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Friday, 11 August 2017

Top 5 Summer Must Haves

beach kaftan
Kaftan online here / shot at Grand Hotel Coccumella 

With Summer still in full swing (okay, maybe not in the UK but elsewhere, hey England, a sunny day would be lovely please...) I thought it only made sense to talk about a few of my Summer must haves. It seems a lot of people go on holiday in August, September and actually, Summer isn't just June anymore, people are craving the sun all year round and hopping on planes everywhere. I love seasonal posts and if I'm honest, I love all seasons, be it Autumn, Winter, Summer. I get fully engrossed in all seasons but today, let's talk about top Summer must haves as I'm not ready for Summer to end just yet... P.S, whilst I've got you, click here and sign up to my new newsletter. It goes out every Friday morning full of random bits and bobs just for newsletter subscribers. I'd love to have you!!!
summer essentials flat lay
boots tea tree moisturiser

boots witch hazel scrub

First things first, travel minis! I find myself putting all my favourite products into small pots now when I go away as otherwise it takes up my whole suitcase. I'm a huge beauty lover but travel can be difficult when I don't have much room which is where minis come in. Boots section of minis is always my go-to, from mini toothpastes, to sun creams, you name it. Tea Tree & Witch Hazel is a brand my Mum introduced me to years ago, and is still very relevant today. I remember my brother using it for years throughout school when he struggled with blemishes. For me, it's always been a hero product to help with blemishes and it helps with clear and fresh skin. Witch Hazel makes my skin feel fully cleansed plus, tried and tested pore-purifying ingredients are known to help banish blemishes. I love natural beauty and Tea Tree Oil, is well known as nature’s alternative to harsh chemicals, it's proven to promote clearer skin and can help banish impurities and excess oil. My skin does seem to get a lot more oilier in Summer so when I found these at Boots recently I couldn't not pick them up. My favourite product is definitely the exfoliating face scrub, I feel like it takes the grime from the day away. When I don't want to use the face scrub, I've been using the foaming cleanser which is a best seller and I know why. It makes my skin feel so clean. You can buy them online here and I can't recommend them enough.

clarins lash supra mascara
Mascara & Lip Balm - Beauty essentials for me include lip balm and mascara. I think I could live on a desert island as long as I had these two. One of the best mascaras I've ever used is Clarins Supra Volume Lash. I've used it for as long as I can remember and will team it with different mascaras for different looks, e.g., alongside Lancome 'Mr Big' it makes a great night out mascara but this is perfect for every day use. On holiday, I'm not too bothered about wearing face make up but I do love having a little swipe of mascara to make me look a little more awake. Lip balm makes me feel so hydrated all day long, I hate having chapped lips. I'm that girl sat by the pool with a hair mask on (the sun makes it soak in and it's way better for your hair!) relaxing away.

ray ban sunglassesSunglasses - What's Summer without sunglasses? I collect them and switch them up every day. I feel like they transform my tired eyes. 

grand hotel coccumella sorrento

Suncream - Sun cream is obviously an essential, I swear by Hawaiian Tropic, Garnier and Clinique suncreams. The higher factor the better for me as I'm so scared of not protecting my skin now. It hasn't always been something top of my list, looking back now it was so silly of me because a high protection is so important if you want to protect your skin from harmful rays. I always find Boots sell the best selection of sun creams. Top tip: Do skincare and sun care in one, brands like Clinique and Clarins are epic as they look after the skin whilst protecting. Read my blog post about Summer holiday essentials. 

grand hotel coccumella Cover Up - A good bikini and a cover up are essential. I'm obsessed with this cover up here  from my Amalfi coast trip and honestly swear by a beautiful cover up for Summer.

Sound Track - You can't beat a good holiday soundtrack. I swear by my Summer Spotify playlist, it gets me in such a good mood. Music has the ability to boost my mood. 

Reading Material - Last but not least, remember you're going away to relax. For me, it's the one time I can actually fit some reading in. Whether it's Glamour magazine (personal favourite!), Women's Health (another fave as I feel like I'm learning when I'm reading it!) 

What are your Summer essentials? Do you like the sound of any of these? 

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*I worked with Boots on this blog post and as alway it's 100% my honest opinion. I love Boots! 

Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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