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Sunday, 2 July 2017

A Personal Note. Supporting and Competing. Be Kinder.

Hello hello, firstly, thank you so much if you read my 'is social media dangerous blog post' I love writing personal posts from the heart and today I wanted to write more of a personal/lifestyle post as I feel like I haven’t written one in quite some time. I was having a pretty rubbish day the other day and rather than making myself feel worse, I decided to share a thread of all the people I love and why I'm proud of them or inspired by them. You know what? It made me feel a million times better and has inspired todays post. I wanted to write about the importance of supporting each other rather than competing and talk about how important it is to just be nice. Let’s get straight into it.

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Our World - We live in a world where terrible things are happening on a daily basis. This makes me so sad as our world is so beautiful, it’s a shame that people are ruining it. This post has partially been inspired, sadly, by the atrocious attacks in Manchester and London, and actually, all over the world. We often think we are having a bad day and it's totally okay to just have one of those days, but I try to put life into perspective, my good friend Dean is currently fighting cancer and these words summarise what I'm trying to say: 'this week, tell your Mum you love her, make an effort to text your friends back and appreciate every moment you have. Yes, the bus being late, it raining and your friend cancelling on you sucks, but take a step back and express gratefulness in all you have'. Dean is so right, and I guess what I'm trying to say is, life could be so much worse and so many people are going through really dreadful things (my brother being one of those people going through something dreadful) so it's really important to just spread some love wherever you go.

Be Kind - I’m forever trying to be kinder not only to myself (that’s really important too), but to others too. That homeless man on the street? Smile at him, it may just make his day. People seem to forget just how much a little smile or a ‘hi’ can mean to someone. I was once told to compliment someone every single day, not only does it make you feel great, but it makes the other person feel great too. You never know what someones going through so sprinkle a little bit of kindness wherever you go if you can. It sounds so cliche but I used to judge people or not smile and after so much has gone on, I now look at people so differently. Why are you bashing that person? Why are you mocking them? You literally have no idea what is truly going on in their life. I get it all the time on social media and I just sit there and think, if you seriously had any idea what my family are going through. I once cried on a video because someone called me selfish and loads of other crap, it wasn't her words that made me cry it was her preconceived impression from ten seconds of a video. I think people really struggle to be kind. I know we are all busy, heads in our phone , getting on with our day to day life but after the Manchester and then London attacks and everything else going on in our world, it’s made me want to talk to my taxi drivers, smile at homeless people and generally just show a little more compassion. You really don’t know someones story so don’t judge, just be gentle, people are facing battles you know nothing about. Another example is recently, I found out someone who lives near me is struggling and I knocked on the door and took her a care hamper round, she needs it way more than I do and she said it made her day. There are tiny things you can do every day to turn someones whole day around, you've got the power, use it!

Support - I know not everyone is going to get on in life and that’s totally fine, but blowing out someone elses candle won’t make yours any brighter. There are so many people who struggle to say a simple ‘well done’ or ‘congratulations’. Ask yourself why? 

Competition - A flower doesn’t compete with the flower next to it, it just blooms. I know this is the most cliched saying ever, but it’s so true. Why would we compete with the person next to us? In our world, we are very competitive and some forms of competitiveness are healthy, but in the work place or amongst friends, I think it’s really important to help each other. No-one ever got to the top by kicking the people on their way up.

Love and Bravery - It’s hard not to be scared some days when you look at the state of our world, and we’re not winning in the sense that innocent people are losing their lives every day, but when I watched Ariana Grande’s recent concert and saw the response, I realised that love and bravery is a really strong medicine. It made me so proud of how people pull together. 

Hug It Out - If you love someone, tell them, life really is too short and we don’t know whats around the corner. Hold your loved ones close, spend time with them. I love my Mum so much, she is the strongest woman I have ever met and I make sure I keep telling her that. 

Perspective - When dreadful things happen, they really help us to put a perspective on life. I was stressed about something the to her day and then thought, wait a minute, people are losing their lives. I’m here, kicking, screaming, breathing and actually, waking up every day in a healthy body and that is a blessing in itself. Things in my life aren't perfect right now, in America I spent a lot of the time crying over something really not too great family-wise and you know what, it made me realise that health and happiness is key, that's really what matters. 

So there we have it, I know that was the most random blog post of all time but I really just felt the need to post it. I hope it made you smile or made you pass a compliment to someone today. Try and do what I'm trying this month and just spread more kindness, do some random acts of kindness like sending someone a card, sending someone some flowers or even just smiling on the street at someone and you know what? Don't sweat the small stuff. 

How do you feel about the above?

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Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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