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Friday 26 June 2015

Topshop Personal Shopping; Personal Shopping With Topshop Oxford Street

When I was invited for an afternoon of personal shopping with Topshop I could barely contain my excitement. It's no secret that Topshop is my favourite high street brand - I don't even really class them as high street anymore, their styles are so on point and I do feel like they're always at the forefront of fashion. Topshop Unique in particular is always the show I want to watch at fashion week and honestly, I feel like Topshop will always have my heart due to it's British heritage and generally amazing pieces. I've always wanted to do personal shopping with them (it's free by the way so go and sign up to do it!) and trust me, it was an amazing experience so I can't wait to discuss it with you!
personal shopping topshopI was shown into the personal shopping suite by Alva, a lovely personal shopper who had already picked out lots of clothes for me and put them on a rail in my sizes! The personal shopping suites are gorgeous, think plush sofas, magazines and gorgeous simplistic (Instagrammable) backgrounds.personal shopping topshopI am not the kind of person who can let someone else choose clothes for me but honestly, I was so impressed with the bits she chose. She chose so many lovely pieces that I actually loved (I ended up buying most of the pieces that she chose for me!) - It's really nice to just let someone choose clothes for you actually haha.

personal shopping experience topshop
I went outside to choose some more items on top of what Alva chose for me and was literally walking about the shop floor for a good two hours selecting things - Oxford Street Topshop is the dream. I filled the rail with more clothes than I could ever need.

I fell in love with these two pairs of shoes but obviously couldn't buy them both - I went for the gorgeous ones with the gold heel purely because I feel like they'll go with everything and they're so so comfortable. I honestly haven't taken them off.

Gold Plated Heel Boots online here.

Alva brought me some cupcakes and champagne and I was a very happy girl. 

The cakes were too good.

The first outfit I tried on was this amazing suede jacket - I don't own a jacket this colour (I always go for black) and I wouldn't ordinarily pick up a jacket like this - this is the good thing about personal shopping, you get to try new things. I honestly didn't think I would like it but I fell in love instantly and actually wish I bought it when I tried it on.

Suede Jacket - Online here.

topshop suede jacket
I paired it with black jeans which I actually bought and a lovely vest top again, which I bought, I didn't take the boots off so naturally wore them too. I love this all black mixed with suede look. Topshop jeans are my favourite, they always will be - I've had a pair of the Jamie jeans for at least 3 years now and they just get better in age - they hug the body so nicely and are so comfortable. 

Next I tried this two piece - I am a two piece lover and absolutely loved the skirt but personally this one wasn't for me... the jacket just didn't fit me properly.

Two Piece - Online here

Raffia Boucle Jacket and Pelmet Skirt

Raffia Boucle Jacket and Pelmet Skirt

fashion blogger
My favourite outfit of the day, I bought it all oops. This plain black tee with the dreamiest white skirt ever. 

The skirt is so simple but I think it works so well for a casual/going out look. I actually wore this skirt to the Boot's Petal Drop event earlier this week and so many people complimented it! It's so easy going I don't think I'm going to take it off all Summer! 

personal shopping review topshop

I couldn't resist this gorgeous ribbed midi dress, you know when you just put a dress on and fall in love? Yup, this! It hugs the body so nicely and it is so comfortable - another classic dress which is perfect for a day to day basis and a night out.

Knit Dress online here

topshop knitted ribbed midi dressI told you the boots go with everything! 

This gorgeous playsuit was so easy to wear - I loved the back of it.

The mirrors in the changing rooms were perfect for posing and actually seeing the whole outfit from every angle! 

My favourite dress of the day has to be this gorgeous number - it's so versatile because it zips all the way down, you could actually wear it over something as like a kind of sleeveless jacket.

Dress - online here

topshop cord zip front dress

I love the colour too - I don't really own any baby pink coloured outfits but I just think this is so simple and lovely.

Topshop lace up lattice front playsuit
I couldn't not buy this gorgeous playsuit with it's lovely lace up front detailing. 

Playsuit - Online here

I tried out some handbags as well because why not! I loved that you could literally take anything into the personal shopping lounge - it was like my girlie sanctuary for the day.

Handbag - Online here

I fell in love with these espadrilles - again, something I wouldn't pick up myself but I am so glad Alva picked them for me as I actually love them. This experience definitely taught me to not rush and to just try things on and experiment a little bit! 

Sandals - online here.

I went for an all grey number next, I love the simplicity of this skirt but think it's quite flattering due to the cut of it and I put it with this gorgeous shaped draped shirt. 

It was time for a cupcake break - trying on clothes is tiring! It's a good job I had a lot of space and comfortable chairs to chill out on amongst all the clothes in my changing room! 

It was time to try on some accessories 

Fedora - Online here

I changed tops and went for this top - a really simple crochet crop which goes perfectly with anything.

White Crop Top - Online here

I then paired it with the matching shorts and the dreamiest leather jacket - the leather jacket of my dreams actually. I bought it and haven't taken it off. It's real leather and Topshop premium so a real life long jacket! I have wanted a proper Topshop leather for years and finally got my hands on this baby! 

Topshop beauty is also my favourite at the moment so naturally I picked up some more beauty pieces (coming soon) you can see my fave picks here at the moment

You can shop some of my favourite pieces from the day below and I'll be filming a Topshop haul video too to show you what I bought so do make sure you're subscribed to my YouTube channel here!

A big thank you to Topshop for having me, I am absolutely in love with everything I chose and could have easily taken the whole store home with me. There's still so much more I want! It was so nice to not be pressurized or rushed and to just have my own really big room with amazing mirrors and just stand and try out different things, simple things and things I never thought I'd ever try. I am so impressed with the amazing service from the Topshop personal shopping staff, they're so professional and they also chose me some incredible pieces - they don't try to sell you anything either, it really is just about finding things that you like with no pressure, no rush and just nice clothes really!

You can find out more about Topshop personal shopping here and I would highly recommend it. Topshop also have such a good online sale on (here) at the moment too which is oh so tempting!

Have you ever done personal shopping? Did you know you could do personal shopping? Do you love Topshop too?

Lots of love, Em x

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