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Saturday 31 October 2015

Putting Fashion With Phones! Designing Phone Cases With Case Station!

When Case Station got in touch and asked me to design five phone cases I jumped at the chance. The world of flay lays, Instagram and Pinterest has made me (and 95% of the world) adore and long for all things pretty and clean and I'm always in the mood to create things now. I've always been a really creative person but I'm really not good at art, drawing or keeping things tidy actually. I have the ideas and the visions in my head but I'm not the neatest person so I was excited to test drive Case Station and see my ideas come to life (you can too!). Let's see how I got on...
Case Station challenged me to test drive their site, their cases and generally just dare to be different when creating cases. Their recent research shows that 'after fashion, changing hairstyle is the most popular way for women to express their style and individuality' which I guess is where Case Station was born, giving people (not just women) the opportunity to express their style and individuality. I designed my cases easily on their super user-friendly site and then I had to put the cases into my every day life, match them with outfits, social scenes or whatever I fancied.  Basically, I just had to test drive these amazing cases, designed by yours truly. I decided to match my cases with accessories (if you know me, you'll know that accessories are a huge part of my life and I am always wearing them so I thought it would be cool to match my cases to my favourite accessories). I cannot wait to show you what I made and the results. 
We all know nowadays that phone cases are about more than protecting phones, they look good on flatlays, Instagram and on selfies in the mirror. A phone case is personal to you so I found it difficult actually to choose my favourite.

The Packaging: I was shocked at how amazing the packaging is, they don't just come in little plastic wallets like I expected, they come almost wrapped up in a little cosy, protective bag for your case and this would make the most perfect gift too. It also means that I have somewhere to store the cases that I'm not using but they won't get dusty and dirty.

The Delivery: They came extremely quickly to say I made them online and they printed them for me literally within 24 hours.

The Ease Of Making: The Case Station site is amazing, please go on now and play around and see how easy it is to make designs! You go onto the site and then it's up to you to get creative! You can choose texts, font, colours, patterns, designs, upload your own photographs. There's nothing you can't do really. It's so user-friendly and easy to use too!

The Quality: Everyone I've shown these cases to has been so impressed with the quality, they are so durable and strong (usually phone cases seem to break pretty much instantly but I've been throwing these around my bag all week, running around with them and they're still perfect). These are designed and built to last from high quality aerospace grade material; the same used for the production of space suits which is pretty epic. Case Station is all about allowing you to tell your story, I love this idea and I guess if the cases are durable, it means your story can live on for a really long time. 

Rebecca Alford from Case Station said: “We are starting to see a huge surge in young adults wanting to unleash their inner designer, and make a real statement of who they are through individual personalisation. Whether that be through fashion, hair, or even mobile accessories, they want to be the ones who start the conversation, that the rest want to follow.  We believe that the trend of personalisation will continue to gather momentum rapidly, and consumers will be increasingly looking for new ways to stand out from the crowd when it comes to their individual style. This is the ethos that what we built Case Station on; allowing consumers to create enviable cases, designed by them and built to last from high quality aerospace grade material, so you can even defy convention with your case!”*

So let's take a look at my five cases. I am actually so excited to show you.

The 'Artsy' Case: I am obsessed with all things nautical and I wanted to make a simple yet pretty case. This is currently on my phone as we speak as I love it. The case itself is really light-weight and minimal too, I'm not really a 'chunky' intrusive case kinda gal. My whole life seems to be nautical stripes (even my bed covers) so I went for a really minimal feel here that would match the interior of my bedroom. I blame Pinterest for my interior love. I chose to put my initials on it too in a simplistic font, just to it a little more personal to me. I love it so much.

The colours are gorgeous and really bring back Summer. I paired it with white nails and my anchor rings. It took me about two clicks to make this on the site, I chose the ready-made artwork, chose the colours and then added in my text then phew, ready to order!

