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Sunday 28 June 2015

Working out with Elle Magazine; Elle Run Club

Earlier in the month I went to meet the lovely Elle magazine team and lead their run club with my adidas Summer series of workouts! Find out more about me working with adidas here if you missed that. I wanted to share some behind the scenes from the day with you but mainly actually show you me doing my favourite workout moves in the London sunshine with one of my favourite magazines - trust me, these moves kill so much and you can do them anywhere, it literally takes 15 minutes and you'll feel like you've done an hour intense work out (I can never walk after doing this!)...

It was time to quickly look through my workout list (I'll talk you through my fave work outs next week so you can do this at home with me!)

elle run club
We started off with a jog through central London and down to Green Park (all wearing adidas of course)

Me and Melissa Weldon did the exercises first to show everyone the moves 

elle run club

I wore my new adidas kit which I absolutely love, you can find out more about me shooting adidas AW lookbook with them here

The new boost trainers are so good and so comfortable - I love this colour too.

You do each move for 1 minute and trust me, this kind of high interval training is such a killer - you literally do 15 minutes and it hurts way more and is more effective than just doing a 30 minute constant run, trust me - working out really hard for 15 minutes is so much harder but it's apparently the best way to burn fat! I swear by it.

This particular squat move is a killer. 

This is probably one of my favourite ab moves ever

One minute to go (it felt like the hardest minute ever)

we were done! Phew!

It was so great to meet the Elle team (my favourite magazine ever) and to actually 'perform' and lead my Summer series workout moves. If you didn't already know, I've been working with adidas to create a bespoke Summer workout eek, you can watch all my moves online here on the adidas Facebook page but also, I'll be doing a round up of them all on my blog next week so you can properly see them too eek. I truly love these moves, you basically put them together and they make such an amazing, energetic and leg burning circuit which really does feel incredible afterwards. I keep doing it in my garden and have seen such a difference in my body, I feel so much stronger but mainly more confident! 

To get you in the workout mood here's a cool video I watched the other day to celebrate 100 years of fitness (it made me want to start dancing again haha) too (you can find out more here); 

Do you like the new workout kit? Do you like doing circuits or interval training?

Lots of love, Em x

*This is a sponsored post but as always it's 100% my honest opinion!

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