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Saturday 23 September 2017

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Contour Wand And Highlighter Stick Review

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Contour Wand
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In my eyes, Charlotte Tilbury can do no wrong. She came along and took over the beauty scene with flawless products and I've been a number 1 fan ever since. As someone who adores skincare and flawless, glowing base products, I really do fall in love with every one of her magical creations. Every so often, she creates new, epic products and they soon become staples in my make up bag. I couldn't resist reviewing the newCharlotte Tilbury Hollywood Contour Wand And Highlighter today!
Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Contour Wand And Highlighter Stick Review
Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Contour Wand And Highlighter Stick

Charlotte tilbury highlight and contour
The Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Contour Highlighter sticks are sleek little light-weight wands, easy to throw in any handbag. The way they work is so simple, just twist and squeeze. I stupidly left my contour stick open in my suitcase meaning I have a very dirty make up bag and no contour cream left anymore - make sure you remember to twist it to close it. 

The Hollywood Beauty Light Highlighter Wand swatch

The Hollywood Beauty Light Highlighter Wand - Charlotte Tilbury's highlight wand is a gift from the gods. One swipe and you're glowing. This obviously isn't the same kind of glow you get from Fenty beauty powders (read my full Fenty beauty review with swatches) (what is?!) but it's a really gentle glow. I find powders give a much more harsh 'slay that glow' kinda look whilst creamy formulas are a lot more dewy and natural but so flawless. You can up the intensity by applying more (I applied way too much the first time),  a little really goes a long way with this product. 

The Charlotte Tilbury highlighter wand is inspired by the 'digitally remastered tricks of Hollywood and the flawless filters of social media', a rose gold highlight to flatter all skin tones. The idea? Beauty light effects from the red carpet in a bottle! For me, it's very pearly and this is why, the prduct uses treated pearls to boost brightening & highlighting to give a luminous complexion with a soft-focused finish, with light reflecting particles for a natural glow.
The Hollywood Beauty Light Highlighter Wand
How to use the highlight wand: Charlotte recommends applying the highlighter wand to your cheekbones, down the centre of your nose, in the inner corners of your eyes & browbone, then buff in using the Hollywood Complexion Brush (the brush is literally heaven for blending!). I personally love putting it with my concealer under the eyes for a lovely mix but that's just a personal preference! You're meant to use it as Charlotte explains above. I think these photos show the colour well though. Shop it online here.

 Charlotte Tilbury Contour Stick - I'd say the contour stick is more of a wand, I struggled to get the thin line I'd have preferred at first but that's just because I pushed too much out and I didn't pout because I was smiling for photos (school boy error). Go gently, blend softly and this does blend in (even though it looks dark and scary!). I have to admit, I'm not good at contouring, but the Charlotte Tilbury contour stick allows even amateurs like me to blend and contour in two steps. The Hollywood contour wand is designed to be lightweight, buildable and blendable. I vouch for that. I'd recommend (if you're a contour newbie) looking at the photos of how to apply it on Charlotte's website. 
Charlotte Tilbury Contour Stick
 How To Use The Charlotte Tilbury Contour Stick - These are Charlotte's top tips for contouring and using the contour stick:

1. To use, start by sucking in your cheekbones & applying the sponge applicator on the hollows in a horizontal line towards your hairline.
2. Apply in vertical stripes on the sides of your nose & loop underneath, then apply on the sides of your forehead & jawline.
3. Finish by applying on the eye crease to fake a deeper socket, then use the Hollywood Complexion Brush to buff & blend it all in for a seamless finish. The brush is cruelty free and it honestly makes buffing and blending so much easier. It's my new favourite brush. 
Shop the contour stick online here. 
contouring make up

So there we have it, a quick look at Charlotte Tilbury's new Hollywood Contour Wand and Highlighter, do I love? Yes I do, as someone who adores a flawless base but is constantly rushing, it's a really quick and easy way for me to contour and highlightThey're lightweight for my bag and I can just copy off her photos to ensure I'm applying the product in the right place! You can buy the set online here with the brush. I'd highly recommend the brush, it's so easy to buff into your skin over foundation! You can buy the two as a set online here. You can also get the whole set with the brush here too. 

Do you like Charlotte Tilbury products? Do you love a flawless base? Hoe do you feel about contouring? This definitely takes the hassle out!

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Lots of love, Em x

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