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Monday, 5 January 2015

A Crisp Day In North Yorkshire; Outfit Of The Day

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I love Yorkshire. I love Northern England. I feel so fortunate and grateful to live in such a beautiful place and I feel like I should show it off more. As much as I adore running around London (it is my second home after all) there's no beating good old Yorkshire. It's funny, I've done so much travelling recently but actually, what's on my door step is true beauty within itself. I decided to take my camera out with me on a crisp Winter's day (the sun looked so beautiful) and I want you to come for a little walk around one of my local towns with me...
knaresboroughThe moon sat so perfectly 

and we basically had the place to ourselves. 


With only the sound of our own footsteps...

We walked down Waterside...


and with behind the camera, I saw a whole new side to this beautiful little town, a town which I live 15 minutes away from and have probably visited over 1000 times. 


I love nothing more than cute, pretty, quaint British streets.

The sun was shining through and melting the frost away.

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Even the pretty cottages seemed unoccupied on this crisp day. 

The cows seemed pretty chilly.

We walked up to the castle to get a better view.

uk fashion blogger

I wore my cosy Missguided coat 

my gorgeous jumper from Daisy Street (SO cosy) 

daisy street

my Daisy Street playsuit (to brighten up a pretty dark outfit)

my beautiful new hair band 

I love the playsuit as shorts, I put the jumper over the top of it so that the playsuit peeps out of the bottom like little shorts...

You may remember my gorgeous new shoes from my New Year's Eve lookbook video - they're also Daisy Street! 

I had totally neutral make up - blame the chilly weather 
In fact, looking back at the photos, I basically have no make up on. 

It was time to wander back home

I took in some more beauty and then had a mince pie when I got home! 

Thank you to Daisy Street for sending me this outfit. 

Have you visited North Yorkshire? Do you love the countryside? Do you like Daisy Street? Do you love walking on crisp days?

Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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