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Tuesday 23 June 2015

Walking Around Oia & Visiting Amoudi Bay; Santorini

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Ahhh so here is my final Santorini post, finally! I wanted to do one final little post to give you a proper look at the most beautiful little place I've ever seen; Oia, Santorini! As most of you will know by now if you've been reading my blog, I was kindly sent to explore Santorini by the lovely team at icelolly.com  and honestly, I am still suffering from Santorini blues now. There are lots of different areas to explore whilst in Santorini but it's a tiny island so you could easily do it all with just three days - we spent most of our time in Oia because it quickly became my favourite area of Santorini, I can't wait to show you more...
oia santorini
Oia is truly stunning, probably the most Instagrammable/photographed place ever and rightly so. Everywhere you look is just beyond stunning and even though it was insanely busy, there's room for everyone because of all the hidden winding streets.

oia santorini
We gazed over at the same cliffs we walked over to get to Oia - it felt crazy that we'd walked all that way (you can join me on the walk in my Santorini vlog video or my blog post here

You can find the most stunning restaurants and bars everywhere you look.

We basically just wandered around the cute little shops, stopped off for cocktails and Greek bites to eat along the way (my favourite cuisine at the moment)

Coral playsuit online here.

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I absolutely love this striped top and paired it with my favourite Brandy Melville skirt - I feel like it fits in with the beautiful buildings. 

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Santorini is such an easy going place, you can sip, you can eat, you can walk or you can just watch. 

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santorini greece

santorini oia

Santorini is also a busy little place, even at the start of the season but if you just keep wandering you'll find your own little personal hide outs - we wandered down so many winding stairs to get peace and quiet and we kept finding our own little haven at the bottom of pretty white stairs, far away from the crowds.

I found my dream apartment, overlooking the beautiful ocean with it's own hidden cave pool! 

amoudi bay
The next day we decided to head down the 200 steps to Amoudi Bay - It was empty down there, either people don't want to walk down the steps or people just don't know about it!

Many people decide to go back up to the top on donkeys

the most beautiful donkeys I've ever seen.

Trust me - if you visit Santorini, go down to Amoudi Bay - it's one of my favourite places in the world so far (I say so far because there's still so much travelling I'd like to do!)

The bay is tucked away underneath Oia, away from the hustle and bustle, a beautiful bay, with boats that just happily bop along with the waves (you may remember this two piece from my Santorini bright nights blog post - you can get the top online here and the shorts here). 

The water was so perfect

and the food even better.

I would love to be proposed to down here,

with my toes in the water.

The food is so fresh.

We took a seat at Sunset restaurant 

elephant necklace
(my LVNDR elephant necklace came with me)

We ordered some calamari - no calamari will ever taste the same. This calamari was cooked to perfection - it came out hot and it was so fresh, as if it had been caught in front of us.

We wandered back up to watch the sunset - apparently one of the best sunsets in the world

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We found the perfect place to watch it

(top online here)

oia sunset

sunset in oia
We watched as the pretty white buildings changed colour and just appreciated the beauty of the world.

oia sunset
I cannot explain how stunning the sunset is in Oia, I didn't get many photos of the actual sunset because sometimes, you've just got to step away from the lens and enjoy. Please go to Oia and watch it, I promise you'll love it. Oia is a busy little place but it has energy and character and far too much beauty. If you go in the day time, it's quite quiet so it's worth having a wander in the afternoon. 

Thanks so much once again to icelolly.com for making this such an incredible trip and do make sure you check them out for future holiday bookings as they really did take care of us so well even when I rang their customer services with a major last minute panic and they still accommodated me so so well and kept me calm! I can't thank the customer service team enough for making everything run seamlessly!

You can watch my Santorini travel vlog below and see exactly what I got up to! Have you visited Santorini? Do you like the look of it? Do you have any trips booked this Summer?
Lots of love, Em x

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