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Monday 19 October 2015

Panasonic IPL Hair Removal System; Stress-Free Hair Removal At Home

When I was asked if I'd like to try the new Panasonic IPL Hair Removal System I jumped at the chance. Something which promises to make hairs not grow back/grow back slower/lighter? Count me in. So does this at home hair removal kit really work? Let's discuss...
panasonic ipl hair removal at home system
I've been trialling the Panasonic hair removal kit for a few honest, it took me a while to start using it as I was pretty scared. I've always been really scared of the idea of laser hair removal/using anything other than shavers and creams on my body (mainly because it's unnatural) so this tool came into my life and scared me a little. I've always just believed in shaving to be honest. I get scared of technology but I also get annoyed at having to constantly shave so decided to give this a go. With an RRP of over £300, I knew this was going to be good though. It's not like I'm putting something rubbish on my body, it's designed and tested rigorously by a really good brand. I'm not saying everything that's expensive is good, I'm saying that generally and particularly with technology, if it's high priced it means it'll work. The IPL hair removal system is safe and is easy to use at home, that's the main thing for me. It's safe, easy and you can do it at home. No salon trips. No mess. Just ease. You can use it on your arms, underarms, legs and bikini line and I cannot believe how easy it was/is to use. I was shocked actually.

panasonic ipl hair removal
You charge it up with the little plug and then shave your legs for example. Then, you literally slide and press the head to your skin which automatically emits the IPL light. There are 5 intensity settings on it but they recommend you start using the lowest intensity and then build your way up over the at home treatment period. It comes with an easy to read user-manual that will explain all of this to you though. I'm not a fan of user manuals and usually ignore them completely but it's important that you read this one. I sat down and read through it like a book before using it so I was shocked when I realised how simple the IPL is to use. Basically, shave where you want to shave (so remove the hair first) and then charge it up and run it along that body part. Simple. You're meant to do this once a fortnight and it recommends to continue this for around 6-10 weeks.

panasonic ipl hair removal review

The guide book is honestly amazing and so easy to use.

panasonic ipl hair removal

The actual 'tool' itself is so handy to take places because it's little and light weight. It may be little but it's really light-weight and powerful. When you put the light on your legs it doesn't burn, it just feels a little bit warm, that's literally it. You could be mistaken for thinking it isn't doing anything but it definitely does do something. The machine is meant to inhibit the growth of hair with no damage or pain because of the light, the more you use it, the more your hair doesn't grow back. 

After the first use my legs seemed smoother to touch. Obviously this doesn't work instantly but it certainly didn't hurt me whatsoever. The UV filter (which is there to help protect your skin) means your hair gets lighter each time anyway which is good, particularly for leg hair.I'm pretty sure from reading other reviews that it takes about 8-10 weeks so I will continue to use and hopefully it will all be gone. 

Have you used anything like this before? Do you like the sound of this? How do you feel about shaving etc?

*This was sponsored by Panasonic but as always it's 100% my honest opinion. 

Lots of love, Em x

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