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Wednesday 7 October 2015

How To Grow Long, Strong Hair; The Best Products To Grow Hair.

Hello hello! So today I wanted to do a little hair update post. I am so so happy with my hair at the moment and the way it's heading - I'm finally rid of the damage and it's finally growing. I feel like I am finally on the road to long hair! The strength and condition has improved so much and I just couldn't be happier.  This time last year I thought my hair strength and condition had improved but another year on and it's just getting better. It's got stronger and longer than I could ever have hoped. I found a new hairdresser (Lee and Valencia at Sassoon salons), revamped my hair product collection and mainly, continued to take care of my hair. If you don't know anything about my hair journey, I was left with bald patches and extremely damaged/weak hair after hot bonded hair extensions. I was basically told that my hair would probably never grow again. The truth is, hair growth takes a long time but if you're patient, it's worth it. I promise. Let's talk about my favourite products for hair growth at the moment...
Tangle Tamer Ultra by Denman
Brushes - I get scared of brushing my hair because I know it tends to sometimes rip the hair out. I was told once that the key to growing hair/getting your hair long is to treat it like a piece of silk. I recently fell in love with the Tangle Tamer Ultra by Denman. It doesn't look very pretty but it's actually one of the only brushes that feels like it's quite nice to my hair. I also love the EcoTools speedy blow drying brush as it's wooden and just feels like it's kind to my hair.

Before Styling - It's so so important to protect the hair before styling! I generally just grab whatever heat protector I can find, at the moment I'm using Sassoons heat protector and sometimes the GHD one too. Just make sure you are protecting your hair if you're using heat on it please! It pains me when I see people using hot tools on their hair without heat protection! H'Suan Wen Hua hair treatment lush

L'oreal elvive extraordinary hair mask

Superfoodlx intelligence hair mask
Hair Masks - When it comes to hair masks I still try to put a hair mask on my hair at least once a week. The three above are three wash-off ones that I really like. You've probably seen me rave about the SuperFoodLX Intelligence hair mask - it's pretty epic as it's all natural and just bursting with amazing ingredients  I was once told never to use hair masks that say 'leave on for 1 minute' as it means they're not strong enough - you don't leave them on long enough to really change the hair. Even though the products above are all wash off ones, I tend to put them on before my shower/bath for at least 30 minutes. If I have time, I'll sleep in them. It's great to sleep in them because it's like putting a really intense mask on. I then wash them off the next day. Lush do some really great hair treatments too but most of them you can probably make at home yourself. I'm always Pinning great DIY hair masks etc so do come say hello over on Pinterest

Kerastase Resistance ciment anti-usure
Leave On Hair Treatments - I'm a big fan of leave on hair treatments. I tend to use Sassoon (more on that brand in a minute) or Kerastase which is great for strength. Remember, your hair is like a garden, you need to water the soil (your scalp) and treat it correctly; nourish it etc, for it to grow. Once I've washed my hair I always make sure I put a good product on before drying it. 

argan beauty
Best Hair Oils - I'm a big fan of argan/Moroccan oil to leave on the hair too. They're generally quite expensive but you need the tiniest bit on your hair. I love natural things for my hair and tend to leave a little bit of this through the ends after I've washed it. All my friends with really long hair swear by leave in oils. Argan beauty is one of my favourite brands, you can get it online here and I've found hair oils at the best price online here at FeelUnique and tend to get all of mine from there! 

Scalp Tonic - There are so many things on the market at the moment for longer hair which is great for those of us who are trying to grow it. Charles Worthington's Thicker & Fuller Scalp Tonic is meant to soothe and nourish the scalp whilst improving overall hair strength. That's what hair growth is about, there is no quick cure, it really is about improving strength. This has organic pea sprout exact in it to prolong the hair life cycle. It's meant to stimulate hair growth in 4 weeks so I'm currently trialling it but at the moment it's a thumbs up from me! 

Sasson Salon - Last but not least, Sassoon salon. You've probably seen me mention them loads but it's because they've literally turned my hair around in only a few months. I've been going for regular 6 week trims (I'll be writing down the science about this really soon as I want to do a full blog post about why getting regular trims is good for hair strength and growth). My hair is stronger and longer and I think it's down to great products (all the Sassoon range is amazing, I use their shampoo, heat protector leave-in spray and their intense restore hair mask which is truly epic). So I cannot recommend them enough on your hair strength journey. I never thought my hair would get to where it is.

Top Hair Growth Tips:

I've learn so much along the way (it's honestly taken me years to get my hair into even a growable condition after damaging it so much) - once you've got past the really badly damaged stage (if your hair was as damaged as mine you'll need to literally just leave it alone, I didn't use heat on mine for over a year!) then it's time to implement my easy hair growing tips...

- Treat your hair like silk - Treat it like silk; exactly what it says in the tin. Be gentle with it, look after it. 

- Use good products - I've introduced you to some of the products I love so hopefully you can take something away from that but do try to treat your hair with good products, by good I mean not full of nasty stuff, not just cheap products that coat your hair in silicone. 

- Let you hair get dirty/Let your hair rest - I try to wash my hair every 2-3 days and if I have no plans I try to leave it even longer (gross I know) but my hair dresser highly recommends doing this. You have to let your hair get dirty and just totally give it a rest when you can. 

- Use minimal heat - It's an obvious one but use minimal heat! The less heat you use = less damage! I went a whole year without heat and it's the best thing I ever did.

- Get regular trims - I've touched on this a little bit but if you let your hair get really long without cutting it, it tends to grow quite thin and wispy. By getting my hair cut every 6 weeks it means it's been growing back strong and thick every single time.

- There are no quick hair growth tips - Hair growth takes time...remember that. It takes dedication and commitment but it is worth it! I lost all my confidence when my hair was ruined and I am so happy I made the choice to really start trying to take care of my hair and fix it. 

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Do you have any hair growth tips? Do you agree with my tips? What hair products do you like?

Lots of love, Em x

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