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Wednesday 10 June 2015

Kamari Beach & Fira; What To Do In Santorini; Exploring Santorini

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Santorini is a place I've always wanted to visit and if you follow me on Instagram (@emshelx) you'll know that I was there last week! I was lucky enough to be flown out with the lovely people at icelolly.com (a great holiday booking site which is worth checking out) for a lot of Greek fun! Greece is one of my favourite places to visit and a trip to Santorini has always been on my hit list. Santorini is a small island but there are quite a lot of things to see there so I'll be breaking this into a few parts! Let's talk about volcanic beaches and beautiful white streets today!
kamari beach
As soon as we landed we headed to Kamari Beach to see the black volcanic sand (according to Google it's volcanic sand anyway!) - I've never seen a black beach before, it was so different but actually really nice.

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Our first few days were quite cloudy but it was still nice to be in Greece having yummy food and splashing around in the chilly sea. I wore my favourite new SeaFolly bikini from FigLeaves.

The Kamari Beach area isn't the nicest area of Santorini, it's not the beautiful area filled with epic views but trust me, it's worth visiting this little area of Santorini purely for the food alone. You have to get a bus from Kamari beach up to the main towns (those ones that everyone takes photos of - the real Santorini I guess) but it's definitely worth visiting Kamari for much better food, better service, a nice beach day and the hotels I assume are much much cheaper there. I would love to tell you about the hotel we stayed in but unfortunately it wasn't as I imagined and we had a little bit of a hiccup to begin with so I didn't take any photos - all I will say is book in advance if you're staying in Santorini because the good hotels sell out fast. What I would like to say is that icelolly.com were so good when it came to helping me fix my hotel situation and literally gave me 24/7 around the clock help and support when I was freaking out abroad! Possibly the best customer service I've ever received! 

 Kamari Beach is easily my favourite place for food out of the different Santorini areas we explored - the food is just fresher and they seem to care more because they can't up the prices because of the amazing views. You can walk down a beachy strip and you will find it so hard to choose where to eat!  We went back to Kamari beach most days for lunch purely because the food was just heavenly. 

We strolled along the quaint streets and I wore my new LVNDR dress, black LVNDR Clubmasters and my white pumps - this dress is so comfy. 

We hunted down the best restaurant in Kamari on TripAdvisor and were so impressed with the amazing food - I absolutely love Greek food and ate so much on this trip haha.

We spent our mornings sunbathing by the jacuzzi (bikini is from Figleaves and you can get it online here)
and our afternoons were spent demolishing Greek salads and gyros 

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and naturally dipping our toes back into the sea. This is my favourite bikini at the moment, a black mesh one - simple but comfortable and flattering - online here.

The following day we headed to Fira to explore and let's just say, we weren't disappointed. 

fira santorini
The most beautiful views, everywhere you look

and enough food to last you a lifetime. 

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santorini greece
I wore my backless American Apparel leotard with my Brandy Melville skirt and my hair was freshly cut the day before by the absolute amazing hair dressers at Sassoon Salon (read about my experience here if you missed that) I have visited them twice now and I am so happy with my hair, every day I am getting happier with the length, condition, strength and colour so I am really excited to go back to them again next month. Mission long, strong hair! 

Skirt, Brandy Melville Canada but similar here and here / Black Leotard - identical here but similar here and cheaper!

I couldn't turn down an ice cream

Santorini greece
The donkeys were so cute although I did feel so sorry for them going up and down steps all day

A huge thank you to Lee from Sassoon Salons Leeds for my blow dry - it stayed in perfect condition the day after and I didn't want to wash my hair and ruin it! I've never been happier with a blow-dry! 

We continued to wander the winding streets 

Stopped for some fresh cherries

Santorini greece

Fira SantoriniLuckily I still have a little tan from my Bahamas trip

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and ended our walk with some delightful wine

The views everywhere in Fira are just unbelievable 

and when I saw my first Santorini sun set - I fell in love with Greece even more.

We spent a few other nights in Fira because it's just such a perfect little place.  I wore my favourite new heels with my ASOS playsuit - I haven't taken this off. 

We decided to go for dinner one night in the cliff because why not? When in Santorini, dine looking into the sea! Unfortunately, the food was awful and we ended up complaining - we got home and checked TripAdvisor and the place had 1* - it turns out they're scammers! I would say do some research first and don't pay crazy prices for good views, you don't need to, the views are amazing everywhere in Santorini and you can always just get a drink rather than food! Even just walking around Fira is a great way to capture the views without spending crazy amounts of money.

dinner in santorini

Even though the service was bad the views made up for it and we had the loveliest evening.

santorini sunset

It's funny, I've watched the sun set thousands of times but every single time I still get excited. I don't think you can beat quiet nights watching the beautiful world going about it's business. 

So there we have it, two Santorini areas ticked off my list. Stay around to find out about my next area of Santorini that I explored - let's just say I'm saving the best until last... I'd also like to say a huge thank you to icelolly.com for giving me the opportunity to visit one of the places on my travel bucket list - I am 100% impressed with their booking service, customer service and the ease of the flights, transfers and everything - we really did feel spoilt and looked after the whole time and I wouldn't hesitate booking again with them. If you just want everything about your holiday organising, they're the people to head to!

I also put together a little lookbook with all my Santorini outfits, you can watch it below and see some more of Santorini! 

Have you ever visited Santorini? Do you want to visit Santorini? Have you ever booked with ice lolly

Lots of love, Em x

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