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Monday, 13 April 2015

Get Summer Ready; Getting In The Summer Spirit!

Hello hello! So after the lovely response to my Spring make up favourites post back in February I thought I'd do a similar style post but this time, not just about beauty. I've grabbed some of my favourite things to get me Summer ready and I want you to join me and get ready with me!
little miracles

Wake Yourself Up On Bright Mornings - If the bright mornings aren't enough to wake you up, grab one of my all time favourite drinks - I just cannot get enough of Little Miracles at the moment. I first discovered these when I was flying to Canada, I wanted something healthy to wake me up in the airport and I came across these in a little shop, I think it's an easy way to put some goodness into your body without even thinking about it.

Bloom matchaGet Active - Bright mornings and light evenings give us the perfect excuse to put some new trainers on and some new sports gear (Missguided's activewear range - see me wearing it here - is my absolute favourite for vibrant 'get me to the gym!' gear). You literally have no excuse when it's brighter on a night. Afterwards, pour yourself a mug of BLOOM Mindpower Matcha (matcha tea, ginger, ginseng - my favourite and one of the cheapest matcha teas I've found actually) for a metabolism boosting, delicious superfood drink. Who wants pizza when you can put a mug of superfood into your body so quickly? - Okay, maybe pizza too (cheat day!)

After The Workout - After that work out (or even a power walk) I know you'll be feeling amazing, so jump in the shower with Sanctuary Spa's incredible body scrubs to prep the skin for summer and get rid of all dead/dry skin. If you've read my blog for a while you'll know I am a huge Sanctuary Spa fan, their products are affordable and just incredible - a spa session at home without the price tag? Yes please. Their Hot Sugar Scrub actually heats up on your skin too - it's incredible, I can't explain how good it feels. If you're wanting to smell like Summer, their White Lily & Damask Rose Body Scrub just oozes Summer.

John frieda beach blonde

Get Beach Waves & Clean Locks - I have naturally very curly hair and sometimes need to tame it, if you're wanting to feel like a beach babe with nice wavy hair without even leaving the house, use John Frieda's new Beach Blonde range - I am obsessed with this at the moment. This is also perfect if you are in the heat a lot or even after a work out as the range completely cleanses the hair and purifies it - goodbye horrible chlorine/sweaty/frizzy hair! 

In A Rush? - If you want to fake a Summer look at home, CO LAB (by fellow blogger Ruth!) is the most tropical and delicious smelling dry shampoo I've ever come across - I absolutely adore it. You just cannot beat fresh, exotic smelling hair. I got Milkshake's whipped leave-in cream from London Fashion Week in a goodie bag and it's perfect for stressed out locks (plus it's mini so you can take it everywhere with you - I took it to Chicago with me) as it's full of healthy proteins. Lastly, John Frieda's Sheer Blonde range is always a good way to brighten the hair in the sunshine and to cheat highlights too. I swear by John Frieda blonde products in Summer.

After The Shower - After your bath/shower, to prolong your tan or to get your skin ready for a tan, it's important to moisturise. If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll probably remember me raving about Sanctuary Spa's night butter, it's easily one of the best body butters I've ever tried. These two are no different, not only do they look perfect in your bathroom (pastel shades are my weakness) they also leave you smelling incredibly fresh all day (even the morning after too) - they're the right consistency when it comes to body butters, they don't leave you stupidly wet, it just sinks right into your body. You can look at my favourite body butters here.

Daniel Wellington Cantebury watchKeep An Eye On The Time - Nothing screams Summer like this gorgeous and incredibly British looking Daniel Wellington watch - I think this one is so Wimbledon! You can get 15% off here using promo code emtalks too. With this on my wrist I honestly feel so ready for a fresh, bright day - every time I look at my arm I feel nostalgic and remember amazing Summer memories because of the colourful straps and beautiful simplistic design. 

860 hibiscus revlonBe Bright - If you can't wear a bright lip in Summer, when can you? Everyone went crazy for this colour when I put a photo on my Instagram (@emshelx) and I know why, it's truly stunning! It's not an expensive lipstick either, it's a new and beautiful shade from Revlon (their Ultra HD lip colour in 860 hibiscus - run and get it from Boots now!). If a bright lip isn't your thing, prep with Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Lip for super smooth, happy lips. This may look like a tiny little pot (perfect for travel though) but it's full of magic, it creates a powerful, moisture sealing protective barrier and long-term lip healing benefits. Hello plump, happy lips this Summer!

Take It With You - Summer/hot weather means generally getting flustered (I know I get flustered in the heat anyway!) - I would highly recommend throwing this Pore Refining Toner in your bag this Spring/Summer, it's so much more than just a pore refining toner, I personally think it smells incredible and instantly refreshes my face, whether that's on a morning after cleansing,  on an evening before bed or just spritzing it over my make up when I need some hydration. PERFECT if you've doe lots of flying too. If it's skincare you're into and you want to a natural glow without make up, check out Sanctuary Spa's Illuminating Moisture Lotion - not only is it SPF15 (perfect for Summer) it also brightens - hello illuminated, happy, bright skin. 

elegant touch instant press on nailsNail It - I missed one thing out... nails! I love having nice, clean, bright nails - it makes my tan pop more and it just completes a look I think. I am obsessing over Models Own varnishes at the moment, the colours are just insane. I also adore the colour of these Elegant Touch instant-press on nails too.  can't get enough of pale yellow at the moment. 

The Summer Dress - Ah one of my favourite things about Summer? The clothes, once you're smooth thanks to Sanctuary Spa, got gorgeous smooth lips thanks to Charlotte Tilbury and amazing fresh hair thanks to John Frieda, it's time to put on your favourite Summer dress. I've chosen my favourite dress at the moment, this limited edition one from Rare London - it's beautifully backless and can be worn on a beach with sandals or on a night out (you may remember me wearing it for dinner at Sketch on my recent trip to London). What are you waiting for? 

If you liked this post, you can find more like it online here on Sanctuary's blog.

So there we have it, a little round up of some of my favourite ways to get in the mood for Summer/get prepped for Summer! I don't know about you, but it got me pretty excited for the months ahead! Writing this made me want to fully prep my body and pamper, or just book a beach break! Do you love Summer? Have you used any of these products? Do you love Sanctuary Spa too? Tell me what your favourite Summery essentials are?!

*This post was sponsored by Sanctuary Spa but as always it's 100% my honest opinion! I love them and always have done.

Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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