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Thursday 26 January 2017

How To Work Anywhere Effectively - Leman Locke Apartments Review

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I've become pretty good at working remotely. Luckily, my job allows me to work anywhere in the world so I wouldn't really say I have an office, or somewhere I work the most. People keep asking where I'm based and I guess it varies from day to day. Boyfriends bed? Yup, perfect desk. Starbucks? Yup. Airport? Yes. Train table? Daily. I often find myself making use of the office space at my gym, David Lloyd too. It's safe to say, working remotely is my thing. Today I wanted to give some top tips on working anywhere, effectively inspired by a recent stay at Leman Locke Apartments where I was probably my most productive yet! If you read my blog post about how to juggle everything  you'll know that I seem to take a little too much on, which is why I now try to focus on using my time as effectively as possible. Hopefully this will help you with that too!
leman lockeLiving out of a suitcase suits some people, but not me all the time. I live out of a suitcase on a weekly basis, depending on where I am, even if I'm just staying at Matt's house. I guess I've got used to disorganisation. Recently, I booked myself a 4 night stay at Leman Locke apartments because rather than having a different base every night, I just wanted one, simple base in London. It gets quite tedious rushing around with loads of suitcases, heels on and having to get 5am trains and switching where I'm staying every single night. It adds to my stress and really does exhaust me. I've stayed at Saco Apartments a number of times and discovered Leman Locke via their website. It's a new design led aparthotel and I've recommended it to so many people. Think skyline views, the most comfortable work space and the most comfortable play space too. I wish I could move in (you might remember it from my blog post about the top hotels in London). Let's talk!

Things I Look For In A Workspace: 

I discovered the joys of remote working when I lived in Canada, it's much more normal there than it is in the UK. People would literally take over cafes with their laptops all day whilst they tapped away at their emails. It seemed offices didn't even exist. I got into the habit of plonking myself in the prettiest cafe, ordering 18 coffees and 26 cakes and siting there until I couldn't even see my screen anymore. It's safe to say, for some reason, I was way more productive. Whether it's because I felt judged by those around me if I wasn't working, or if it's because I was in a work environment, I don't know, but I tend to get more done in a cafe for some reason. Maybe it's because I know I'm there for a reason, time is precious, so I may as well make the most of it and get on top of my work. I'm similar on trains, I know I only have 2 hours to plonk myself down and get stuff done and I know how rewarding it feels when I step off that train and have been massively productive. 

Wifi - Wifi is necessary when it comes to finding a good remote working space. If in doubt, you can tether the 3g from your phone but gosh it takes a while and I go over my phone contact every single month because of this. I often stay in hotels without wifi, it drives me crazy, how can a hotel not have wifi?! 

Comfort - Whether it's a comfortable Starbucks arm chair, or a firm chair (sometimes, weirdly, I work better when using a firm chair and a nice table - Leman Locke had a marble table in the kitchen meaning I could be so productive and then throw myself into bed when needed). Comfort is key. The way the bedroom was organised (a large studio) meant my bed and my workspace was still separate but I could work at a table and then hop into bed whenever I needed.

Coffee/Tea - I definitely wouldn't be able to get through my working days without lots of coffee, tea and water. They're essentials for effective working and it means you wont be getting up every second.

Locke Hotels, Leman Locke Jumper / Make up by Charlotte Tilbury / Hair by Sassoon Salons / Photos by Oscar May

leman locke apartments
Take a look around the incredible Leman Locke with me. I was going to do this as a singular review but I had such a productive four days at this hidden gem, I couldn't not make this post about working remotely too. I've never felt so comfortable and productive. It helps that it's within the banking sector of London, (Aldgate/Liverpool street) meaning you constantly feel inspired by all those men in suits. I rarely spend time in this area of London, I'm more of a West London kinda girl but I absolutely loved the work ethic in this area. If you're looking for skyline views, I was on the 22nd floor meaning I got beautiful views of the whole of London. It's safe to say those 6am starts aren't too bad when you're waking up to that beautiful view. 

The studio style room was the perfect size. I used the gorgeous marble table (which I wanted to steal for my house but I think they'd notice) as my office), the most perfect and gorgeous work space, particularly because I could look out to the whole of London whilst sitting there. I felt inspired, productive and happy. I make myself a to do list and don't let myself move from my seat until I've ticked it off. It's all about little wins, so I'd set myself little tasks like 'get x y and z done' and then I can make a coffee. 

I had my own kitchen so I could refresh whenever I like. As much as I love hotels, I definitely prefer room service and also having my own kitchen. I'm not a fan of having to stress myself and get dressed and ready to grab breakfast by a certain time. I much prefer either room service, self serve or relaxed hotels where I can grab any food I like, at whatever time. I stocked this kitchen up with healthy nibbles meaning I was always satisfied and never had to rush off to grab breakfast by a certain time. They do have a little coffee shop downstairs, there aren't any healthy options (just croissants) but they do a mean coffee if that's what you're after. I was left a cute little hamper in my room with healthy chocolate, teas, coffee and more. My favourite part? The gin and tonic I was left. Work hard, play harder.

Matt's always massively been against studio apartments, but this was seriously perfect. I've never felt so comfortable. The bed was tucked away and I actually really liked just how open things were. Sometimes I can be productive working from bed and others, I prefer to work from a desk so I'm glad I had that option.

The bathroom was beautiful and filled with all my favourite beauty bits, it was like my little sanctuary. See below, so many beauty items. It didn't have a bath (boo, I love a bath) but the large shower was incredible and enough to wake anyone up on a morning and make them feel refreshed. It's safe to say Leman Locke is super relaxing but super modern and comfortable. 

charlotte tilbury lipstick
Top tips when working remotely:

Go with a to do list: No matter where you're working, make sure you've got a to do list. I have one on my Macbook but you can write it down, have it via email or put it on your phone. To do list means you'll stick to what you need to do and not end up wasting your time. Go with a plan and stick to it.

Prioritise: Prioritise that list, it's important to know what really matters and what you need to get done first. I use colours and bold things. It sounds so simple but it really helps.

Headphones: I cannot work in busy places without headphones. On trains it's the bane of my life sitting there without headphones because it means I'm so engrossed in what everyone else is doing rather than my own work.

Don't Forget Chargers: I have the handiest little tech bag to put all my electronics in meaning I always have everything. There's nothing worse than stepping onto a train and realising you forgot your laptop charger.

It's safe to say I had the most amazing stay at Leman Locke apartments, I'd go back in a heartbeat. They also have a gorgeous coffee shop downstairs so if you do want that social aspect of working remotely, you can sit there with your laptop and not feel totally alone. It's so cosy and modern. I absolutely love working remotely and I really hope these little tips help you work effectively and give working in a coffee shop a go! Do you guys find you're more productive in coffee shops/the library/anywhere but home? Or is that just me?

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