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Monday 29 June 2015

Exploring Mallorca With On The Beach! Palma Mallorca!

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A few weeks ago I was invited to Mallorca with On The Beach - probably the coolest company ever. You know when you just meet a team and you literally bond so well? Yep, that. I haven't stopped recommending On The Beach to people (they're a holiday booking site if you didn't know and I'm already looking at booking another trip haha). I'm both excited and sad to be writing this today as I miss this beautiful place far too much already... let's talk about European adventures for a change! 
Our first day was heavenly, we explored the beautiful island of Palma by boat. I used to go to Palma a few times a year and stay in the stunning Puerto Portals so it was lovely to go past there again on the boat trip.

palma mallorca
The water was perfect - me and Kayleigh jumped off the boat into the beautiful sea. I love carefree moments like that. 

It was that perfectly blue kinda water that just makes me never want to go home

palma mallorca

After the boat ride, we stopped off at the most beautiful, quaint beach for the most delicious Spanish food (if you know me you'll know just how much I adore nibbles so tapas is probably one of my favourite cuisines) 

I could have sat here all day and nibbled away

Nothing beats grabbing a bit of shade, having a sip of sangria and chatting the afternoon away

(and eating fresh paella of course).

This brought back memories from my childhood -  I used to love going to gorgeous little spots like this.

asos elephant two piece

uk travel blogger

asos elephant two piece

fashion blogger
Elephant top / Elephant shorts - (possibly the comfiest two-piece ever!)

fashion blog

shell bikini

It was time to catch some rays in my mermaid bikini!

Me pretending to be a mermaid and failing but hey, I love my bikini. 

It was time to put a cover up on whilst exploring and I am seriously in love with this tie front playsuit. 

The views were just perfect, no editing needed - this is exactly what it looked like; Spain, you beauty. 

I very much appreciated my towel.

m&s sun smart
It was time to get protected for a little bit more sunbathing. I have been spending a lot of time in the sun so I really try to make sure I am protected ( it's not a choice or an option, it's vital - I think I may do a blog post soon about the importance of this). I am 100% against sunbeds and will never use one but I am in the actual sun often so I am pretty strict with my protection. I was recently kindly sent these beautiful M&S Beauty sun creams and I used them throughout the trip and just had to report back because I am so so impressed.  I am so impressed with how good they are (moisturising, affordable, easy) but I'm particularly impressed with the strong UVA rating and UBV ratings which are really really important. 

m&s sun smart

The reason I went for these sun care products is because they're specialist Australian formulation (if anyone knows about sun it's Aussies!) so I feel safe. I don't know if any of you remember but I explained that after my Jamaica trip I felt like I'd actually frazzled and cooked my skin so I've been trying to take much better care of it since then, yes I was a lovely colour but seriously, my skin felt like leather. Never again. I usually find sun creams are way too expensive but these all have 50% off until September making them all around £5 per bottle so please go and grab some and keep yourself protected! (You can get them online here). 

The range is so huge, there's literally so much to choose from but I personally love little sticks like this as I can throw them in my bag and have it with me at all times.

M&S sun smart range
Above are a few more of my favourites (they do special ones for less tolerant skin - hypoallergenic and fragrance free!) but I really love the lotion as it feels so hydrating on my skin (it has sunflower oil, aloe vera and vitamin E in it to help with that). So yes, a big thank thank thank you to M&S for introducing me to this truly lovely sun care range - I didn't even know it existed and now I am hooked - I might have to get myself an endless supply at those prices too haha!

We spent our evenings in beautiful Palma - and Magaluff actually - I completely was against the idea of going to Magaluff ever, let alone going out there for drinks but honestly, go with a good, decent group of people and you will have fun (this is coming from someone who loves all things luxurious haha) - it isn't like the papers or the media make it out to be (you can always avoid it at all costs if you wish) but seriously, it's really not a bad place, at all, I had the most fun I've had in a long time. I love Mallorca.

fashion blog

I love going abroad because it's acceptable to wear all white.

I love brightening my outfits with my LVNDR tassel bracelets - my new addiction.

It was amazing to catch up with one of my best blondies, Kayleigh on the trip (and my beautiful Scarlett too - not photographer but she took most of the photos of me - thank you Scarlett haha!)

Palma has such a beautiful, authentic charm to it - I could have walked around the cobbled streets all night.


missguided lace dress

This is probably my favourite dress ever - it's available online here and although it looks like a Love and Lemons one - it isn't, it's way way cheaper and just as nice!

I'm sad to say that my tan is fading now a few weeks after but I loved using this every night to smooth my skin and keep my tan that little bit longer. 

Balneario Illetas mallorca
We ate the most amazing food (with the most stunning views) - I find it amazing that Mallorca is just so close to the UK - I wish I could pop over every weekend.

Balneario Illetas
This place is a special one, Balneario Illetas - amazing service, amazing food and just great ambience 

Great nachos too. 

A hanging kebab is always a winner for me. 

So there we have it, part 1 of my Majorca trip! Phew, I hope you fell in love with Majorca on my photos. I can't wait to publish part 2 now. Thanks so much to On The Beach for an amazing trip and for reminding me how beautiful Majorca is and how easily accessible it is from the UK (you can get a 4* stay in the lovely hotel we stayed in - wait for my next post for that, this Summer from just £397 per person, all-inclusive with return flights too with On The Beach!) pretty amazing I'd say and it's tempting me to just book a flight there this weekend if I'm honest - what's not to love about fresh tapas, beautiful sunsets, sangria and clear blue sea? 

Have you ever visited Mallorca? Do you like European trips? Have you heard of On The Beach? Do you like the look of this?

Lots of love, Em x

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