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Friday, 9 January 2015

Top Beauty Secrets; Beauty Tricks

beauty tips
Hello hello hello! Sorry I haven't blogged for a few days, I am back! So today I thought I'd do a little post with my favourite beauty secrets in it, some little random things which I do often... I was actually in the bath the other day and realised I do some pretty obscure beauty things so I decided to share them with you, it means you'll get the most out of your products and maybe find out some different ways to use them! I really want you to share your beauty secrets too so do leave a comment with your top beauty tips or tweet me - you can never have enough beauty tips!

coca butter vaseline
 1. Sleep with Vaseline on your lashes/eye brows - I read somewhere that if you put vaseline on your eye lashes before you go to sleep, it makes them grow! I've been doing this for years, I feel like it makes my eyelashes much more hydrated so they don't snap off. Vaseline is a really cheap beauty buy, you can get the original one for under £2.00 here!

2. Sleep in a hair mask - If you've read my how to grow hair blog post then you'll know a few of my hair growing secrets, but this is my favourite. This is a little bit of an obvious one, but I adore sleeping in hair masks! It's my secret weapon when it comes to getting fresh, happy, healthy, strong, shiny hair! I think sleeping in a hair mask is a complete must-do if you've got the time, it means it will work into the hair even more and really make your hair moisturised and strong. If you're trying to strengthen the hair, I adore Kerastase, Macadamia and SuperfoodLX.

clarins hydraquench face mask
3. For dry skin, sleep in Clarins Hydraquench face mask - I absolutely adore Clarin's Hydraquench face mask (£30 online here) - I know it seems expensive but I am very wary about which face masks I trust, I have my favourite few (Una Brennan, Aromatherapy Associates, Liz Earle, S5 and this one) but trust me, this is really worth it, particularly in Winter when you get dry skin - it's the only product I've come across which actually fixes my dry skin. When I have really really dry skin, or just a spot/area of skin which is really dry, I coat this over the top of it and sleep in it - wake up in the morning and I promise the dry skin will be completely gone! This is meant to just be a 10 minute mask but I've found that sleeping in it really does work!

4. Use The Body Shop's Honey & Oat 3-in-1 Scrub Mask all over your body for a spa experience at home - This is quite a weird beauty trick but I actually use The Body Shop's honey and oat mask all over my body (rather than all over my face) when I'm in the bath (you can do the same in the shower too!) and then wash it off with exfoliating gloves. If you do this in a really steamy bath and leave it to soak into your skin for a little bit (raise your legs and arms out of the water) I promise your whole skin will feel like it's had a gorgeous exfoliating treatment - my skin feels so soft after doing this! This works as such an amazing body exfoliator - it should definitely not just be for the face!

5. Use Gradual Tan - I haven't properly used fake tan for ages thanks to my travels but when you do want a nice glow but you don't want that horrible fake tan smell or the intensity of fake tan, use a gradual tan! My all time favourite gradual tanning moisturisers are Palmer's and Cocoa Brown (my boyfriend detests the smell of Palmer's though and I love it!). I find using a gradual tan is also a great way to make your fake tan last longer too, after tanning, the next week afterwards put this on as a moisturiser after you shower and it just nicely intensifies your tan and means it wont go scaly! I swear by using gradual tan for a week after I've fake tanned (it also puts much needed moisture back into your skin!) You can read my top fake tanning tips here!

6. Always have a tonic spritz on hand - I don't know if I do this because I travel a lot, but I always have a nice toning face spray in my bag, I spray it over my make up in times of stress, intense heat or when my skin just feels horrible and needs a quick refresh. I feel like it's essential because it totally wakens you up and hydrates you. I am obsessed with Orico's Streetwise Coco Spritz which just smells incredible and balances the skin, there's really nothing this little powerful spray doesn't do, it brightens, hydrates, tones - you name it - you need it in your life. I also love The Body Shop's Vitamin E Face Mist and you cannot beat Liz Earle's Instant Boost Skin Tonic either.

7. Take Evening Primrose Tablets - These natural tablets were recommended to me by the doctor; (you can buy them from supermarkets usually). They're great to make hair stronger, nails stronger, skin better and they regulate hormones. I really think they stop me getting spots too so honestly, put these in your life! You can buy them online here from FeelUnique, hooray!

8. Use Lush Snowfairy on your hair - I always use Lush products on my hair (particularly Snow Fairy - it smells so delicious). I don't use this as just a shower gel, I actually mix it with my shampoo and wash my hair with it too! It adds a nice bit of grown up glitter to my hair and it makes my hair smell amazing too, all day! You can do this with lots of your favourite smelly things (as long as they're kind to hair) put it on your hair for a nice perfumed scent which will last all day every time you move!

9. Add Spinach to as much as you can (and Kale!) - You might remember my healthy eating post and I talked about how I always throw greens into everything I make. There's a reason Popeye was so strong, spinach! Try and add both spinach and kale into as much as you can (give them a quick Google) but they've been called the new beauty foods because they benefit us so so much!

10. Use ThisWorks Deep Sleep Pillow Spray for a good nights sleep - Oh I am obsessed with this amazing spray and I am so happy that it was introduced into my life. This amazing spray has been through lots and lots of tests and it's proven to work (I'm not the type of person who believes this kind of stuff but honestly, it's so calming!) It's infused with natural essential oils such as chamomile and lavender and I find it so soothing and tranquil. I spray this over my pyjamas and my bed covers before I sleep and I always have such a nicer sleep. It's currently in the sale now for £14.00 here!

11. Eat Cake - Finally, here's one from my Grandma (you may remember my top beauty tips from my Grandma blog post) - never deprive yourself! If you want nutella, GO FOR IT. If you want cake, go for it too! If you deprive yourself, you will only want it more! Little and often, eat what you know you are going to enjoy - indulge sometimes, it wont hurt anyone!

Now it's your turn! Tell me your top beauty tips! Do you like any of these beauty secrets? Do you do any of them too?

Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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