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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

A Night Of Scandal With Jean Paul Gaultier Fragrance At The Ned

for love and lemons lace dress
Exact dress here / similar here / the brand here

What's the most scandalous thing you've ever done? Think about it, you don't have to tell me. Scandal has a different meaning for each person, what's scandalous for me, may be totally angelic for you and I think that's why I like it. You can be cheeky and scandalous in your own way, whether it's feeling super confident in a new dress, spritzing your new perfume or applying that red lipstick, the one that makes you feel so scandalous. For some, it may be having one too many martinis, or, losing a shoe like Cinderella on that night you can't remember. Being scandalous, actually means 'being disgracefully bad' but, this doesn't always have to be negative. It reminds me of endless giggles, cheekiness and girls nights out. Last week I was invited to an evening of Scandal with Jean Paul Gaultier so naturally, I put a new lipstick on and a lace dress. I headed to The Ned for an evening of surprises...
lace dress by for love and lemons

Getting date night ready: For me, a scent is more than just 'smelling nice'. It brings back memories. It helps me create memories and it make me feel good. It makes me feel great with myself, I liken it to how new, lacey underwear makes me feel. Only I know it's there and I've done it for me, but inside, I feel so sexy and I know I'm wearing it. On nights where I've forgotten to spritz a signature scent, I often feel naked. My outfit isn't complete without a fragrance. 

scandal by jean Paul gaultier
The final piece of my date night ready look is always a scent. I was told a long time ago to choose a signature scent and stick to it. For me, I like to mix my fragrances up from day to night or, occasion to occasion. That way, it means the fragrance evokes wonderful memories, whether it's your first date, wedding day or just a scandalous night you had. It's good to buy a new fragrance for a good season for example, it could remind you of that USA Summer road trip for example, or, that time you had dinner with a long lost friend. Never underestimate the power of fragrance. I have a scent I can no longer wear because it brings back crazy memories of my time in Canada, it breaks my heart to smell it. 

I think the secret of a finding 'the one' is a scent that you almost forget about because you apply it so often, but then other people pick up on it. We become familiarised and accustomed with scents because we spray them so often. It's such a compliment when someone says 'you smell good, what's that?!' that's when you know you've chosen a good scent. 

scandal jean paul gaultier

scandal perfume by jean Paul gaultier

spraying perfume
I fall in love with a scent when I understand the story. The heart of Scandal is about life. In the daytime, it's filled with fresh honey with a floral heart of Gardenia and the sparkling hook of blood orange, whilst at night, it's sensual and seductive honey blended with the woody base of patchouli. I love this because I'm a fan of a scent that takes me from day to night. The idea behind this fragrance is that it should entirely embody day and night. 

perfume by jean Paul Gaultier
Lipstick / hair colour by Louise at Sassoon

Louboutins on, lace dress on, my biggest smile and Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal spritzed all over my skin. It was time for a date with Jean Paul Gautier. Sorry Matt... 

scandal perfume bottle
Jean Paul Gaultier gave us the original corset dressed torso bottles, now here are the legs. A reminder of endless fun of Paris by night and I think, a reminder of strength. 

dinner at the ned

the ned private dinner

We sat down for a delicious dinner, in true Jean Paul Gaultier style, ultimate luxury with hidden, scandalous surprises. We learnt about the fragrance and the background to Scandal, all whilst sat surrounded by a room full of strong, inspirational women. Jean Paul Gaultier is famous for finding the 'politically correct' tedious, he knew how to disrupt and that's exactly why he designed Scandal! I adore this fragrance because it's the fragrance of a woman who is free and strong. It was only this weekend, I was speaking to family members about how much times have changed, how it's good to be a strong woman now. Back in the day, we were expected to live for men, cook for men and be sexy, only for men. Now, we run businesses, we support each other, we create our own empires, we own our own homes and we can be sexy for ourselves. I'm a real fan of this movement and I'm all for any fragrance designed for women who are free and strong. 

Dessert arrived and of course, it was scandalous, a door opened and we were summoned to a peep show, full of strong, confident dancers. Watch my vlog of the night here.

The dancers were free, happy and they oozed scandal, confidence and beauty. I live for cheekiness and endless giggles. Those nights even Kodak can't capture... 

That's what I love about Jean Paul Gaultlier's Scandal, it's different, it's electric and it celebrates positivity and confidence. It tells women it's okay to be strong, it's okay to be sexy for you and it's certainly okay to dance the night away. I know I'll be spraying mine with confidence. 

Scandal is available from the 11th September online here.

@jpgaultierofficial #bescandal 

Do you switch you perfume up? Do you like the original Jean Paul Gaultier scent? Do you like the look of The Ned London? Do you like lace dresses? What makes you feel strong and confident? 

Watch more from the evening below:

Lots of love, Em x

*I worked with Jean Paul Gaultier on this but as always, it's 100% my honest opinion.  

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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