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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Model's Own Sweet Shop Polish Review

model's own sweet shop nail varnish review

When these gorgeous Models Own nail varnishes landed at my door, I couldn't not give them a full review. After all, I am an absolute sweet tooth and sweets and nail varnish are two of my favourite things in the world. Let's just say, these aren't your ordinary nail varnishes...
model's own sweet shop nail varnishes
model's own sweet shop
At the top of each polish you can see that each one has a 'scratch and sniff' lid, it means you can scratch it and sniff it and to see if you like the smell (they actually smell like sweets!) these are SCENTED NAIL VARNISHES - oh my gosh, what an invention, you heard right, scented nail varnishes! No longer will my brother be shouting at me for painting my nails in the same room as him because of the awful smell! They actually smell incredible too and the packaging is just super cute. I would have liked to see some slightly nicer colours, probably a little bit brighter and fresher as I feel like these colours are a little bit dull but let's have a look anyway...

model's own sweet shop polish

models own gumball

models own gumball
The Gumball Nail Polish - The Gumball nail polish is probably my favourite smell ever, unfortunately it's not really a colour that I'd say I love - it does go a little bit dull when on the nails and I feel like it needs just a little bit of something to give it some more vavavoom, it's quite a safe colour.  The smell on the other hand is perfect, if you want to smell like sweets all week, go for this one.

models own pear drops

models own pear drops
Pear Drops: I'd say this is the perfect Christmas colour, it's such a beautiful sparkly colour but it's not too red.  Rhubarb and custard below is a little bit deeper with not as much sparkle. I personally prefer the smell of Rhubarb and custard but prefer the Pear Drops colour.

rhubarb and custard models own

fizzy cola bottles models own
Fizzy Cola Bottles - I'm a lover of dark nail varnishes and this is a really nice take on a traditional brown, it's a lovely brown colour without being too dull. I think the little bit of sparkle looks amazing, almost like sugar and it just adds something a little bit different to a plain brown varnish.

models own liquorice all sorts
Liquorice All Sorts - This is probably my favourite, how boring of me but I really appreciate a nice simple glossy black polish. I don't even like liquorice but I do love black nail varnish. The only off putting thing for me about this is the smell, I cannot stand the smell of liquorice so I feel like this is a bit of a marmite product.

model's own sweet shop swatchesSo how do I feel about the Model's Own sweet shop range? Personally, I feel as if they've focused more on the packaging, the names and the smell and forgotten about the colours, I would love to see some nicer colours from them next time. To be honest, I would probably only wear the bright red and the black as I feel like the other colours are just a little bit dull and I would probably rather spend my money on something with a bit more character.

These are available to buy online at ASOS for just £5.00 each here. 

Have you ever seen these kind of nail varnishes before? Do you like the colours? What's your go-to nail colour? 

Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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