier than the move to London?!?! If anyone knows of any magical areas, do let me know... 

The penthouse comes with two cloud-like cosy beds, both complete with en suites. The apartment was so fresh, airy and light - something London houses and apartments struggle with and I've definitely come to the conclusion that wherever I do eventually find to live, will need a very thick lick of white paint. I loved how bright and comfortable this place was. I felt so relaxed and chilled and totally motivated too, I think there's something about clean, bright spaces.

London panoramic viewsSaco apartments penthouse view

penthouse Saco apartments london

The best part of Saco Apartments Fitzrovia, apart from the gorgeous, spacious, bright and airy apartment (which I am picturing myself moving into haha), is definitely the panoramic views of the city. I expected just one little area to glimpse onto, but you could walk around Saco Fitzrovia for what feels like forever and just casually see the whole of London. On one side you've got the Gherkin, the Shard and on the other side The London Eye. You can see the whole of London and it's particularly magical at night.

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hush mayfair
The location of Saco Apartments Fitzrovia is epic, just minutes from Tottenham Court Road, Charlotte Street, Oxford Street and everything you need plus Fitzrovia is the home of so many heavenly brunch places and restaurants. You barely need to Uber anywhere and can definitely explore most things by foot (if you do need an Uber, my new Uber promo code is EMTALKS10 by the way). The location couldn't be any better. We headed to Hush in Mayfair for a special dinner on their new terrace.

hush mayfair

 The terrace was busy on a Friday night as everyone enjoyed their drinks and sat under the beautiful fairy lights. In true British style, it belted it down with rain but luckily, we were protected and undercover. I love al fresco dining and the terrace truly is beautiful. I sipped on my mojito whilst the boys had a glass of wine each. It's a very 'Em' menu, full of delicious tapas style sharing plates. My eyes lit up when I saw the padron peppers, bringing back memories of my Barcelona trips. 

food at hush mayfair

We had a very random but delicious mixture of padron peppers, fried chicken, scallops and prawns to start. I could have eaten the whole menu though. 

 The boys opted for chicken and veal with mushrooms. We went for a side of asparagus and sweet potato mash, both tasted incredible. 

lobster at hush mayfair

I went for the lobster which was delicious and perfectly cooked. I had a really bad lobster recently that put me off but gave it another shot at Hush and it was delicious, coated in my favourite topping; garlic butter. It came with a huge serving of zucchini fritters which I reluctantly shared. My only regret? not trying more of the delicious cocktails and the incredible starters. Everything was honestly divine. 

The waitress kindly brought out a happy birthday plate for Matt, and we may have eaten the Mars bar cheesecake within seconds. The desert was just incredible. I understand why Hush is so busy. Apart from the rain and me not ordering enough cocktails, we had a lovely evening at Hush. Hush would be epic for a day-date too, with it's central location to all the best shops in London. I can definitely imagine some Summer brunch dates on the beautiful terrace. 

The next morning, I didn't want to get out of my comfortable bed. I'm well and truly in love with Saco Apartments, their modern decor, epic service, cleanliness and their new Fitzrovia apartment. It's not often I don't want to leave a place as I really appreciate my home, but saying goodbye to Saco Apartments Fitzrovia was tough. In my heart, I will live there one day. In my wildest dreams too. Whether you stay for 1 night or 7, definitely try it, you'll feel comfortable, content and it'll definitely make house hunting a lot harder when your standards are raised so high! Now, I should probably continue my house hunt! 

Notes on the house hunt/where my thoughts are at the moment: I'm not going to rush moving and will probably look for somewhere short term until I find 'the one', rather than rushing and signing for something I don't like. The housing market moves quickly and change every day. I love the North and will definitely buy a house here one day, but for now, we may as well go and have some fun in London for a bit seen as we spend 98% of our time there anyway. Leeds, I'll always love you and when I do get to spend time there (recently I've been hosting loads of events in the North and it's actually been INCREDIBLE). Where am I based now? I say between Leeds and London because seriously, both are my homes at the moment! Maybe I need to look for a base half the week in Leeds and half the week in London?! my two loves! 

Info on Saco Apartments here / Hush here. 

Watch my vlog below for a full penthouse apartment tour and more:

Have you ever made the move to a big city? Do you like the sound of apartment hotels? 

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Lots of love, Em x

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