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Thursday 25 June 2015

Boots Petal Drop Event!

petal drop

Last night was a really exciting one, you may have seen me tweeting away about it! I was invited to present for Boots Pharmaceuticals and take part in their exciting #PetalDrop event! As mentioned earlier in the week, Boots Pharmaceuticals were going to drop 1 million different coloured petals into the London sky in order to raise awareness of night time hay fever - insneezia! Boots Pharmaceuticals wants to show people how you can take steps to keep hayfever away so it doesn't disturb getting a good night’s sleep. Let's see what happened...
We started off with some petal gun training

The event took place at St Christopher’s Place, somewhere I’ve actually never visited before but it’s such a cute little corner of London with gorgeous restaurants, bars and shops.This is why the event took place from 8pm, because pollen levels are at a peak then whilst pollen is falling as the sun goes down and the air begins to cool. As 8pm arrived, the cameras were rolling and I was filmed live on the BootsUK Periscope talking about the event (thank you if you watched me, you can still catch it if you head to the Periscope app and add BootsUK! or find the link here). As soon as I’d finished talking about the event, cannons exploded full of beautiful flowers.boots petal dropMe and three other bloggers (Hannah, Lucie and Sheenie) got ready to fire our petal guns! We then worked with some lovely #PetalDrop ambassadors who fired more and more petals into the sky! The later it got into the hour, the more the sky was filled with petals. It was so beautiful to see.petal dropI didn’t see one upset face, passers-by were laying in the petals, jumping in the petals, kissing in the petals! It was such a lovely moment to see everyone so happy.I wore my new Topshop leather for the event and gosh I am so in love with it (post coming soon about it). I also had my favourite white skirt on. 
boots petal drop event


The petals weren't real petals which is probably a good thing as obviously we were trying to raise awareness for night time hay fever, not make it worse! They were also fully biodegradable. Impressive from Boots! 

boots petal drop event

Above you can see me and the 3 other bloggers doing our thing, playing with the petals!

petal drop boots

It was such a lovely night and such a nice atmosphere.


We continued to fire petals into the sky until all 1 million had been fired!

I really did have some #SummerGoodTimes! Thank you so much to Boots for inviting me to present the Periscope live from the event and I really do think this was a pretty cool way to brighten everyones evening and raise some awareness of night-time hay fever! Let's kick hay fever in the butt! It was just mainly so lovely to see everyone joining in and having such a happy, cute and carefree evening taking selfies, running around, dancing in the petals, jumping in the petals! You name it - it really was lovely to see - people even booed when we stopped firing petals out!

*This is a sponsored post but as always it's 100% my opinion! 

Have you ever seen anything like this before? Do you suffer from Hay fever?

Lots of love, Em x

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