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Saturday 13 June 2015

Top Summer Hair Products & Summer Hair Styles

Top Summer hair products
Hello hello! Happy Saturday! I was hoping today was going to be bright and sunny but unfortunately it's a lil bit rainy over in the North of England today! It's supposed to be Summer and the weather has been lovely up until now so today I wanted to talk to you about my fave Summer hair products. I couldn't be happier with my hair at the moment (never thought I'd say that but it's finally feeling strong, long and healthy) and it's all down to the amazing people at Sassoon Salons (read about that here!) because I'm happier with my hair, I've started using more lovely products to get my hair Summer ready, today I'll be showing you the best products to make sure your hair is protected this Summer but also to make it look it's best! 
richard ward keratin volume shampooFor Volumized, Bouncy hair! If it's volumized, bouncy hair you're wanting this Summer (without the frizz - if you have me  on Snapchat (emshelx) you'll have probably seen my crazy frizzy holiday hair snaps! Richard Ward is here to fix that. Richard Ward is a brand I was only introduced to when I was in London recently - on the same day I actually went to the Richard Ward salon for a Chelsea blow dry and was sent away with these glorious products. For me, they tame my frizz, make my afro less frizzy and more bouncy and happy. They're also kind to the hair too because they have keratin in them, a protein which can help strengthen the hair. You can get these from Waitrose and Ocado for around £3 so a huge bargain too! You can buy it online here too.

Summer hair products
For Protected, Happy Hair! 

We put suncream on our faces and bodies but often, not on our hair - I have been using Charles Worthington Leave In Sun Spray for so so long, I can't remember the last time I didn't have it in my bag when away. It's great to just spray on your hair to protect it from the sun - see it as a sun cream for your hair as it protects it from harmful rays and makes your colour last longer rather than allowing it to fade. They also do protective shampoos and conditioners too (you can always pick them up in the airport at Boots before you fly which is what I tend to do). I was also recently introduced to PhytoPlage and their Sublime After Sun Oil for hair is amazing - it's great because it's natural so you're not putting anything nasty onto your hair, it's packed full of rare essential oils and it's multi-purpose too because you can use it on the body! Sign me up for a lifetime supply please.

John Frieda beach hair
For Dirty Hair That Needs Detangling! 

I've featured the John Frieda Beach Blonde range way too many times on my blog this year already but it's because it smells amazing, it purifies the hair (goodbye sand, dirt and chlorine) and it also detangles - this is perfect for the beach babes out there! It also smells so clean and fresh and it makes your scalp tingle and just feel new again! You can buy it online here and it's really affordable too.

For Smooth, Shiny, Happy Hair! 

If you've read my top hair growing tips post or my top hair growth products post you'll know there are a lot of things I use to make my hair strong and happy; you can find out lots and lots about all those products here because today I just thought I'd mention some Summer specials but if you are wanting to fix damaged hair please do read that! First up, John Frieda's Sheer Blonde Brightening Elixir is great for brightening the hair - my friend last year actually used to spray John Frieda's Blonde spray on her hair then go into the sunshine and it would go really bright without damaging the hair! Richard Ward's Keratin Smoothing Mist gets rid of frizz and if you read my blog a lot, you'll know I adore Argan+, their 5 oil miracle shine spray is kind to the hair and packed full of good stuff but keeps fly aways away. When it comes to really strengthening the hair though I am a complete lover of Macadamia oil and Moroccan Oil - you just can't beat them! 

For Hair That Needs Hydrating! The sun really dries the hair out so it's important to keep it hydrated, you may remember me saying in my Mexico post that I always sit by the pool with a hair mask on - yes I do! There are so many hair masks that I love, at the moment I am loving Sassoon Salon's leave on illuminating mask for coloured hair and at the moment my shampoo and conditioners are all Sassoon because I'm sticking to the routine that my hairdresser's Lee and Valencia have told me to stick to (so far so good!). Again, a product I've featured many times, John Frieda's Kelp Help is amazing for hydration and more recently, PhytoPlage shampoo which is natural and so super hydrating. I also LOVE Bumble and Bumble for nice hydrating hair products.

ecotools air dryer
For Ladies In A Rush!

I am always in a rush, like seriously, always and my hair always suffers because I can just never be bothered to do it. If you've been following my hair journey, you'll know that I try not to use heat on it as I'm still really trying to grow it. I picked up this brush from EcoTools which is so cool because it makes hair dry 40% faster due to the little hole in it! Simple but perfect. When I don't have time to wash my hair (bad Em!) I find myself reaching for my COLAB dry shampoo - you've probably seen me mention it in lots and lots of blog posts (I actually picked it up in Canada) because I just cannot get enough of the smell and how clean it makes my hair feel (it doesn't make it feel horrible and powdery like normal dry shampoo!). I'd use this alone as a hair perfume!

Summer Hair Inspiration!

Now I am happier with my hair growth, length and strength I've started looking for some nice hair inspiration - I love braids, plaits and just general prettiness when it comes to Summer hair and this Summer I am going to really embrace some new fun styles. I've been pinning away on Pinterest (come say hello here!) and here are a few of my favourite styles to inspire you!

If it's a beachy look you're wanting to create, my favourite product for that is by Bumble and Bumble! But, if you're not too good at braiding, plaiting and hair these Toni & Guy videos below are actually so good, quick and should help with some Summer hair styles too!

You can read a list of my top haircare products here if you missed that post!
I think I am going to write an updated hair care journey post really soon too so keep an eye out for that!

Are you into hair care? Do you use different products in the Summer months? What styles do you like to use in Summer?
Lots of love, Em x

*This was sponsored by Toni & Guy but as always it's 100% my honest opinion.

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