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Thursday, 5 January 2017

Homeware Haul, Interior Inspiration, Gym Kit & More! Best Finds From TKMaxx

home flatlay

Earlier this week, I headed into somewhere I haven't been for quite some time. I honestly can't believe what I discovered and the value for money. As Matt and I prepare ourselves for a big house move later this year (so happy I can say that now, hello 2017!) I feel like looking for gorgeous homeware is going to become my new hobby. Let's see what happened and what goodies I picked up and where from last week... You can also see some of my new years resolutions weaved into this post too!
I was challenged by TK Maxx to choose a series of products that reflect my New Year, New Me. I really like that idea and I wanted to show you what I bought and why today but mainly, I went shopping with some new years resolutions in mind and I really want to talk you through them (you can find out more about how I feel the past year went on my honest post about 2016). I can't believe just how many different, incredible bits and bobs I picked up and have been so excited to show you. What a way to kick off my New Year. 

The idea of going shopping on the 30th December scared me at first. Heading into TK Maxx, I wondered just how busy the store may be but was pleasantly surprised when I got in there. No elbowing each other for bargains and it wasn't really busy either. TK Maxx have low prices all year, so there's never that boxing day rush to grab the best bargains the quickest. It's like a treasure hunt, I went in with no plans and definitely came out with some serious treats. 

I grabbed myself a little wheely trolley (my new favourite shopping partner in crime) and got ready to grab things and throw them into my basket. It felt like a little bit of a supermarket sweep and I ended up buying WAY too much. The only issue with TK Maxx? (but half the fun!) when you see something you like, you better pick it up quick because once it's gone, it's gone! All their stores get different deliveries throughout the week so there are always new things to be found.  Wait until you see how much this all came to!

Let's shop!

YSL lipstick collectionFirst up, I chose some items along the theme of creativity and organisation. I'm really focusing on organising my life this year, that means showcasing my beauty products properly and also, letting my creative juices flow a little more. These work really well hand in hand as when my life is organised, I feel like I can work harder and better as I have a clear mind. I was really excited to find these amazing little plastic tubs, perfect for storing my YSL lipsticks in! They look perfect in there but remain neat and tidy. These tubs only cost around £6 for 8 of them.

marble thank you cards

I went stationary crazy. Who can turn down beautiful gold themed items? I find that I'm more relaxed when I have new stationary and I feel ready to reach my goals, work hard and make exciting plans. I could not resist these cute slogan notebooks (£3.99 each) or these gorgeous thank you cards. One of my new years resolutions is to do little gestures to make someones day. I often want to write thank you cards but never have them, these beautiful and very 'me' marble thank you cards are perfect for when I need to write one. I'm going to start by saying thank you to those who made my life so special in 2016. Giving a little something back means more to people than you may think.

I have these gorgeous roses kindly sent to me by Armani (they're getting a little old now) and I wanted somewhere beautiful to store them. I couldn't resist this cute little vase. It cost £5.99 and whether I'm putting flowers in it or make up brushes, I feel like it declutters my bedroom and makes things look beautiful.

beauty storage

Sticking to the organisation theme, I fell in love with this. You could use it for whatever you fancy, but I'll be using this for make up storage. I am obsessed with the pattern and pretty gutted I could only find one! If they had ten of these I'd have bought them all to line my make up cupboard with. I'm so excited to fill it with my favourite foundations and get my make up cupboards a little more organised! I know as soon as things are organised, I'll feel a lot more zen.

pretty flatlaySpeaking of zen, I'm definitely trying to do some more zen living this year so my next idea was to grab some 'me time' things. I want to focus more on being kinder to myself and my well-being so here's a little look at the things I chose for some me time this year. 

I'm massively into my cleansing and have wanted to try a natural facial cleansing sponge for a long time. Apparently it really gets rid of impurities so I'll be using this for a pamper night in. This was near the till and only cost £3.00. 

I love having baths but never make time for them. This year, I'm making sure I have a bath at least once a month, another really affordable £3.99 purchase, I couldn't not grab this huge bag of detoxifying bath salts. 
penguin night dressWhen I think of me time, I think of new pyjamas and fluffy, cosy socks so that's exactly what I grabbed! I went for some luxury cashmere socks (because we should treat our feet, they hold us up all day!!!) and this gorgeous night dress. A girl can never have too many socks or gorgeous pyjamas. There's something about new socks and pyjamas that make me feel ridiculously happy. The designer nightshirt was only £19.99 which is an absolute steal for the brand and quality. TK Maxx don't do sales, their big brands and designer labels are all up to 60% less than the RRP to begin with!

Whilst at the till, I also picked up this smoothing sheet mask. At only £3.00, I'm so excited to try it. My favourite me time is cosy pyjamas, hair on top of my head, face mask on.

I love nothing more than gorgeous lingerie. There's something about it that makes me feel so special so I had to grab this, only £9.99 too. 

I continued to mix up the idea of refreshing my home with zen living. I couldn't avoid the gorgeous home section and went a little crazy for it all.

This bowl is truly stunning, I fell in love with the playful colour and old school style. I know it'll look beautiful in my kitchen as either a fruit bowl or to serve big sharing meals from, or, for pop corn on movie nights. Looks like I'll have to go get a few of these!

Nothing makes me feel more zen than new candles. I couldn't pass up the beautiful gold design of this. As I was throwing everything in the basket, I saw a beautiful theme emerging, gold, pink and white with a hint of marble! TK Maxx definitely makes sticking to beautiful themes easy.

I grabbed some essentials, Egyptian cotton pillowcases (only £8.99) and some gorgeous face towels as you can never have too many (£3.99). I feel rejuvenated with new bedsheets and towels. Out with the old, in with the new. 

interior home flatlay

I've wanted a marble chopping board for as long as I can remember and finally got my hands on one. This was only £8.99 and trust me, I was tempted to buy 10. It will refresh and reinvent my kitchen. I'm so excited.

workout gym flatlay

Last but certainly not least, sports! I know it's most peoples resolution to work out more but in 2017, I really would like to make my body the fittest and strongest it's ever been. I've always known TK Maxx to be the best for grabbing affordable sports equipment and I wasn't wrong! To get me ready to go in 2017, I stocked up on some things I've wanted for a long time. I grabbed a water bottle to make me hydrate myself more, they have so many of them from only £3.00 and then a skipping rope, again, from £3.00. I've always wanted a resistance band so grabbed one of those and then some ankle weights. The ankle weights only cost £5.99 and I've honestly wanted them for so long, what a steal. I grabbed a yoga mat because I simply couldn't resits, they have SO many from around £6 and it means I can work out anywhere, anytime! I loved this bright colour. Lastly, I picked up a sports bra, something you can never have too much of! At only £9.99, I should have grabbed two!

tk maxx gym

ankle weights
I went to the till with my first batch of items and couldn't believe it came up to under £70! I honestly thought my basket was going to be crazy expensive but it was at least half the price I imagined. I went back and added more items and my total basket came up to £150 which I think is amazing for everything I bought above. Particularly with the fitness items, we know how much good fitness gear can cost! The value of these items really is amazing. 

Check out TK Maxx online here. 

Have you shopped in TK Maxx? What are your biggest new years goals?

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*I worked with TK Maxx on this and gladly so! 

Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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