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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

My Life In Black + White With Sure Crystal Invisible Black + White Diamond!

Sure crystal invisible black

When I was challenged by Sure to put on my favourite little black dress and test out their new deodorant, I could hardly say no - I am that person who ALWAYS gets white marks on my black clothes, I don't know how, but it's always me so I was ready to put this product and my lovely new dress through it's paces. Everyone has to wear deodorant unfortunately so we may as well make sure we're using the best one. Oh and you lovely readers also get the chance to win a Michael Kors bag too so it's worth reading on! Let's talk about this gorgeous LBD and see how it got on...

Sure's new Crystal Invisible Black + White Diamond is actually like nothing I've ever come across before, most deodorants are fine on white clothes but woah, if you love wearing black like me (my whole wardrobe is black) then you've got no hope. 

Sure crystal invisible black review

This new deodorant actually keeps black black and white white so it's good for both colours (hooray for Summer and Winter wardrobes!). To celebrate the launch of this new product, Sure have asked people to post a filtered image of an active moment depicting your life in black and white (in an LBD of course) - proving that the deodorant keeps black black and white white, allowing your personality to make the mark, not awful, white deodorant! 

Here I am prancing around on a snowy day in my favourite LBD

motel moonchild dress

Dress: C/O Motel Rocks here, the beautiful Moonchild Skater dress which you may remember from my New Years Eve lookbook and my Festive Get Ready With Me - I love it so so much. You can also get £10 off all Motel Rocks orders online here when you use the code JanBlues - thank me later - this dress could be in your life sooner than you thought!  

Motel moonchild dress

Shoes: Daisy Street here

Now I wasn't asked to do this as part of my challenge but I like to test things properly so here's the true test, I took my favourite black every-day top which usually gets marks all over it and sprayed it deliberately on the arm pit...obviously, spraying something deliberately onto the arm pit is going to make it white but it wasn't an awful powerdy white, it was more of a white which disappears immediately. I just touched it with my fingers so gently and immediately it disappeared - fully. Remember you're not going to be spraying the outside of your black t-shirts anyway but I wanted to do this for test purposes and this deodorant is perfect...

As you can see below, one touch with my fingers and it completely went - it left no mark at all, it just kind of sank away - that's the only way I can describe it as it wasn't flaky and stain leaving at all.

So we know it works on black - as you can see above, back to perfect with one touch... next I sprayed it on my white vest top...

and it didn't even change or get any kind of deodoranty mark on it - hooray! 

So there we have it, this deodorant gets a big thumbs up from me and trust me, I am someone who gets white marks everywhere. I felt like today was the perfect day to test it, with white snow everywhere - It was weird seeing snow in England this morning, it's certainly not like the snow in Canada! If Sure like my post enough, they'll award me with two Michael Kors bags, one for me and one for one of my lucky readers - fingers crossed that I can give you one as a thank you!!! 

Do you always get deodorant marks? Do you like my little black dress? 

*I worked with Sure on this post but obviously it's 100% my opinion! 

Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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