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Thursday, 7 September 2017

Chosen By Nicole Scherzinger Review & Nicole Scherzinger Top Beauty & Wellbeing Tips


Skirt / Top / Heels - at St Martins Lane, London. 

It's not every day you get the chance to interview an ultimate girl boss and inspirational superstar. I've looked up to Nicole Scherzinger for quite some time, not just because her style is incredible but because of her positive aura too. As I've grown up, I've found myself being inspired by people for a number of different reasons. I find Nicole inspirational in so many ways, not to mention, the video she created on the day for my friend Dean Eastmond, something he saw before he sadly lost his fight to cancer. She didn't have to do it, but she grabbed my phone and asked if she could send him a video message after asking how he is. It's my pleasure today to share an interview with the lady herself and give you a first look at her new fragrance, Chosen by Nicole Scherzinger.

st martins lane london

nicole scherzinger
My dress, online here.

Nicole Scherzinger's Top Beauty Secrets... I asked Nicole a few burning questions: 

What beauty products do you love? 

Nicole: Perfume scents are important, I go nowhere without them!  I use coconut oil for everything and it's also a great deodorant. 

How do you she stay so fabulous when traveling - any travel tips? 

Nicole: Get a sweat in, go in a sauna or for a run. Or, you can use a steam room then have a cold shower. 

Do you have any wellbeing tips? 

Nicole: Lots of meditation and prayer. I also read inspiring books, then there's jogging with a certain playlist. I'm currently enjoying a playlist called 'I am light', it's uplifting and inspiring but positive too. 

Talk to me about your gym routine?

Nicole: I mainly work out hard before shoots but mainly for my frame of mind. Working out puts you in a natural high. It gives me a positive head space, more zest for life and helps me feel better about myself and that's where the ultimate beauty comes from. Jogging and hot yoga are my favourites.
Fave beauty products? 

Nicole: Apart from coconut oil, eye liner. 

Any life wisdom?! 

Nicole: My Mum always told me not to compromise myself. Be authentic to who you are, I'm very very spiritual and it keeps me grounded. As women we are so critical and the best thing is to love ourselves - loving yourself is so important. It's the key to the universe then you're able to love other people and able to receive love. 

What inspired you to make the fragrance?
Nicole: It's something I've wanted to do for such a long time and the time felt right. I've been involved from start to finish and loved every minute. It really does have such meaning to me. The bottle is inspired by diamonds, which are originally pieces of coal until immense pressure is applied, then they blossom into these beautiful stones. That, to me, symbolises women of today, and this fragrance is for us. I wanted to create something that would give every woman confidence when she sprays it on, and make her feel special, like she's been chosen to take on anything that comes her way.

Last but certainly not least, what's behind your new perfume?

Nicole: What girl doesn't want to be chosen? Every girl wants to feel chosen, loved, adored and one of a kind. The fragrance is empowering, it's soft but strong. The packaging is soft and light but diamonds come from coal and when you put coal under pressure it equals a diamond.

Thank you Nicole for letting me interview you. I think I'll hold this with me forever: diamonds come from coal and when you put coal under pressure it equals a diamond.

dorchester penthouse
 We headed to the penthouse in the Dorchester where Nicole sat, looking as beautiful as I'd imagined.

chosen by Nicole scherzinger
nicole scherzinger perfume

chosen by nicole
 The displays were beautiful and feminine and matched my nails perfectly (done by RagDoll nails). 

nicole scherzinger fragrance launch

 It only felt right to wear my new favourite, floral and feminine outfit (shop the skirt here) that evening for my first outing wearing Chosen by Nicole. I headed to the launch of Armani's new Ecstasy Shine lipsticks and I've gotta say, I smelt divine haha. Getting ready in St Martins Lane hotel (now one of my favourite London hotels) was a dream come true as I spritzed myself with Nicole's new fragrance.

chosen by Nicole Scherzinger perfume
chosen by Nicole Scherzinger

As well as our interview, Nicole also said:  “I want women to feel chosen, feel loved and feel adored when they wear my fragrance. Every woman deserves to feel that way and one of my absolute mantras to feeling good is to smell good. As a woman I think a scent can make you feel like a million dollars and holds memories you will never forget. So when I sat down to start this journey, the scent was hugely important to me. I’ve always adored fragrances and beauty products so I not only wanted something that smells exactly like me but a beautiful bottle to put on my dressing table. And Chosen by Nicole Scherzinger was born! It literally has been chosen by me – I didn’t want to just put my name to it, I wanted it to be my creation from start to finish. To me it is simple, classic and incorporates both some of my favourite notes – from roses, peaches to white patchouli – and my favourite colour – stunning rose gold.”

The fragrance comprises top notes of apple, orange, peach and pear; heart notes of jasmine and caramel; while patchouli, vanilla and musk form the base. I'm a lover of sweet perfumes for the daytime and an Armani Si or Jo Malone Tuberose Angelica kinda girl for date nights. I don't find Chosen too sweet, it's the perfect blend of musk and sweetness and will definitely take you from day to night. The bottle design incorporates a sleek and stylish hand polished glass complemented by a platinum embossed mosaic pattern and a rose gold embossed logo. “The mosaic is totally me,” says Nicole. “It’s got edges and different layers", not forgetting her comment about the diamonds and why she added them onto the feminine design.

nicole scherzinger fragrance

Thank you Nicole for letting me have a chat with you and for letting me be one of the first to try your new fragrances. Thank you too, for what you did for my wonderful friend, Dean.

Chosen by Nicole Scherzinger is launching with The Perfume Shop and online at, available in 30ml (RRP £25), 50ml (RRP £35) and 100ml (RRP £48) Eau De Parfum. In stores from the end of September.

Do you like Nicole Scherzinger? Do you like fragrances? Do you like the sound of this? What's your go to scent? 

Watch my video below to see more:

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Lots of love, Em x

*I worked wth Chosen on this piece of work but as always, it's 100% my honest opinion.

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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