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Wednesday 28 October 2015

Too Faced Brand Spotlight; Too Faced Beauty Review

too faced make up
Too Faced is one of my favourite brands. As a child, I'd stand in Debenhams at their stall and wish I owned their Lip Injection lipgloss (and everything else). I used to ask for it every Christmas when I was younger. I knew from the age of about 15 that I had a fascination with make up. Now, my make up bag is brimming with Too Faced products and rightly so. They just keep bringing out amazing products. You may have seen lots of their items feature on my blog over the past few years actually but today I've decided to put them in the brand spotlight and give you a little overview of the brand as a whole. Let's talk about Too Faced...
too faced make up review

Too Faced packaging - The packaging of Too Faced products is seriously special. I'm usually a fan of quite simplistic, dark and minimal products but Too Faced products just make me feel happy. It feels like so much effort goes into making their packaging bright, happy but still high-end. I have their Soleil Palette (full review here) and oh my gosh the packaging is so stunning. Their Cat Eyes collection is pretty special too (full review here).
Too Faced bold metal lipstick review

Too Faced Melted Metal Lip Glosses - I usually save the best until last but seen as these beauties have featured on various blog posts from me in the past year, I had to feature them first. These lipsticks are amazing. Just look at the colours! I tend to line my lips with lip liner and then I use these on a daily basis. I'm usually more of a gloss girl and really didn't think I'd like the metallic look but I actually love it. They make your lips look so good.

Too Faced melted metal lipstick swatch

Too Faced bold metal lipsticks

Too Faced metallic lipstick swatch

They're the kind of lipsticks that you can just throw into your make up bag and take anywhere with you. You may remember them from my handbag essentials blog post actually. Debutante is my favourite shade as it's quite neutral but still adds the nicest colour ever to the lips.

Too Faced bronzersToo faced bronzer

Too Faced Bronzing Powders - Next up, Too Faced bronzing powders. Words cannot explain how pretty these are. They're almost too pretty to use. It's so difficult to choose a favourite because I love them all so much. I like them because you can either use them as highlighters, blushers, bronzers or have all three mixed together in one compact. It totally depends what you're wanting from a bronzer but Too Faced probably have it. There is just so much choice and they're so so beautifully designed.

Too Faced #TFNOFILTER Selfie Powders

Too Faced #TFNOFILTER Selfie Powders - Ah this literally makes me so excited. I told you Too Faced always come up with exciting, new products and this is so exciting. These are 'light-filtering photo-enhancing powders' and whilst they may sound like a bit of a fad I promise they are actually good. I wouldn't say they make my photos look better (Instagram filter still needed) but they do add such a nice highlight to my make up look. 

Better than sex mascara

Better than sex mascara review
Better Than Sex MascaraI didn't try this for a long time but the minute I tried it I instantly understood the hype. So many bloggers absolutely swear by this mascara and I can see why. It's epic. If you want huge, thick, chunky lashes, this is for you. I'd say this is more of a night out mascara than a day time one but the chunky brush really really makes your lashes thicker and fuller!

So there we have it, all in all I love Too Faced! Their releases over the past few years have been amazing and I can't wait to see what else they've got up their sleeves!

I hope you're liking my 'brand spotlight' posts where I do full brand reviews rather than single product reviews. You can see more of my brand spotlight posts here

Do you like TooFaced? Have you ever used TooFaced? Do you like the look of these products? Which ones would you like to try? 

Lots of love, Em x

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