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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Burberry Beauty Review; In The Spotlight

Burberry beauty review
If you know me, you'll know that when it comes to Burberry, I am in love. Burberry is one of my favourite brands, if not my favourite. Clothing, yes. Handbags, yes. I basically want everything Burberry at the moment. One thing I have always adored from Burberry though, is their make up. If you're a beauty lover, Burberry beauty is for you. It's been a long love affair and actually I reviewed loads of their stuff a long time ago. I am back now with some exciting new releases. I am excited to say that toady, Burberry is in the spotlight.
Burberry beauty review

Burberry Kisses lipstick review
First up, Burberry Kisses lipsticks - aka, the most stunning lipsticks I have ever seen. I have always been a huge fan of Burberry lipsticks but these babies launched in March and they are just perfection. My dream would be a shelf in my bedroom with the whole range on display - they're far too beautiful to use. When you do dare to break into these lipsticks, you'll see just how beautifully pigmented they are and they're moisturising too, whilst the colour stays intense. They're non-drying, my lips always feel happy and smooth in their bold colours.  The great thing about Burberry Kisses is that one single 'kiss of colour' so a single paint of the colour on your lips gives an understated look, whilst two to three kisses gives you depth and vibrancy. I didn't realise, but these lipsticks are blended with tea, lavender and reshape which could be why they make my lips feel so nice! I would say Burberry do my favourite lipsticks, not only do they look amazing, but the colours are always so intense and perfect. Whenever I wear Burberry on my lips, someone compliments it! You can buy them online here, at £25 each - I don't think they're that bad in comparison to some high-end lipsticks (which don't look half as pretty!) 

Burberry kisses

burberry kisses review

burberry kisses

burberry kisses swatches
The nude is a really nice nude - I do like nude lipsticks but this one in particular because it's quite a creamy colour rather than being too pale. I love the plummy colour too even though I think it's probably better for Autumn. I have just never seen such beautiful lipsticks, ever - trust me, the colours just look so good on. 

Burberry nail varnish

Burberry nail polish
Nail Polish; I have never used a Burberry nail colour (I didn't even know they existed!) but this is just so beautiful for Summer. It's vibrant, fresh and one of my favourite colours; coraly red. Coral nails get me every single time and even though this is a little bit more red than coral, it's the kind of colour that will instantly make your tan pop. I was surprised to see that Burberry nail polishes only cost £15 - I think that's pretty good! You can buy them online here.

Burberry Brit Rhythm review

Burberry Brit Rhythm
Perfume; When it comes to perfumes, I am obsessed with Burberry perfumes. My favourite is Burberry Body and I've had a few bottles of it over the past few years. It's sensual, sultry and quite strong. I actually got a new big bottle of it for Christmas too. It's the kind of smell that brings back good memories because I have worn it for so long. I think Burberry Brit Rhythm is a little bit weaker in smell, but I love the understated bottle. I would say Brit Rhythm is lighter and more delicate and feminine for Summer whilst Burberry Body is really strong and just sensual I guess. Burberry Brit Rhythm is also a lot cheaper too! The one I haven't tried yet? I would love to get my hands on My Burberry - their new perfume - purely for the beautiful bottle alone. 

Burberry fresh glow BB cream

Burberry fresh glow BB cream review
Face; I've always really liked Burberry face products, their foundations are my favourite (Burberry Velvet is a personal favourite) so I wasn't shocked at all when I fell in love with their Fresh Glow BB Cream. You may remember this from my March Favourites video. It is just stunning. The coverage is surprisingly good for a BB cream, I'd say this is builadable, medium coverage and it gives the most beautiful glow. On bad skin days, I use this underneath my foundation as more of a primer. I absolutely love it as a primer as it just gives a really natural, dewy glow through my foundation - I instantly look awake, highlighted and radiant. I have already basically run out of this, proving that it is an amazing product haha, I can't stop wearing it. This is easily one of my Summer favourites already (it isn't even Summer yet!). 

Burberry fresh glow BB cream review

Burberry fresh glow BB cream swatch

Burberry fresh glow BB cream swatchHopefully here you can see just how dewy and awakening it is even just on my hands. 

So there we have it, some of my favourite items, from my favourite brand. I am truly in love with every single thing Burberry produces! You can buy Burberry beauty online here and here

Do you like Burberry? Have you used any Burberry beauty products? Do you like the look of them? Let me know if you like my kind of 'In The Spotlight' brand focus posts rather than single product reviews! 

*Some of these items were gifted to me but as always, this is 100% my honest opinion! 

Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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