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Friday 5 June 2015

Playing With The Grabble Fashion App; Fashion At Your Finger Tips!

grabble app

Hello and happy Friday! A little bit of a different one from me today but hey, I like to mix things up! I've always wanted to do a kind of what's on my phone post - this is kind of a little insight to start things off as we look on my phone! I have so many apps and really want to talk you through them all (including my fave Instagram photo editors) but today, we're talking about a new addictive fashion app! Our phones are pretty genius and can do almost everything and anything for us nowadays (it's kind of worrying how much I rely on mine). They say there's an app for everything but shopping/fashion apps are the new thing and I'd say they're really creating a storm at the moment! As someone who is addicted to fashion (you can see all my fashion posts here), I needed to check this app out for myself! We're talking about an app called Grabble. I first heard people talking about Grabble at London Fashion Week actually but last month it was my turn to really get to grips with it, I've been working with Grabble recently so... If you like fashion, stick around!

You load up the Grabble app and you're told  that 'the difference between fashion and style is Grabbing' as an introduction - basically, you grab and discover new trends - it's so easy, see this as Tinder but for clothes haha, you swipe left to discard and right to grab the things you like (oh the app is free to download too!)

I personally really liked playing with the app and will continue to play with it as I'm hooked when anything shows me new trends. I am the girl who goes on Pinterest for style inspiration before I go on a shopping trip! The app is pretty dangerous though as gorgeous items from Topshop, Zara, ASOS and more just keep popping up and then I keep adding them to my favourites with the swipe of a finger and lusting over them! They have a wide range of brands on the app too which is what I really like about it, from Zara to Net a Porter, there's something for everyone and it's brand new and on trend too. 

grabble fashion app

I am obsessed with Pinterest (find me here) and spend most of my evenings sat pinning before bed (oops), I can see Grabble becoming another addiction. Who am I kidding? It's already a new addiction and a great way to procrastinate. My personal favourite section is the featured collections part of the app, where they give you daily inspiration from stylists so you can swipe through the best daily trends and looks - the more you swipe, the more this is tailored to your personal style too! Genius. I just love the ease of it, you literally just swipe if you like an item and then you can check out and buy it at the end - it really is that easy (and oh so dangerous for shopaholics).

best fashion app
Last but certainly not least, you get sale alerts! When anything you grab and like is reduced in price, you get a notification - hello happy purses! How good is that?! That's me never paying full price again - I will sit and wait patiently for my favourite items to go on sale haha.
So basically Grabble is your personal shopper, on your phone, in your pocket, on your desk, on the train. That's me well and truly hooked! I feel like we needed some new fashion apps!

From mid-June Grabble is launching Grabble Checkout so you'll be able to order directly through the app too. Dangerous but oh so fun and great for the wardrobe! It's time to get #GrabHappy! 

You can find the app here if you haven't downloaded it already!  I'll be doing another post about some more apps on my phone soon, including my favourite apps to edit Instagram photos with! Hooray!

Accessories as featured in the photos are from Aspinal Of London (fave shop ever!). 

Have you heard of Grabble? Do you have any fashion apps on your phone? Do you want more fashion apps? Do you like the sound of this?

*This was sponsored by Grabble but as always it's 100% my honest opinion!

Lots of love, Em x

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