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Saturday, 14 January 2017

Top London Restaurants For The New Year; Where To Eat In London

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Hello hello! After the positive comments on my recent best hotels in London post, I thought it was about time I did an updated post all about some of my favourite London restaurants. One of my favourite things about London? The food! There are so many incredible places to eat and drink. I could write forever but today, I'm starting with a few of my favourites if you like this post, maybe I'll have to do a further, more comprehensive list so please do let me know.

I'm sure you'll remember from my blog post about top London hotels, I mentioned I recently signed up to the Diners Club card. It's basically a card which gives you so many advantages around the world. So now I've covered my favourite places to stay in London, I thought I'd cover my favourite places to eat in the city that never sleeps.

A Diners Club card is fab if you're like me and travel a lot. I forever find myself booking last minute hotels, travel and I definitely eat out at least once a week but usually multiple times (guilty and not even sorry!). The card gives you access to over 700 airport lounges worldwide and their app is fab, it gives you helpful tips such as an ATM locator, tipping guide, currency converter and more. You can use it world wide but I wanted to do this about my favourite local city. Learn more at

So, whether you're going out with the girls, the guys, for date night or with family, I hope this little overview of some of my favourite London eateries and bars comes in handy. You can use the Diners Club card at these places too meaning you'll get added benefits.

Claridges - If you're wanting fancy, there's nowhere I'd recommend more than Claridges. Located perfectly just off Regent Street (hello post shopping food), Claridges really is breathtaking. Even if you just go and stand in the entrance, it's incredible. Whilst I'm yet to stay at Claridges (believe me, it's on my must-do list), I have worked out there and eaten there a few times. The afternoon tea at Claridges is perfectly British and definitely worth it if you're visiting London. It's sure to blow you away. I also had the most incredible lunch banquet with Birchbox. Their beautifully British menu will blow you away, and if the food doesn't, the service alone will. Great for, ultimate luxury. 

ham yard afternoon tea

Ham Yard - A favourite spot for afternoon tea has to be the Ham Yard. More relaxed than Claridges but still beautiful, hidden inside the hotel. Their Christmas afternoon tea was really special, with mulled wine and gingerbread men. I've had afternoon tea here at least ten times and I always leave feeling happy and full. It's not quite Bettys, but it's one of my favourites in London. Great for, afternoon tea close to the main shopping areas. 

Hyatt Regency Churchhill - I was beyond blown away on my first visit to the Hyatt Regency Churchill. I indulged in their Siberian garden with cosy blankets, fondue and the best cocktails I've ever had. I'm a sucker for good service and the service here is exceptional. This place is great for cocktails and bar snacks, although if you order the fondue and mini burgers, you'll feel like you had a three course dinner. The cocktails were so good, we couldn't not try the food and it's safe to say, everything was beautifully done. I've never raved about a place as much as I have the Hyatt Regency Churchill. Our waiter knew everything there was to know about cocktails and they were hand prepared with the finest ingridients. Well worth a visit if you're a cocktail lover. Great for, cocktails and dinner snacks plus exceptional service. 

Sofitel London St James - I stumbled upon the Sofitel London St James accidentally but loved the Gatsby vibes inside. My favourite thing though? If you ask, they'll bring out their special light lunchtime menu for you, it's mega affordable with some really healthy options. I don't calorie count, but the idea is, you can have two courses and a side without overindulging. I had beautiful chicken breast with tasty vegetables and left feeling full and very happy. It's one of those places where you know they use the best ingredients. Great for, a truly Brtish lunch and dinner. 

The London Edition Berners Tavern - The London Edition is one of my all time favourite hotels, I've also stayed in the Edition in New York. Berners Tavern, which is attached to the Edition is also great. I've had breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner here and have to say, it's best for breakfast. From the popular avocado on toast to their chia seed pudding, pretty much everything on the menu is heavenly and healthy too. Again, it's the service here for me. I've sat here all day for meetings and bounced between tables, the staff are always so understanding and truly amazing. Great for, breakfast and lunch. 

The Westbury - Attached to the Westbury hotel is one of my favourite London bars, The Polo Bar. It's such a beautiful little bar and you'd probably miss it amongst the shops on the road (New Bond Street) if you weren't careful. The Polo Bar has more of an older clientele, but I think that's because it's a hidden gem and people don't realise it's there. They serve super luxe cocktails and bar snacks made with the finest ingredients (gold, of course), I've been a few times now and always save it for special occasions. It's like sitting in a really comfortable old lounge, drinking the classiest of drinks. Great for, luxury drinks and bar snacks. 


Dishoom - How could one not include Dishoom? A London favourite. I'm pretty sure if you ask any Londoner about Dishoom they'll have an opinion on it, usually a very good one. It's a Bombay/Indian street food style restaurant. Imagine the tastiest, Indian tapas, that's what you get in Dishoom. Quick, no frills service in a really cool venue. So cool they've opened up a number of Dishooms around London now. Good luck getting into any of them though! You'll usually see queues outside them at primetime, so you do have to head in at peculiar times to get seated. I've also had breakfast here, it's spicy, but different if you're wanting to stray away from the standard avo on toast. Great for breakfast, lunch and quirky dinner. Read more about Dishoom. 

flat iron london

Flat iron - I was taken here by a local friend after the InStyle awards (hence my little iPhone photo - sorry!) and wow, how have I never heard of this place? Flat Iron is almost too good to be true and another place where the queues are crazy. We went to the one in Soho and luckily walked straight in at 10.30pm on a Tuesday night (granted, it was late and it was still rammed full). The menu is simple, steak and sides. The cost? Ridiculously good, around £10.00 for a flat iron steak and you can upgrade to a better steak for a few £ more. I'm a massive steak connoisseur so did worry massively quality wise but you know what? It was exceptional. Of course, it wasn't STK standard, but for £10, I can hardly complain. It's the sides that did it for me, beautifully cooked. You've got to make time to visit this place if you're in London. Great for, lunch and cheap meaty dinner. 

granger and co

I also adore, Sketch, Farm Girl, Pharmacy, Granger and Co, Dean Street Townhouse and so many more - more on those coming soon if you want another post on this. Let's just say this is only part 1.

So there we have it, just a few of my favourite London eateries and bars. Don't worry, I have plenty more up my sleeve, from Nottinghill restaurants, to cheap eats, to ultimate luxury. Let me know if you'd like some more London guides!

Don't forget to check out the Diners Club card too. 

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*I worked with Diners Club on this post. 

Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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