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Friday 17 April 2015

My Experience At Sassoon Salon; My New Hair!

Most of you will know by now that I have new hair (I got it done at the end of March) - I never keep anything a secret because of Instagram(@emshelx)! So most of you have probably seen numerous selfies of it, but I wanted to talk to you about my experience getting my hair done. Dun dun dun! It was a scary day when I let a new hairdresser touch my hair. As most of my know, I have been desperately trying to grow my hair for a long time now, it's finally got back into good condition after not using heat on it for over a year and barely dying it. I came across Ben at Umberto Giannini around a year ago and he transformed my hair colour - I honestly never wanted to go anywhere else but to see him but when the opportunity arose for me to get my hair done at world-famous Sassoon salon, (particularly because it's in Leeds too so a little closer for me than Manchester) I kind of wanted to add it to my hair CV! Lets talk about what happened...
Sassoon salon review
My Mum used to go to Sassoon for years, I haven't ever heard anything bad about the salon so I was filled with confidence before my appointment. I walked into the Sassoon Salon in Leeds for a consultation first and was greeted by colour director, Valencia. I've been looking after my hair for over a year and I 100% know it is fine and happy now so I was very very nervous to meet such a top colourist. I explained my hair story to her and left feeling a little bit more confident when we discussed colours - I told her I was really happy with my current colour but just wanted it to be more fresh for Spring. I am probably the most boring person ever when it comes to touching my hair - I can't wait to get it to a thick, long stage where people can actually do exciting things to it. 

vidal sassoon leedsThe salon itself is pretty plain, I am that girl who loves a luxury looking salon but I have heard so much about how amazing Sassoon is that to be honest, the plain salon didn't bother me, I went for a good hair treatment! As much as I love luxury, I would choose substance over style any day - who wants a swanky hairdressers if the hairdresser can't properly do your hair? I know that Sassoon stylists are at the top of the hair cutting/colouring chain so I was very excited for them to get hold of my hair. If you can't trust them with your hair, who can you trust? 

I was sat upstairs by the window and told that to achieve my current colour, bleach would be needed on my hair. I actually nearly cried my eyes out there and then, I am so precious about my hair after my bad experience with extensions and Ben at Umberto has gently weened me away from the bleach and uses a something not as damaging which takes longer to take to my hair instead. Valencia told me that there was 100% bleach on my hair (I am pretty sure it's still the bleach that is growing out from way before I went to see Ben). I was ready to leave at the prospect of bleach touching my hair again but I said yes and told her I trusted her and allowed her to do anything, whatever she would recommend. She explained that she would never ever do anything to damage my hair, and wouldn't recommend anything that would damage my hair so I trusted her and let her work her magic. From what I could see, she basically weaved highlights into my hair. I was sat in the chair ridiculously nervous and expecting to hate it, I was petrified it would be back to block blonde...

the above is my hair before, as you can see, the colour has grown out (my colour lasted a very long time but it was growing out) and Valencia did explain she would try and make it so that when it does grow out, I don't get block colour on my roots but more of a broken up highlighted look - perfect! 

I sat on my laptop and did some work to try and calm my nerves (whilst sipping on a green tea and eating way too many cookies) - Valencia was so nice to me when I did look up from my computer, I think I was just a hairdressers worst nightmare on that particular day because it is extremely daunting going to a new hairdresser, particularly when my hair has been so damaged in my past! I must apologise to her because she was trying to help me and I was just so persistent that I didn't want my hair damaging again (if you read my blog you'll know that extensions and too much bleach when I was younger pretty much killed my hair). 

My hair was washed by the sweetest girl who really made me feel warm and happy and then it was blow dried and styled and cut by the most phenomenal hairdresser. Lee cut my hair and I instantly warmed to him, he was talkative and he listened to me. He had so much time for me. He gave me time to tell him about my worries and problems and told me that he can make my hair grow. I will hold him to that because he's promised! I'm on strict instructions with some new Sassoon products (I'll obviously let you know how I get on with them) and I've been told what to use, when to use it and I've already booked in for another cut with him in 6 weeks - he shaped my hair to frame my face better and seriously knew his stuff when it came to hair cutting - seriously. He kept the top thick and got rid of the dead bits at the bottom but without making my hair look shorter - I usually leave a hairdressers wishing I didn't get it cut but I left Sassoon with Lee feeling like my hair was longer, stronger and happier. He basically created an illusion, my hair looks longer and healthier but actually he cut quite a bit off so that it'll grow back thicker, stronger, longer and healthier! He is a genius, seriously. I absolutely adore the colour I really do I just wish we stuck to a high lift tint because I don't want anything damaging on my hair but Valencia was 100% right, it wouldn't have gone as blonde as I wanted it without bleach.

I did some shots the day after (outfit details here) and I absolutely adore my new hair colour. It isn't a drastic change but I love the brightness, I feel like I am back to me again and I am finally fresh, happy and bright. It's thick and healthy. It feels so good to be a blondie. I miss my long, blonde hair so much so I guess this is a happy medium, my hair is growing and my blonde is nice, natural but still really blonde. This is probably the second time I have straightened my hair in a year too, it felt good. I finally feel like I am getting back to myself again after an awful few years hair-wise because of stupid extensions *AVOID HEAT BONDED EXTENSIONS AT ALL COSTS PLEASE GIRLS!*

Top; LVNDR here. 
festival styleJacket; Missguided here / Skirt; Missguided here / Top; Missguided here. 

Before I got my hair done, I popped into Shavata too to get my brows done. Shavata is my hands down favourite brow bar, just walk into Harvey Nichols and they can usually always fit you in and the service is exceptional every single time. I absolutely love my new brows too, I love the colour of them and the square shape. I really did leave Leeds feeling like a new woman! I think my new routine is going to be Sassoon and then Shavata! I could get used to this!

Sassoon was great, I guess I just needed to trust in the quality stylists more. I was a nightmare customer and they put me at ease, respected me and I left feeling like a new woman. I was so happy and still am. I love my colour, it's happy and vibrant and I love my cut, it's the strongest and thickest my hair has ever looked! I am so excited to go back and work with Lee on getting my hair back to the length I really want! Let' see if Valencia can work her magic again too!

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Have you ever visited Sassoon or heard about their salons? Do you like my new hair colour? How do you feel about going to new hair dressers? 

Lots of love, Em x

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