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Friday 19 June 2015

Visiting Santorini; Walking From Fira to Oia!

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Ah another Santorini post, yay! I have actually written this post 3 times but for some reason it didn't save - third time lucky?! Please! If you follow me on Instagram (@emshelx - if you don't, come say hello!) you'll know that I was recently sent to visit the place of my dreams, Santorini with icelolly.com - you can read about part 1 of my trip here if you missed that. Today I wanted to talk to you about a pretty epic walk I did, from one side of the island to the other and show you the most amazing views along the way. Get your comfortable shoes on, you're gonna need them!...
fira to oia

fira to oia walk

We had a little look on TripAdvisor and apparently one of the top things to do in Santorini is to walk from Fira to Oia, whilst we could have quad biked it or simply got a bus, I don't like to do the norm and I wanted to explore and go on an adventure so of course I couldn't say no. We were told it was a 12km hike, so around 8 miles. We set off bright and early and were ready to take in the beautiful sights and trust me, if you go to Santorini, there's nothing I would recommend doing more than this stunning walk...

As we wandered across the paths, we came across the stunning Santorini buildings, everywhere you look is just beautiful when in Santorini. We started the walk at the top of Fira (read about Fira here if you missed that) and just basically followed some rough directions 

santorini travel guide
We stopped at every opportunity to take in the beauty of Santorini,

Santorini, greece
We came across beautiful hidden paths, hidden houses

and naturally stopped for a Greek salad. Greek food is 100% my favourite at the moment.

We walked across the caldera which is a large volcanic crater, formed by an eruption leading to the collapse of the mouth of a volanco (so Google tells me anyway eek) and the views were the kind of views that even a camera can't capture - truly breathtaking and beyond stunning.

As we strolled, we came across beautiful, quaint villages (and the clouds felt so low because we were so high) 

It was so steep. 


we saw a sign and guessed we were still on the right track (we'd walked from the far left and were walking all the way round - seriously it was a huge trek haha)

we looked down onto the Kamari beach area of Santorini 

and realised we were up pretty high

Along the way, we didn't see many people but we did spot a few beautiful churches - literally in the middle of nowhere - as I said in my top travel tips post, I really do think you need to just get away from the tourists sometimes and explore - this was 100% one of my favourite trips ever purely due to this incredible, breathtaking walk.

A rock pointed us back in the right direction

we were truly in the middle of nowhere but it felt okay

By this point, we could see a clear path and we could see the end of where we were heading (those tiny white buildings right at the end of the cliff) it doesn't look far, but trust me, it was

uk fashion blog

travel blogger

travel blog

I wore my striped crop top, white bandage skirt and Ray-Bans - probably not the best walking attire.

The cliffs were so so steep

at this point, we felt as if we were back in Vietnam!  


santorini caldera

oia santorini
Once we got to the top, we found another beautiful church and decided to rest up there - we could see Oia below and knew we were really close now

The sun finally decided to come out as we reached the top just as I got way too warm in my striped shirt so I changed into my multi-way playsuit, possibly the comfiest but loveliest little holiday item I own. It's so easy to just roll into a suitcase but I think it's great casual or formal. You can get it online here.

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british travel blogger

You may remember these outfits from my Santorini lookbook video

We finally reached Oia, a stunning area of Santorini

with breath taking views and the cutest little shops you've ever seen

and even better food too (you can see more on my vlog below and watch us on the actual walk eek!)

Part 3 is coming up really soon I promise - thanks again icelolly.com for allowing the trip of a lifetime to happen!

Have you ever done such a long walk? Do you like playsuits? Have you ever visited Santorini? Do you like Greece too?

Lots of love, Em x

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