The 'Put Yourself In The Picture Case': Probably one of my favourites. If you read my blog a lot you'll know that travel is a huge part of my life. I love this photo of me strolling through the streets on a trip to Paris. This trip was so special to me and I love how this photo was captured. I really wanted to put myself on my phone but in quite a minimal way - I didn't exactly just want a huge selfie on there haha. I think I've managed to tell a story with this phone case in a minimal way. I think this case will be quite a good talking point at dinner parties and things as a lot of people this week didn't even realise it was me on the case and were so excited when they saw it was! This one was particularly easy to design, I literally uploaded the image and then there it was, delivered at my door on my phone. It's a great way to give someone a special memory to keep forever on their phone. I think I'll be making my friends things like this for Christmas.

I put this case with silver jewellery to compliment the simplicity and elegance of the shot on the case. I particularly love how well it goes with this boho elephant ring. It's crazy how good these cases look when paired with accessories. I told you a phone case is way more than just a case and for an accessory lover like me, I want to be holding something that compliments my accessories - these cases really do that. This one tells one of my favourite stories from my travels and paired with my favourite accessories = a recipe for love. 

The 'Instagrammable Case': You’ve probably realised by now that I’m a massive lover of all things simple but, I also love neutral patterns and textures. I found this on the art section of the Case Station site and just changed the colours around to suit my favourite colours. Ta da, an easy but gorgeous case created in minutes. I love the outcome. This case is probably the most durable too, inside it’s rubber and oh my gosh it is so strong I can’t believe how safe it makes my phone feel haha. I think this case is so Instagrammable. In fact, I put it up on my Instagram (emshelx) this morning! Proof that it fits in with my every-day life.

I think gold accessories completely accentuate the beauty of this phone case. The yellow colour is quite neutral but pairing it with gold accessories really brings it out. I think this is going to be my go-to phone case when I'm wearing my new marble necklaces now! (Triangle necklace online here, cube necklace online here). I think this is my favourite photo ever of the case with accessories. Note to self: wear gold every time I use this case! I really didn't realise how good phone cases can look with outfits/accessories until doing this challenge.
The 'Plain Case': Another simple one from me but with a nice personalised touch. I love simple and I love that it's okay to go really crazy or really simple with Case Station, you really can create anything you want and that's why I love the idea behind the site so much. I actually designed this one to match my bedroom floor which is wooden, you'll remember it if you've read my room tour blog post!
marble rings

I paired this simple case with equally simple, but accentuating rings - a gorgeous simple gold love heart ring and these marble rings. I really think they work with the phone case and it matches my bedroom floor too so a complete bonus. 

The Multi-Use Case: Last but not least, I went for this case because it stores a card inside (how cool!) this is the perfect case for when I go to the gym, I can slot my gym card inside my phone and then I don’t even need to take anything else with me. This is really thick and durable, it’s a great case for a male I’d say as it’s quite chunky. I wanted to try out one with a card holder in it (coolest multi-tasking case ever) because I wanted to show off the different ranges of cases available at Case Station. I went for a really pretty, happy design this time. Looking back at all my designs they’re really quite Summery, oops - I should have probably gone for something a little more Wintery with Winter approaching but I wanted to put some quotes on one so I chose my favourite: c'est la vie.

I paired this case with bright, fresh accessories. These blue marble rings to match the case, a pretty little cloud ring to reflect the sunshine and then a dainty daisy. This case just screams happiness for me, every time I look at my phone I felt in high spirits actually because of the lovely quotes on it and the fresh colours.

As you can see, the cases I made really do go with my favourite accessories, my fashion sense and even my flat-lays! I really really wanted to choose designs that would compliment my style and I think I've managed to do just that! I am so impressed with the designs I made and thought they'd take ages but making 5 only took me around an hour, obviously you can be as quick or take as much time as you like to make yours. I know I'll be ordering a few of these this Christmas anyway. I am ridiculously impressed though by the site, it was so easy to use and the possibilities really are endless so if you're a creative person you're going to love this. I'm even more impressed though with the immense quality of the cases.

You can make your own case online here at www.casestation.com, or if you just can’t wait to get creative, Case Station will be at The Gadget Show, Westfield from 23 Oct – 1 Nov (that's this weekend) where you can make and walk away with your very own! 

*This was sponsored by CaseStation but as always it's 100% my honest opinion, I love these cases and really enjoyed this project. 

Lots of love, Em x

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