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Sunday 7 June 2015

Miami Part 2! 4 Days In Miami; What To Do In Miami; Visiting Wynwood, STK, Miami Mansions and More!

Hello and happy Sunday! Today is my second and final Miami post, (you can read Miami part 1 here!) I honestly think Miami is my favourite place out of all my travels so far, there's just something about Miami and I cannot put my finger on why I love it so much but I want to go back, urgently! Come explore Miami one more time with me...

STK Miami
Half way through our Miami trip, we decided to head to STK for a nice dinner. We heard some incredible things about this steak restaurant and if you know me, you'll know that steak is always a winner for me. I feel like I am a little bit of a steak connoisseur, after amazing experiences at the likes of Gaucho and Blackhouse, I feel like I know my steak. When I walked into STK though I knew I was in for a treat. 

such beautiful decor and and if the bread that came as a starter was anything to go by, this was going to be an amazing night.

Miami is known for it's opulent food and drink lifestyle - seriously, it's normal to see 5 Ferrari's whizz past followed by a few Lamborghini's, it's certainly a rich persons playground but STK wasn't stuffy or over the top, it was a beautiful restaurant, with insanely good service and even better food and I felt comfortable eating there.

Our cocktails were made to perfection and the waiter who served us recommended everything for us - the service was incredible.

To start, we went with the scallops - they came with chutney and butternut squash, pumpkin seeds too. I'm so happy I've finally started adding fish to my diet!

stk miami burgers
We also got the mini burgers - how couldn't we? These were made with wagyu beef - if you're a steak lover like me you'll know that wagyu is one of the best - let's just say I've never tasted a burger so good. I could have eaten 10 of these and still gone back for more. I'm still dreaming of them now. 

Starters done, time for a second drink. I went for a delicious cucumber cooler; my favourite kinda cocktail, refreshing, delicious but light. 

stk miami steak
It was time, steak time. I went for the fillet - topped with truffle butter. Trust me, I didn't speak the whole main course because it was so good. Juicy, cooked to perfection and the truffle butter just added something special.

I'm a side lover though and the sides really did it for me. We ordered so many sides - broccolini (kale and broccoli - why have I never had this before?!), polenta potatoes and random but we were reccommended the sprouts with all the trimmings and they were epic. 

Lets just say, this was probably one of the top meals I've ever had.

I like steak. I really like steak and I think I've had enough steaks now to know when I'm having one of the best steaks - these were just on another level and I would highly recommend booking in here if visiting Miami!

Somehow we had room for dessert; key lime doughnuts for me, heaven in my mouth. I just wish I could have finished it all!

The next day, we headed on a boat tour 

We got an Uber down to the pier (Uber's work abroad too - hallelujah!) You can use w8rm4 as a promo code once you've downloaded the app to get a free £20 ride pretty much anywhere in the world - thank me later (so easy to get around), I have been using so many Ubers whilst abroad (no this is not sponsored by them haha, I genuinely just use them everywhere as they're so easy and reliable). 

We wandered around the port and then jumped on our own boat

It was time to tour Miami via boat

We went past many celebrities houses

and saw the sky line in all it's glory 

whilst passing amazing private islands.

We finished the tour with a little trip to a restaurant from one of my favourite films; Forrest Gump.

The food was actually really good. I would highly recommend getting away from South Beach (as nice as it is) and exploring some other parts of Miami too! 

wynwood miami
That evening, my friend Piero picked us up and took us around Wynwood - an area he said is a must see. It's turning into the really cool, artsy place where the cool kids hang and I can see why. 

wynwood miami

wynwood miami
Beautiful art, quirky graffiti on every building and random pop up bars are all around - this neighbourhood is seriously cool. Apparently it's still a little bit unsafe at night which is why we drove - also it's quite far out of the main city but it's worth going to see if you know someone in the area. I'm thankful that I had the best personal tour guide to get me off the main beach area!

A few drinks later, dusk came and we headed off.

uk fashion blogger
The next day I headed to Lincoln Road and took my new two-piece for a swing.

It's from Motel Rocks (I cannot find it online at all!). My sunglasses are super affordable from LVNDR.

Lincoln Road is filled with shops and restaurants and you could walk for miles

There are so many Cubans in Miami (so we were told) so we decided to eat at a Cuban restaurant 

The starter was good but disappointing as we paid way too much money for it - I think we went to a little bit of a tourist trap!

The mains kind of reminded me of Nandos but it was nice to try some good Cuban grub as when I went to Cuba I really wasn't impressed with the food!

miami beach
Our final days were spent splashing in the warm Miami sea (until a storm broke out and we had to run back to the Riu hotel for cover!!! - luckily it was super close)

Bikini is also from Motel - you may remember it from my Mexico trip.

I pretty much wore my new sandals to death after all the walking we did but let's just say, my Miami guide book really did come in handy on my trip too haha. I honestly had the time of my life in Miami, we walked for miles, we saw so much, we ate at some incredible places and I got the chance to catch up with old friends (I also met the owner of an AMAZING Vegan beauty company which is one to watch called Baiser Beauty - it's well worth checking out as the products are perfect! I need them all.) 

So there we have it, short and sweet; Miami is an amazing, clean place which is growing rapidly! The people are so friendly, there are way too many amazing restaurants and the beach? Well, it's unbeatable. See you again soon Miami! 

If you want more Miami, don't forget to read my first Miami post here.

Have you ever visited Miami? Would you like to visit Miami? Which states have you visited? Do you love steak as much as I do?!

Lots of love, Em x

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