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Monday, 12 January 2015

OROGOLD 24K Gold Vitamin C Set Review

Orogold 24k vitamin c set review
Hello you beautiful people, happy Monday! Today, we're talking skincare but not just any skincare, seriously beautiful, golden skincare - yup, golden - real gold! When a lovely golden package arrived for me just before Christmas (yup, I've been trialling this for a long time to give it a fair test) I fell in love instantly with the luxurious packaging. Let's talk about golden skincare...

orogold vitamin c review

OROGOLD CosmeticsI think we should talk about the packaging first; whilst it doesn't go with my all white bathroom, I'm all for simplistic packaging - I do still adore this packaging. OROGOLD looks and feels luxurious, sometimes too much gold can look a bit over the top and actually make things look cheap, but I love the packaging of these products - they really do put a lot of effort in with large, roomy, satin filled boxes, beautiful glossy bottles and stunning ribbons, they all add to the luxurious feel of the brand. 

I was kindly sent the 24K Gold Vitamin C set to review and this includes 1 cleanser, 1 facial serum and 1 face mask. I would have liked to have seen a moisturiser inside this set too but I have continued to use my holy-grail Kiehl's Midnight recovery oil every evening after cleansing with this. 

24k vitamin c facial cleanser orogold

So first, let's talk about the Vitamin C Facial Cleanser. It was actually Kiehl's who taught me about the importance of Vitamin C, it's great for plumping the skin, energising it and brightening it - you basically want vitamin C in your life. This cleanser is enriched with 24 karat gold, like all of the range. I absolutely love how it feels on my skin, it feels soft, smooth and makes me feel squeaky clean.

orogold vitamin c cleanser

After using this cleanser, my skin feels softer, happier and yes, more energised - it didn't make me break out either, I'm always conscious about moving to new skincare brands incase they make me break out but after testing this for well over 4 weeks, I can tell you, it didn't irritate my skin at all or make me break out - quite the opposite, my skin feels happier! 

24k gold serum orogold

Next up is the Vitamin C Booster Serum - I love serums as I always tend to see quite an immediate difference. I use my Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Oil on an evening so I prefer to use this booster serum once a day after cleansing in the morning. I was taught to use a Vitamin C serum as a day cream and I feel like it makes my face bright and fresh all day - when travelling, I actually mixed this with my moisturiser for mornings too. The serum alone is very moisturising, it sinks really nicely into the skin but it doesn't feel greasy. I would say this does illuminate and brighten the skin immediately, it's also meant to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles (I'll let you know when I'm older about that one! But you know what they say, use anti-aging things when you're young as a prevention!). This serum is a mixture of 24K gold, vitamin E & C which together, apparently give skin a youthful, smooth, glowing look. This also smells so delicious and citrussy too - again, it didn't make me break out, hooray! I feel fresh, rejuvenated and happy when using this, it make my face feel silky but not oily.

OROGOLD 24K Gold vitamin c mask

24k gold vitamin c mask review
Last but certainly not least, OROGOLD's Vitamin C Mask. This mask is formulated with Vitamins C, E and A as well as Witch Hazel, Tangerine Fruit and flecks of gold (sassy huh!). This is actually a lovely mask, I like to put it on when I'm in the bath - it feels nice and refreshing, it awakens my skin and I'd say it's good to put on before a night out, to really just brighten and soften the skin. It certainly leaves my skin feeling very fresh and happy.

orogold 24k gold vitamin c mask review

Pricewise? The range is very expensive, at £600 with individual products from OROGOLD starting at around £100, certainly making OROGOLD a very high-end skincare brand (hunt around online and you can get it cheaper though). Whilst I would personally never spend that much on skincare (hey, if I had the money, I probably would be more obliged) I do really rate this range highly, I did actually see pretty immediate brightening and softening results and anything that doesn't break me out is always a winner for me. OROGOLD as a brand seem to have a great following, I've done lots of research online about this brand before trying it and many people rate it ridiculously highly and say how much it has changed their skin - many also say they were going to get botox etc but have seen such good results from OROGOLD that they don't need to, crazy huh!? I also found out that the amazing model, Denise Richards uses it which excites me as she has fabulous, glowing skin. 

All in all, I love OROGOLD, their packaging is luxurious and exciting, I also love the idea of putting gold on my face. This range makes my skin feel silky, smooth and energised not to mention, really soft and happy.

Check out OROGOLD's site here and their Twitter here.  

Have you heard of OROGOLD? How do you feel about putting gold on your face? Do you like the look of this brand? Tell me about your must-have skin products! 

*Sponsored content but as always, 100% my honest opinion! 

Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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