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Monday, 16 January 2017

The Most Instagrammable Cities To Travel To And Visit

Recently, I read a blog post by CEWE Photoworld about the top 10 most instagrammed places and it inspired my own blog post about the top Instagrammable travel destinations from the places I’ve travelled to so far. I’ve already done one blog post about my favourite worldwide destinations (so far) so wanted to do an updated one but this time, focusing on the top Instagrammable places! In todays day, many of us like to Instagram things (which is totally fine, this blog post is just a bit of fun, obviously life isn't just about Instagramming and it's always better to see it with your own eyes). I feel fortunate that I’ve visited a lot of insta-worthy places, which you’ll find below and this year? I hope to visit even more, such as Yelloh-Village and the Basque County, Fiji, Australia, Singapore. You name it, I want to tick them all off this year. Let’s see where made the cut so far...Here goes, in no particular order, here are some of my favourite most instagrammable cities to visit! 
Santorini - Santorini is the most beautiful place. Unfortunately, it’s littered with tourists so my biggest piece of advice is to get up early and do the walk from Oia to Fira/Fira to Oia. I guarantee you wont see many people during the walk! When I did it, it took us about 10 hours and you walk across an old volcano which is pretty spectacular. Imagine beautiful white buildings and sunsets everywhere you go. You can read my posts here and here about Santorini for more details.

Miami - Miami did something to me. I just loved everything about it, from the street art, to the people, to the shopping. I think my favourite thing about Miami is the fact that there’s a huge, beautiful beach on one side, full of beautiful chairs and then an incredible city on the other side. Miami is full of hustle and bustle, the most beautiful beachy city. Read about my trip to Miami here and here. 

Barcelona - Talking of beaches and cities, Barcelona is one of my favourite destinations ever. I’m not one to head back to places over and over but Barcelona is somewhere I’d happily visit every week. It’s beautiful. It’s fun and don’t even get me started on the food. I have written numerous guides on Barcelona and have visited in peak season, it's a busy little place. It’s such an all nighter city. I adore it, you could easily go for two weeks and spend one week at the beach and the other week exploring all the other parts of the city but you can also have a great quick weekend break in Barcelona, I'd rather just stay forever.  Read about my trip to Barcelona here and here. 

London - I couldn’t not include London. I do many staycations in London and discover new hidden places every single time. It’s hard to choose my favourite spots in London but recently I accidentally ended up at London Bridge, I always forget just how beautiful it is. I also did a picnic in the park with Dukes Hotel in Green Park and it was hands down one of my best London experiences to date. You sit in the beautiful park overlooking Buckingham Palace as butlers put out the most delicious, filling picnic for you. There are so many beautiful markets in London too, Borough Market is one of my favourites, for delicious food. I also love the Nottinghill area for beautiful houses. Read about the best hotels to stay in London and the top London restaurants. 

Paris - Paris is a city I will always adore. It’s minimal, clean and just well, Parisian. I love France, I love the food, I love the style but Paris just like Miami, does something to me. It makes me feel so happy and excited. Nothing beats a few nice days in Paris.

new york times square

New York - New York had to make it onto here. I prefer to see the other parts of New York, like West Village and Soho rather than just sticking in the tourist areas but wow, I'd love to more here. Here are so many places I need to explore within the city. 

Toronto - I couldn’t leave Canada out. I fell in love with Toronto and feel like I left my heart there. It's my second home after I lived in Canada. A friendly, beautiful, big city with so much happening. Not as pretty as London/Paris but big and exciting. Read about a weekend in Toronto. 

hong kong
Hong Kong - I would love to move to Hong Kong. I had the most insane time here with Matt and keep dreaming about going back. From floating restaurants to crazy skylines, incredible views and again, an epic food scene. I dream of buying a house in Stanley, overlooking the beautiful bays. You have to visit this amazing place. Read about a few days in Hong Kong.

What are your favourite cities? have you been to any of the above and liked them? Where is top of your list? Next, a beach one from me!

*Thanks to CEWE for inspiring and sponsoring this post - as always, my honest opinion. 

Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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