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Saturday 2 September 2017

Armani Ecstasy Shine Lipstick Review And Swatches

armani lipstick review

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It's always a good day when one of your favourite beauty brands brings out a new exciting launch. I was invited to Selfridges earlier this week to celebrate the launch of the brand new Ecstasy Shine lipstick collection by Armani. Ecstasy Shine launched literally days ago and I'm yet to see any swatches or full reviews so I thought I'd take one for the team and write this post. If you've watched any of my vlogs, you'll know I'm a complete sucker for new lipsticks. I'm an even bigger sucker for lipstick collections. I have a lipstick shelf, full of all my favourite brands because I collect them. Some people collect stamps, I collect luxury lipsticks. There's something so satisfying about them all sitting pretty on a shelf together. Let's talk about the new Ecstasy Shine Lipsticks by Armani. 

Armani Ecstasy Shine lipsticks
When I first heard about the lipsticks, I didn't think I'd love them as much as I do. Truth being, I'm more of a matte lipstick lover. Ecstasy shine do exactly what they say, they shine. On application, I was surprised though, they go on like a beautiful balm and the more you apply, the more colour you get. These are incredibly buildable as you'll see on the swatches below. You can go for more of a light shine if you wish or, really build it up for an evening look. I have to say, my lips feel so hydrated and soft with these lipsticks on, but juicy too. These lipsticks really do 'colour like a lipstick' and 'feel like a balm'. I honestly didn't expect the result to be as beautiful as it is. I find matte lipsticks incredibly drying which is why I adore these so much.
armani shine lipsticksFrom left to right: 100 - 101 - 200 - 503 

The Nudes - I thought I'd separate them into colours. First up, the nudes. Nude lipsticks are my favourites and always have been. I think they always will be too.  

From top to bottom:  100 - 101 - 200 - 503

I've tried my favourite nude below for you: Shade 100 Armani Ecstasy Shine 

 Shade 100 Armani Ecstasy Shine
Armani Ecstasy Shine 100

100 Shade 100 Armani Ecstasy Shine I think this is one of the classiest shades. It's super easy to apply and literally glides onto my lips. I'm obsessed with the colour. This is shade 100. Shop it online here and here. 

From left to right: 301 - 501 - 500 - 300 
The Neons - I didn't realise I liked bright lipstick colours until I tried these. They come out a lot less vibrant on the lip but are still really buildable and flattering. 

From top to bottom: 500 - 301 - 501 - 300 

501 swatch Armani Ecstasy Shine
 Shade 501 Armani Ecstasy Shine
I'm a coral lover so my favourite has to be this shade, 501. Again, it glides on and I think the shine is so juicy. I think it's such a beautiful Summer colour (even as we're heading into Autumn), the perfect excuse to warm up your Autumn wardrobe. Shop it online here and here. 

armani lipsticksThe deep shades - Along with nudes, I'm obsessed with deep shades. I think Armani absolutely smash deep shades and definitely create some of the best. I always wear Armani as my night out colour, a deeper, fuller nude. It makes me feel sexy and confident and these are very similar. 

From left to right: 602 - 601 - 504 - 506 

Armani lipstick swatchesFrom top to bottom: 602 - 601 - 504 - 506 

armani shade 506 swatch ecstasy shine
armani 506 ecstasy shine

I thought I'd mix things up and try a deep purple, shade 506. It's something I've never really tried before but I love it. It screams Autumn. Shop it online here and here. 

The Reds - I think Armani are famous for their beautiful shades of red. I couldn't miss these out. 

From left to right: 400 - 201 - 300 - 401 

From top to bottom: 400 - 201 - 300 - 401  

shade 300 swatch armani
armani shade 300 ecstasy shine

There's something really special about a shiny red. I don't think Armani Ecstasy are too shiny, I think they have a nice hydrated look without being too much. I've never really gone for a red with a shine before and I love this shade so much. This is shade 300. Shop it online here and here. 

armani shade 201 ecstasy shine
armani 201 shade ecstasy shine

armani 201 ecstasy shine
Finally, another favourite is this. I feel like it's a burnt red, perfect for Autumn. This is shade 201. 

To conclude, I absolutely adore the new Armani Ecstasy Shine lipsticks, this is coming from someone who has never really been into lipsticks with shine. I didn't expect the colours to be as fabulous and buildable as they are and the staying power is great too. I would say they're not the neatest because they're quite light-weight so a lip brush will help to tidy up the edges. I always say this but Armani doesn't get enough credit for how good their beauty products are and how much work goes into creating them. Another epic launch from one of my favourite brands.  I love you Armani and I love far too many of these to choose just one favourite; buildable and moisturising. Bravo. Shop them online here and here. 

Do you love lipsticks? What are your favourite lipstick shades? Are you a nude lover, a red lover or a bright lover? 

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