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Wednesday 21 October 2015

A Weekend In Barcelona, Part 2

We seemed to cram so much into one weekend that I had to break my Barcelona post into two. Barcelona seems like so long ago now when actually it was only last month. I'd do anything to head back but for now, I'll have to relive it with these photos...

If you missed part 1 of my Barcelona trip, you can catch up on that here.

I teamed my Burberry bag with my playsuit from The Fifth Label -  one of my favourite brands of all time. 

We wandered around the gothic streets of Barcelona (and I somehow managed to avoid visiting the gorgeous beaches again). Barcelona is so beautiful but it would be easy to spend all day, every day at the beach. There's a gorgeous city to see behind the beach too!

We walked until my feet felt like they were going to drop off. 

= more ice cream breaks for me. City breaks always feel kinda healthy because I'm always aching like crazy afterwards. When I visited Paris, I actually couldn't feel my legs the next day, this was similar. 

Nothing beats the beautiful, winding streets of Barcelona.

Barcelona is one of those places you can walk around forever - you'd see something different every time.

We stumbled across a gorgeous cookie shop where we bought gifts for our families.

and then found the most gorgeous park. I wish we had more time to explore this.

A quick outfit change in our room and it was time to head somewhere pretty spectacular... 

We saved the best until last. On our final evening we got a taxi up to 'the bunkers' - a secret (not anymore after this) part of Barcelona which you must go and see. 

Right up the top of a hill you'll get the most unreal views of Barcelona. 

Playsuit (similar)

I'm all for finding the best views.

travel blogger

uk fashion blog

bunkers barcelona
We watched the sunset and then wandered down just as it got dark. 

Barcelona is so peaceful from the top.

We jumped in a taxi half way down and asked the taxi driver to take us to his favourite restaurant. We ended up at a fish restaurant (I'm not a big fish lover) but I somehow coped because the service was absolutely amazing (plus I weirdly like squid so it was okay after all). It's probably one of the best meals I've had in my life actually. Epic food, epic company, beautiful service and just the loveliest way to round off an amazing trip. I'm a sucker for good food, pretty views and sunsets and if the company is good too, then that's the biggest bonus. 

We ate the food before I could even get a photo. Sometimes you've just got to keep it in your memory.

The restaurant was just next to the beach and the waiters pointed us in that direction home. We decided to take our shoes off and wander along the sand all the way back to our hotel. Nothing beats a tipsy walk along a beautiful beach with a full moon. We stopped off for some mojitos and then it was time for one last wander the next morning before we flew home...

We spent the morning relaxing by the pool and I wore my new Missguided mesh two piece (top, online here / skirt, online here) which I love so much.

Big thanks to Hotels.com for making this amazing trip possible. 

Remember, you can read Barcelona part 1 here if you missed that.

Have you ever visited Barcelona? Do you like Barcelona? Do you want to visit? Do you have any trips coming up?

Lots of love, Em x

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