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Wednesday 14 October 2015

Vichy Dermablend Review; My Favourite Foundation

Vichy dermablend foundation
Hello! Ah a beauty post. Golly I needed to get my beauty head back on. Trust me, I have so much beauty stuff coming up. I promise... beauty things just seem to take me a long time to write about because I like to rigorously try them first. Today though I wanted to introduce you to a very old favourite (in new packaging though!). I've actually done a review of this before but I did it years ago  back when I first started blogging and I wanted to do a new one because this is well and truly my favourite foundation in the world. I was actually inspired to write a new review of Vichy's Dermablend when quite a lot of people on Twitter asked what my favourite foundation is. Let's discuss a foundation which doesn't make me break out, gives me amazing coverage, looks flawless all day, doesn't cost the Earth and is my holy grail item...
vichy dermablend review

Vichy's Dermablend  is designed for people with acne, it's non-comedogenic which according to the web means it's formulated so as not to cause blocked pores, aka, it won't make you break out/has less nasties in it. Even though I don't have acne, this foundation is designed for people with sensitive skin and therefore, it's perfect if you don't want to break out. I picked it up one day and decided that if it's formulated for those who break out, surely it won't make me break out. Bingo. I was right. I used Estee Lauder double wear and have never broken out as much in my life. It seems thick, perfumed foundations just aren't for me. I see Vichy Dermablend as a really 'safe' foundation to wear because it isn't perfumed and it isn't full of nasty things so you can wear it and not worry about breaking out afterwards. It's always dodgy with new foundations, you just don't know how your skin is going to react to them. I also fully trust Vichy as a brand (I love French pharmacy brands so much) so this was always going to be a winner for me. 
It's a small little tube but it's powerful and it will last you a long time because you literally need a 5p sized blob to cover your whole face. Don't be worried though, it is thick as it's designed to cover up scars etc but as long as you blend it, I don't actually think it's too thick. 

The coverage is amazing - you don't really need concealer with it although I do tend to put some on if I'm having a bad skin day. I still feel like this gives me a dewy finish though and I don't look like a masked doll, if you blend it well with a brush it looks more medium coverage than heavy. I like the nice kind of dewy finish this gives off, it looks natural and radiant even without a primer underneath. 

The main thing about Vichy Dermablend is that it doesn't make you feel caked. You'd expect to feel quite caked and 'dirty' I guess as it is a great coverage but I always feel like this seems quite light on my face. It gives such a gorgeous 'make upped' look, you can put more on for nights out and just put a tiny bit on and blend in the day time. I'd say it's quite a versatile foundation actually. You can see me wearing it below on my Every Day Make Up routine video...

This truly is my favourite foundation and has been for the past few years. I get it in shade sand or nude {nude for no tan days} but it's available in loads of new colours now too. Shop Vichy's Dermablend and here 

I need a lifetime supply of this because it's my saviour. All hail French skincare. 

Have you ever used Vichy? Have you ever used Vichy Dermablend? What's your favourite foundation? Do you like the sound of this?

Lots of love, Em x

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