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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

The Top Body Oils, After Suns And Sun Creams For Summer

Hello hello hello! Happy August, where did you come from? I thought I’d grab the products I’m currently loving for holidays and put them in one blog post. For me, I feel like I take better care of my skin when I’m on holiday, I nourish it with oils and lather on the SPF so I really wanted to show you what I’ve been using today. Here are my top holiday essentials when it comes to suncream, after suns and oils! I don't think I've ever talked about them in one big blog post before! 
Kind To Skin Oils: I love giving my skin oil to drink up when it's dehydrated, it's perfect before sun exposure as it means your body wont peel as easily but it's also great after sun exposure too to hydrate the body. Here are some of my favourites...

Terracotta Dry Oil - If you’re wanting to hydrate the skin after sun exposure I highly recommend using an oil. I currently love Terracotta by Guerlain, this is great because it’s a multi-tasker, I find myself sleeping with it in my hair and then washing it out in the morning, using it on my face and body too after sun exposure. I feel so silky smooth and it does rub in quite easily.

Rosie For Autograph Oil - I love this so much I went through a whole bottle in two days when I was in Vegas recently. My skin literally drank it up. This is filled with such wonderful and kind to skin ingredients but is so affordable too, it just makes my whole body glow and feel hydrated from top to toe. I’m a big fan of this and again, it's so versatile.
best suncreams

The Top Suncreams: 

Sun protection is so important and something I never used to care about, stupid, I know. I now realise how dangerous it is to burn and how important it is to protect the skin so there are a few brands I swear by for sun protection. If skincare is your thing, make sure you read my post about the top beauty products for travelling and flying. 

Guerlain Terracotta Sun Cream: This has to be my number one sun cream. It is the most luxurious suncream to exist and I go back to it over and over again. I feel like it totally accelerates my tan and it’s such a pleasure to apply. I feel as if it just makes my skin soft and it blends in so easily, I feel hydrated all day long. Guerlain wins Summer for me, their products are the best.

Vichy Soleil: Matt doesn’t like this one as it’s too oily and if oil is your thing, then you’ll love this, if not, maybe stay clear as it is pretty sticky but I love it because I trust Vichy and their skincare, as most of you probably know, I've sworn by Vichy Dermablend foundation for years. I’m more of a dry oil kinda gal now or a lotion but this is amazing if you want your whole body to glow and you’re wanting an oil to accelerate the tan. I just swear by Vichy in general so couldn’t not include them.

Hawaiian Tropic Protection: How could I write a blog post about holiday essentials and leave out Hawaiian Tropic? Their new dry oils are the best I’ve come across, one spray and you’re dry and ready to enjoy the day. Sprays are just the way forward when it comes to applying suncream, particularly when they dry instantly.

Garnier Protection: Garnier do the most amazing factor 50 handbag friendly spray which is great for applying over make up or on your scalp. I put this in my handbag daily to ensure I'm protected at all times from sun. Their other dry sprays are also great as you can apply it within seconds and it’s dry. I hate feeling sticky and this is definitely the new generation of suncrams.

Avene: This is really great if you’re wanting ultimate protection and skincare. Avene is one of the best brands when it comes to skincare for sensitive skin and their sun protection is just as good, it sinks right into the skin.

Clinique & Clarins & Institut Edutherm: Three brands not photographed as I’ve run out of all these products but also very worthy of featuring on this post. Clinique are just my ultimate skincare brand so of course, that translates into suncare too. Clarins, similarly to Clinique, their suncare has been something I've used for a very long time. Institut Edutherm is on the more expensive side but it provides such great protection and I find I tan so well with it because of it's oily formula but it sinks into my skin. Some of their products also intensify your tan too so if that's what you're after, you'll love this brand. 

Teracotta Sun Serum

Pre Sun & After Sun:

There are a few products I'm loving at the moment pre sun and post sun exposure. After sun products are really important as they hydrate the skin after sun exposure and also, pro-long your tan.

Terracotta Sun Serum: I love this gorgeous little bottle, another epic Terracotta product. This particular little bottle is a multi-tasker. First, it's tan-prolonging and its tan booster complex helps to stimulate melanin production. Second, it's soothing. It helps to make the skin soft and prolong your tan. 

Elemis Tan Accelerator: One of the first ever tan accelerators I came across was Elemis. I've been using this one for years, I apply it two weeks before my holiday and it's meant to help you tan more when you are abroad. It contains Shea Butter, Macadamia Nut Oil, Jojoba Oil and Tyrosine which could explain why my skin always feels so soft.

Tan-Luxe Tan Booster: Tan-Luxe is one of my favourite tanning brands and this is a must use pre-holiday. This is a tan booster. It comes out as an illuminating serum and supports your skincare routine, just add it to your moisturiser before or after sun to enhance, deepen and prolong the natural tan.

Dior After Sun: This is definitely the best after sun I’ve ever come across. I lather it all over my body and then after a minute or so it’s ready to sink into my skin, my skin drinks it up and feels hydrated all day. I think it feels like a soft milky balm, my skin loves it. I am going to buy bottles and bottles of this in bulk. If you wonder what I want for my birthday, it’s this.

Decleor High Repair After Sun: A current family favourite when it comes to skincare, Decelor. My brother swears by it and it's always in my travel bag. Their High Repair after sun for the face is epic, it's a little balm in a small jar and I always take it away with me. I never think of putting after sun on my face as I just use my normal moisturiser but this is a 100% natural SOS balm and I've been loving it for a long time now. 

So there we have it, a little look at some of my current favourite sun friendly products!

What suncream do you use? Do you like the sound of any of these products? Do you use after suns and balms? 

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Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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