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Monday 22 June 2015

Win An Evening in London; Join Me At The Boots #PetalDrop! Petal Nightfall Event!

Hello! A slightly different but quick one from me today and an exciting competition too! I am excited to announce that I will be working with Boots Pharmaceuticals on something really fun on Wednesday 24th June in London yay! Whether you suffer from hayfever or not (I've only just started suffering with an itchy nose and weird itchy eyes, but my family have been life long sufferers and it isn't nice for anyone) if you're in London on Wednesday you'll be able to see a pretty epic show (including petals!!!), as we release one million beautiful petals into the London sky and I would love for you to come along!

So what is actually happening? Basically, Boots Pharmaceuticals want to raise awareness of 'insneezia' - night time hayfever, and show people how you can take steps to keep hayfever away so it doesn't disturb getting a good night’s sleep. This is why this event is taking place from 8pm on Wednesday 24th June (St Christophers Place, London) because pollen levels are at a peak between 8 and 9pm, caused by pollen falling as the sun goes down and the air begins to cool. Boots Pharmaceuticals want to get everyone out watching the petal display to highlight this! Let's dance in the petals and have a fun Summer night!

I'm really excited about the event mainly because beautiful petals are involved (you know I'm a sucker for flowers hence all the floral photos I've included in this post haha - I really do love flowers) - one million petals will be released into the air that evening (yes I said one million!!!), showering all of the passers-by in an incredible multi-coloured display! It sounds like my girlie dream!

So what am I doing? (a very old photo of me above showing my love for flowers!). I'll be there in London on the evening of the 24th to take part in the petal shower yay (anyone is welcome so please do come along if you're around) and we will be Periscoping, tweeting (@BootsUK and @emshelx) etc if you can't make it but it would be amazing to watch the petals fall with some of you - luckily, Boots Pharmaceuticals will be putting one lucky reader up in a hotel on the evening too yay.

So how can you get involved? Well, you can come to the event of course and you can tweet today (Monday) using the hashtag #PetalDrop and ‘red’, in order to support my colour of petals being included in the event (4 bloggers are each going to have their own colour!) - if you do tweet, you will have the chance to be randomly selected to attend the petal nightfall event and Boots Pharmaceuticals will put you up for a night's stay in a top London Hotel on the night of the event to make sure you get an amazing night’s sleep!
I am really trying to focus on getting my sleeping pattern back at the moment, hayfever or no hayfever - getting a good night’s sleep is so so important and because I am always rushing around and so busy, I never seem to get as many hours as I should but I don't think anything should disturb our sleep so I like that this event is about sleep and obviously petals being involved makes it even better! 
The London element of the competition runs from Monday 22nd June (now!) to Tuesday at 9am - 4 bloggers will be involved and we will each randomly choose one of our tweeters to stay over! Good luck! Just tweet to enter!

Hopefully see you at the #PetalDrop for some #SummerGoodTimes!

Do you suffer from hayfever? Do you like the sound of this event? Do you get hayfever at night? Do you like petals too?

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Boots Pharmaceuticals but as always it's 100% my honest opinion! 

Lots of love, Em x

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