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Monday 18 April 2022

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Party Collection Review - Is Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Worth It?

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Only weeks ago I reviewed the new Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin Foundation and did a review of Charlotte Tilbury Collagen Superfusion Face Oil  today I'm back with another new launch from the Queenn Charlotte Tilbury. Everyone knows the Pillow Talk is one of the ranges that made Charlotte Tilbury famous, it's definitely how I discovered the brand anyway. One Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Product is sold every 10 seconds globally, so there's a reason it's so good. 

When I was younger and first allowed to visit my local city centre with my friends to shop on a weekend I remember just how popular the Charlotte Tilbury counter was, I remember it launching. It was situated in Harvey Nichols and girls went wild for it {me being one of them}/ As I grew older I began to realise why. Charlotte’s make up range is sassy, vivacious, exciting and just has a vibe about it that is unrivalled, plus, the products actually work. There is literally something for everyone in the Tilbury collection and it’s so good to see it thriving. For Spring there are four brand new Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk products joining the famous Pillow Talk collection, making up the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Pillow Talk Party Collection. You can read my review of the best selling original Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk collection if you missed that. Open up for my review of the new Pillow Talk range.

I was super excited to recently receive the brand new Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Party collection that has recently launched. Taking her iconic Pillow Talk range to a new level, she has now expanded this to include 4 new products to give us all a ' Party-ready Glow’. Pillow Talk is a range that has something to flatter everyone, for eyes, lips and cheeks - Charlotte Tilbury says they range has everyones perfect shade. Think neutral products to take you from day to night. 

The new range includes: Colour Chameleon in shade Pillow Talk - The colour morphing eye shadow pencil. Think shimmering nudey pink {not my usual choice of shade but it's actually stunning and subtle} it gives a nice grown-up glow and glides on effortlessly. I'd say this is the perfect chunky, soft eye shadow stick. Perfect for a lazy girls eye make up, super easy to blend. This is great for a wide awake eye look. You could absolutely use this at the top of the brow bone for a highlight too.

Next up, we've got a new shade of the Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes in dreamy pop which is an indulgent deep Burgundy colour - this is a real fave of mine. I was always advised not to wear a black mascara but to go with brown or blue to enhance the lashes and i've got to say, I feel this colour suits my eyes so much more. I much prefer Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes to other Charlotte Tilbury mascaras as I find this one doesn't run / go oily on my eyes and leave black residue under my eyes. It gives a really subtle lift and makes my lashes SO long but not at all clunky. 
A new Pillow Talk Cheek To Chic Blush - Utterly divine to look at, just like all Charlotte Tilbury products. This is designed to give you a gorgeous glow, radiant complexion and instant health and happiness but with one blush. They have everyones perfect shade for every moment so I'd suggest going on the site to check which suits you. This one is more of a deeper complexion one and it's utterly divine. You can tone it up or dial it down depending on the occasion. 

and then there's a new Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Eye Palette in Pillow Talk. This is a universally-flattering eye shadow palette and it's inspired by Charlotte Tilbury's best selling Pillow Talk lip liner and lipstick. This is a nude-pink palette with four colour coded shades, taking you from pearly pink to a dusky rose and a soft matte brown. For me, I love brown shades so to take me from day to night I would choose the brown and the shimmering rose I find suits me when I am tanned. It gives a really nice, grown up glamour. They have a range of colours so you can find something to suit your skin type. 

I think what makes this range even more special is that to introduce it, Charlotte Tilbury invited some iconic beauty models along to show case them including Twiggy, Kate Moss and Jourdan Dunn. It's no secret that Charlotte started by working back stage with the stars and I truly think her products show that: they really work. I have always adored the Pillow Talk range and the things that have been added to the range have enhanced it beautifully - they are elegant, stylish but have that Tilbury sparkle. 

You can shop Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk via Space Nk and Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Pillow Talk Party Collection via her site. 
Lots of love, Em x
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