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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Top Nude Nail Varnishes, The Best Nude Colours

the best nude nail varnish

Hello! So today I wanted to talk about my favourite nail colour. Ever since Kendall Jenner posted a photograph of her fabulously nude nails on Instagram I knew that I had to get myself some nude nails. The only problem is, there are so many different shades of nude, it's impossible to find the right one first time. I now have a collection of 9 nude nail varnishes (that's nothing compared to my other nail varnishes but that's another story for another day!) and I wanted to show you them so that you can find your dream nude too. I think nude is such a perfect, easy to wear colour for all seasons, it goes with any outfit and it doesn't look too bad when it chips either. The other issue with nude is whether you're wanting a yellowy nude, a grey nude, a dark nude or a pink nude. Let's see if you fall in love with any of these nudes...
top nude nails

nude nail varnish

nude nail varnish swatches

1st left: Nails Inc Latex Effect - Camden Passage - This colour is more of a grey shade of nude, I would say that this is my go-to colour because it's so easy to apply and it just goes with everything, it's not too dull either which I like, I just wish it wasn't a matte/latex finish effect because it does tend to look a little bit purple when it dries.

2nd left: SUQQU - Shirakoucha - I really love this colour and always have, it glides on so nice and the glossyness is so lovely and effortless. I'd say this is more of a yellowy/darker nude but I like it, I think it's a really nice sophisticated colour.

floss gloss ltd pro nail lacquer

3rd left: Floss Gloss LTD Pro Nail Lacquer - Dinge - I think this is probably my favourite at the moment, more of a pinky nude. I've never heard of this brand before but I was kindly given this nail varnish when I visited ThisIsVenice nail salon in Paris and I think it's my new favourite nail varnish brand. It glides on so easily and is just the nicest pinky nude shade.

4th left: Essie - Sand Tropez - This is the first nude I ever bought and whilst I do like it, it does sometimes look a little bit dull, I'd say it's got hints of grey and yellowy nudes in it but I feel like it needs a little bit of something to give it the vavavoom. It's almost too plain. It does glide on so easily though and it's the perfect thickness. I used to get all my Essie polishes from ASOS but it looks like they've stopped selling them now!

5th in the middle: Models Own - Utopia - This is quite similar to the Nails Inc 'Camden Passage' colour that I discussed first, (you can get Nails Inc from ASOS here too, hooray) I almost think it's nicer though because it actually has a nice shine to it. Again, I think this has hints of grey and a light purple to it but I'd say it's quite a different nude, a grey nude.

american apparel nail lacquer

6th middle: American Apparel Nail Lacquer - Summer Peach - This is definitely more of a pinky nude, probably more towards the pink/peach spectrum than nude. I absolutely love this colour but unfortunately it's like water when you put it on your nails so it really doesn't go on neatly at all. Colour wise = perfect, application = not so perfect!

7th left/3rd right: Ciate - Couture - I'd say this is probably my least favourite, it kind of reminds me of a dull pink and I think it needs just a little something inside it to make it a bit more vibrant.

ciate honey bee

8thleft/2nd right: Ciate - Honey Bee - I really love this colour, it's definitely more of a brown but I've put it with the nudes because I still think it's a really neutral colour. It glides on and looks so amazing with everything.

1st right: Ciate - Maybe Baby - Again, completely on the other end of the neutral spectrum and more of a deep brown colour, I really think this is lovely for a wintry neutral shade.

nude nail varnish swatches

So there we have it! My personal favourite brands for nail varnishes are Nails Inc (I have a huge collection and just adore them), Rimmel - you cannot beat Rimmel nail varnishes, Ciate and Leighton Denny!

Which are your favourite nail brands? Do you like nude nails? Which of these do you like the look of?

Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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