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Monday, 13 October 2014

A Weekend In Toronto

toronto skyline
The time finally came for me to visit Toronto recently. One 4 hour train later and boom, I felt like I was in a larger, Canadian version of London. I was so excited to finally arrive in a big city but also, an English speaking big city - I absolutely adore other cultures and languages but it can be quite difficult sometimes in Montreal because absolutely everything is in French. I like Montreal, but I think I prefer Toronto. Montreal is small, happy and pretty but Toronto feels as if it's the land of opportunity and anything is possible. I'm excited to share my weekend in Toronto with you... (and don't worry, this certainly isn't my last weekend in this amazing city). 
toronto harbour
When I arrived in Toronto, I didn't even realise there would be a harbour. As most of you know, I am a beach girl at heart, I'm happiest when by the sea so I guess this is the closest I'm going to get to beautiful water for the next few months. 

It was a beautifully sunny day and it really didn't feel like I was in a huge city at all.

After admiring the view it was time for a quick pit-stop...

pizza of course, I'm actually going to turn into a pizza soon. 

toronto bluejays
We walked around and I found the Toronto Blue Jays stadium - naturally I ran straight to the ticket counter. I  was pretty excited. Friday evening plans = sorted. It was time to get on with the rest of the day...

cn tower

This big tower can be seen from pretty much everywhere in Toronto, let me introduce you to the CN tower.  

view from the top of the cn tower
It costs around $30 to go up it which I think is super expensive but you can't visit Toronto and not go up to the top. One long lift journey and you're at the top, you'll be mesmerised by the view. 

toronto cn tower view
The view was beautiful and almost better than the view from the top of Mont Royal. 

I gazed and gazed and realised I would actually love to spend more time here in Toronto. 

cn tower glass floor

This part was pretty scary, a glass floor looking down into the city.

cn tower glass floor

I don't know how I dared to sit on it.

We had to get on with the rest of the day so I had one final look at the view...

toronto hop on hop off bus

and then we jumped on our tour bus. I tend to always get tour buses on my first time in a big city because they give you so much information and allow you to hop on and hop off. When I went to Barcelona I did the same thing and had such a great experience. 

We said goodbye to the CN tower and hopped off the bus at St Lawrence food market...

st lawrence market

st lawrence food market

I'm really not sure who voted this the no.1 food market in the world but they've clearly never visited Jean Talon!  The foodie in me was a little bit let down, I feel like this really has nothing on other markets I've visited. (Sorry Toronto!)
st lawrence food market

st lawrence food market
st lawrence food market
st lawrence food market

st lawrence food market
st lawrence food market

the cakes made things a little bit better though.

I went for a raisin pastry which was literally the yummiest thing ever. 

We decided to grab lunch inside the market and opted for fresh homemade pasta from a busy stall.

st lawrence food market pasta

It doesn't look the best but honestly, it was divine. 

We hopped off the bus again and this time we arrived at Princess street (amazing street name) and wandered over to the distillery district. 

toronto distillery district

I saw two weddings whilst here which were so beautiful. 

toronto distillery district

This is apparently 'Old Toronto' and personally I don't think it's anything like Old Montreal (post coming about that soon) but it was still lovely to see. I did absolutely love the decor and all the amazing shops though, it's a lovely place to wander around. 

old toronto

Plus, if you're into your beer, it's worth a visit. 

Playsuit: New Look here - out of stock sorry! But similar here.  

We got lost up a little lane and ended up here...

distillery love toronto

the most perfect wall. 

distillery love toronto

distillery love toronto

The distillery district is very artsy and I really enjoyed it. 

toronto city bus

As it got darker we decided it was probably time to head to the Blue Jays game. I was literally so excited.

toronto blue jays tickets

Tickets in one hand, it was time to take a seat 

toronto blue jays cap

I made sure I bought a cap first though.

toronto bluejays

The game itself was actually fun to watch, probably only because they play funny games in the middle of it and everything is so Canadian, if I lived in Toronto I'd definitely buy a season ticket.

cn tower at night

The CN tower looked absolutely beautiful from where we were sitting. 

toronto bluejays

As we wandered back home through the streets of Toronto, it really made me miss London. 

downtown toronto

toronto downtown

The beautiful city lights, the hustle and bustle of people... 

dundas square toronto

I stopped off at Dundas Square to take a typical tourist photograph. Toronto's answer to Times Square.

toronto eaton centre

The next morning we woke up bright an early for a quick hour of shopping. The Eaton Centre in Toronto is every woman's dream; floors and floors of amazing shops. Think the Trafford centre x10 in size. 

toronto dundas square

The traffic light system is so different here, meaning I was able to jump in the middle of the traffic, the traffic isn't as crazy as it was on my trip to Vietnam though that's for sure. 

Our next stop was China town, where we found the most beautiful street art.

Shoes: Similar here / Shorts: Topshop but sold out so similar here / Watch: Daniel Wellington here / Top: ASOS here / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban here

China town was huge. I don't know how people choose where to eat...

bubble tea toronto

We headed in search of a bubble tea shop...

toronto bubble tea

bubble tea in one hand, it was time to find the famous Kensington market...

kensington ave toronto
Kensington market

On arrival, I felt like I was in Camden in London. Kensington market is quirky, vintage and so fabulously relaxed; anything goes at Kensington market.
rasta pasta toronto

I so wanted to eat at Rasta Pasta - it brought back many memories from my Jamaican trip. 

rasta pasta toronto

kensington market bread shop

We came across everything in Kensington market, from amazing bread shops, to nut shops, to vintage clothing stores, to pizza shops... it's like a city in itself. 

mare pizzeria toronto

i love churros toronto

But we made sure we stopped off for a churro - my first ever churro! 

chocolate filled churro

downtown toronto

We hopped back on the bus and decided to go on a cheeky little boat ride to the Toronto islands.

We timed it well because the sun was setting right in front of us...

toronto skyline
The view was so perfect and the city felt so calm.

toronto harbour sunset

As the sun set, we decided to go and find somewhere nice for dinner. The following day we were up early for a trip to Niagara falls, you'll be hearing about that very soon!

Have you ever visited Toronto? Do you like boat trips and sunsets?Do you like the city?

Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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